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Comments are predictable as ever - nothing but criticism of the Japanese authorities for not following the West’s “drug enlightenment” attitudes and subsequent policies. Everyone knows the rules regarding drugs in Japan and how strict the Japanese authorities are towards penalizing possession, sale and use of them.

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A lot of Japanese past 60 and towards 70 are still in excellent physical and mental health and are certainly able to continue working. The first pension system was designed around people living into their 70s and rarely, their 80s.

Within the next decade or two, the average life expectancy of a Japanese woman will probably rise to 90+. There is simply no plausible way in which the majority can retire at 60 or 65 and have a 25 or 30-year state pension under the current guise.

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Right, Dan, so because you don’t like the law, which is broadly similar across the vast majority of countries by the way (no drugs allowed), it is “bizarre”?

This guy was no doubt well aware of Japan’s strict laws regarding narcotics but chose to completely ignore them regardless.

The arrogance I see from some people on this issue is breath-taking.

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Posted in: Health ministry says 400,000 could die in Japan without virus containment measures See in context

Given that the total number of deaths is currently not even a third of 400,000, and the death rates in countries more severely affected are slowly decreasing, the aforementioned figure is nothing more than fantasty plucked from thin air.

The information in this article is absolute nonsense fear-mongering created to frighten people.

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Rainyday, Klausforth, Tora - what else do you want the government to do about this?

A large number of the Japanese population will live well into their 80’s, and for many women it will be into their 90’s. There is simply no financial plausibility in provisioning a 30-year retirement as it stands.

Many Japanese are still very healthy as they move towards their 70’s, and of those many are able to work.

The mandatory company retirement system, however, certainly needs wholesale changes.

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