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I’ll be glad to receive those mask. For personal use. Yes, it’s not the proper mask. But at least in some way it will protect you. Just continue staying at home , don’t leave unless necessary.

I work in the hospital and caring for those covid19 positive patients. We are only given I set of protection gear for the entire 12 hours of duty. Some employee are kind enough to make those cloth mask that all employees should use while in the hospital. So the n95 is just being used when entering the patient’s room. And is being reused the entire shift. The cloth mask offered to us is being returned every after duty so they will laundry them and can be used again.

That’s how bad the situation is on hospitals dealing covid patients. Already have colleagues who contracted the virus, but still we continue to serve because that’s our duty.

Each and everyone of us can contribute on how we can eradicate this virus. As simple as staying at home and washing your hands regularly would do.

Be safe guys..

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Posted in: 'Konkatsu:' A look into Japan’s spouse hunting parties See in context

i just remember the song “Something Just Like This” by the chainsmokers & Coldplay while reading this article. “ I’m not looking for somebody with some super human gifts..some super hero..just something I can turn to..someday I can kiss”. Money is nothing without love. Just thinking.

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