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Posted in: Man stabs 5 people to death in 2 houses on Awaji See in context

There's this old and sad saying of the rooster coming home to roost. In other words what goes around comes around. For so many years many japanese families had trie to hide the shame of ones family. In past years this was accomplished through a complete family system. Japan like most modern and economically control countries had or losing that solid family foundation. Now as family tries to hide their problem away vice seeking professional health some one dies. More and more people here must realize that a family member with mental issues no longer reflect negative sterotype feelings.Its a known fact this in this ever pressing fast world, we all got issues in one way or the other. I can only say please if you do love someone with mental issues, then let it be tough love and get them the help they needs. May the 5 RIP knowing that there are those that did not know you but feel the pain of your deaths.

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Posted in: 2 men arrested for using 14-year-old girl to work as prostitute See in context

The story here is more complex than what it actually says. I may get alot of negative feedback from this but this is what I have observed. The problem is so deep and entrenched that if would take something extremely terrible to happen before the government or the general population to see the seriousness of this matter. You have parents dressing their young daughters as young as 8 like call girls. The fashion may young ladies wear today are the same outfits protsitutes wear to draw attention to clients in other countries. You have TV praising this and fans of such stars idolizing them on a God scale. Tv programs glorify name brands and all the young girls believes they must have them at any cost. Intelligent, bright smart female personalities belittle themselves to become so call stars only to post nude lately in magazines. Its not just one thing and if things don't change , it will get worst. For females in Japan, these are infested waters. Its like bleeding on a boat and jumping into shark infested waters, you tell me what will be the results. This is suicide and this is madness.

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Posted in: S Korean president urges Japan to apologise to 'comfort women' See in context

Unfortunately, this incident was just one act of many acts done by one country to another. As much as they believe this issue needs to be resolved, I would think present day events are much in need of being solved. Priorities needs to be given to the many accidents occurring in South Korea that includes the recent sideway just caving in along with a maniac with nukes as your next door neighbor.

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Posted in: Magazine asks women if they’d rather date an ugly millionaire or unemployed hottie See in context

In agreement with warispeace as this takes being shallow to another level. Also agree with the majority that the question in itself does not reflect the real world or real life.

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Posted in: 29-year-old woman arrested for killing 2 young daughters See in context

My goodness. I'm just speechless as I am way beyond shocked. Why are these women killing their kids and not themselves. This in no way saying that is correct but cutting the lives of the vunerable babies. By the one hand that they depends the most from. Also I do not want to sound like a broken record but how is that the husbands seems to have no indications that these horrible events are looming under their roofs?This needs to be addressed ASAP. Please lets find a way to stop this please. This hurts to the bone.

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Posted in: Why do so many native English speakers (mainly Americans) wrongly use "loose" instead of "lose?" See in context

What Americans are you guys hanging around with?@Dagon, also being a New Yorker, I have never heard anyone speak these terms in the manner written by the article and some comments.

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Posted in: Over 100 banks hit by sophisticated cyberattack See in context

This is what happens everytime someone believes their intentions are good by creating technologies to improve people lives. There are and always will be someone else out there with bad intentions waiting to manipulate the system. This is sad and no matter what anyone says, There are no 100% safety methods when dealing with modern technology.

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Posted in: South Africa slams newspaper column praising apartheid See in context

The article written by novelist Ayako Sano should be judged as her opinion and her opinion alone. Being a novelist and a former adviser, she could have chosen a different way to express her views if she wanted to. What she wrote is how she feels. Don't judge by just one word, but like kanji one letter can have several meanings. This word alone speaks volumes and horrors atttributed to different races that were forced, not choice to live through. I have been fortunate not to experiment racism or bias that some say they had here in Japan. I am not saying that it does not exist but I have been treated with only respect and dignity. I can honestly say that I had experienced racism alot more and often in my own country.

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Posted in: Republican say Obama giving immigrants 'amnesty bonuses' See in context

First and foremost, are there any truth to this story other than this is what the republicans are saying? Why were they being employed if they were illegally in the country? I would say that a remedy for this if they are allowed the bonuses is to have the payments returned as penalties for illegally being in the country.I feel it is totally unfair for those that came and went the legal system that many had to wait years for.

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Posted in: Kanye West slams Beck's Grammy win See in context

Hampy oh how wrong you are. The man took a wife that is publicly know to be on her back more than anything else. He is a ticking bomb and was like this prior to becoming somewhat famous.I gave up on him years ago. Ignore him and he and his famous?? wife may just disappear. Doubt it as the media seems to glorify and put idiots front and center.

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Posted in: 'Daily Show' host Jon Stewart to stand down See in context

Saving he is a Comic genius I believe is an understatement when you add in the debates he had with so called real media personnel. His knowledge and passion is beyond belief and whatever he decides to do, I can say he will always have my respect and support. No John Stewart, No Daily Show. It is just that simple. Thanks for the laughs and the insights John.

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Posted in: Japan’s Juvenile Law says that criminal suspects aged under 20 cannot be tried as adults or have their names and photos published by media. Do you think this is too old to be considered a minor and if See in context

Like volland, I believe the crime and the nature of the crime should dictate how the defendant is charged. This would also depends on how competent the indivual mental state.

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Posted in: For those of you who have lived abroad a long time, does it feel strange when you go back home? See in context

Being from Queens NY, I find things to be pretty much the same but at a faster pace and no holds barred on compliments and complaints. Other than that I as just amazed on how large many people has become.

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Posted in: Chiba woman arrested for killing daughters aged 4, 1 See in context

@jcapan, In past stories I asked about where are the husbands in these matters? No response. There is something extremely wrong here. One case that's unbelievable, Two cases, wow, I can't believe I'm hearing this again. Three cases, a trend. Four cases, an epidermic. All in less than a month and a half.

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Posted in: Japanese tourist says guide in India raped her See in context

If this case of rape actually occurred, there are many factors to take in consideration. 1st; Regardless what you have been told, India remains a Caste System Country. 2nd; Poverty is beyond belief there and some families sell off their daughters. 3rd; The general population for years had tolerated the Raping of women. It is only because of mass media and the raping of more and more foriegners that has brought this to the attention of the world.4th; The people that are responsible for the safety of their citizens are themselves raping alot of the young girls. This terrible problem will not and cannot be fixed overnight and I would advise all tourists both male and female to boycott India until they truly make changes to stop these unforgiveable acts.

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Posted in: Muslim clerics lash out against Islamic State See in context

@JoeBigs, actually yoou and I have alot in common in regards to religion. I have also carefully read the various book pertaining to the religions and their belief to better debate with anyone on the merits of the conversations and not blind personal emotions.I am also an avid reader and student of all history and not just a selected few. I personally believe that religion is the greatest trick ever pulled and is poisonious, however I am also tolerate of them believing what they believe as long as it does not include the with or against clause and the peacefully respect those that are not of their faith. Once again many fail to mention that Mohammed was and remained a warrior with a warrior way of thinking. spend several yearsover there and I seen so much hate in their eyes when it came to their God being the one and only true god and the only other time that I had seen anything close to that was with Christianswhen questioning the bible.I care not to take away anyone's religion just the false logic and justification to take away someone's life. Peace be with you my brother and enjoyed your comment.

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Posted in: Elementary school teacher shows pupils pictures of executed hostages See in context

@lucabrasi, My mistake and thanks for looking out.

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Posted in: The No. 1 thing that foreign men find 'not so kawaii' about Japanese women See in context

@jokamachi,that is an extremely bias take on women in general. Have you ever been around the world or with a woman from another country? A joshua stated each and every woman is different even Japanese. I would list them highly as some of the most beautiful women in the world and yes I have been around the world and many women. Also as others stated, the voices of some are way more irritating than the walk. I have not noticed the pigeon toes as much as I have noticed the knock knees lately.As man, I got mad respect for women walking in his heels as I only can imagine how painful and difficult it looks. I guess I have concentrated more on how many,especially on an average how attractive and sexy many looks in heels and the legging that compliment the curves of their bodies and the fitness of their calfs. Very well put together.

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Posted in: Elementary school teacher shows pupils pictures of executed hostages See in context

I agree that kids of a certain age should be aware of certain issues not taught in school. Also I feel that the teacher (Not knowing his intentions) should have given the students letters informing their parents of his intentions with the parents signing yes or no for this to be allowed. Many kids here needs to know certain realities not to induce fear but awareness. This Mickey mouse and Disneyland fanasties can only carry them so far and preparesthem for little or nothing.

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Posted in: Australian trade minister sees TPP deal just weeks away See in context

@warispeace,mukashiyokatta and all others that TPP should be defeated. You are without a doubt 100% correct and on point. Point 1 and A Main Point: Whi is it that all goverment delegates are not to discuss anything regarding TPP to the General Public or their other colleagues in office? This alone makes me hit the brakes and hit them hard. Point 2: How can any country truly compete against those countries that basically have a slave workforce? They don't but the corporations walk away like stuffed pigs. There are so many issues that I can and can not speak on because of the secrecy of this New World Order Deal.

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Posted in: 12-year-old idol singer in hospital after inhaling helium on TV Asahi program See in context

To all those pedos and pervs that organized, produce and manipulate these young girls needs to take a good look at themselves and the effect it is having on these girls and the community in general It is just the somewhat beautifulcation of human traffic.Let kids be kids so that they will be able to handle adulthood and the issues that comes with it.You probably would be like I was when I first was informed of the true numbers of young girls being admitted for psychological issues. I hope this young girl will be ok and that more and more parents stop pimping their daughters out.

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Posted in: IS claims Jordan airstrike kills female U.S. hostage See in context

If you do not stand for this BS, you will fall for anything. Just like the previous ordeal with the two japanese and the jordanian pilot, they all were executed before ISIS came out with their ridiculous demands.This is why they never could provide any proof of life. Knowing that they are now going to feel the wrath of Jordan, the last time they want to do is irk the warhawks in America that is waiting and looking for an excuse to wipe the carpet with these monsters. The killing of a female would blind the American public and allow the hawks to manipulate their goals and aims of a bigger profit while the average person believing it would be just to attack. I say this as I felt for the first one by Chaney and his warmonging goons.The ISIS group is hoping for more free publicity after Japan so gracious did. I do not blame for Japan for it is the same thing each and every country does. It has been learn that do not give them air time or any credibility at all. Unfortunately once again this lady was killed way before those bombs dropped by Jordan. Like a desperate animal trying to get out of a trap, any means necessary and tell the countries we did not kill your citizen your bomb did believing the general public will ask their government to stop bombing. Sorry you scumbags, you made your bed now lie in it.

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Posted in: Tokyo to get 2 new classy cinemas See in context

The beauty of a great river does is not middle or the end but the beginning. This is the same for many things here and around the world. The movies theathers reflects the costs of the buildings an renovations, but they must also contend with movie distributors, Japanese laws of imports and taxes that ensues and so and so.I will say luxury in some areas are only an illusion. As that luxury means nothing if the movie really stinks. The main object of concern has and always will be the concession stands as you pay 300 yen or more for a box of popcorn that cost only 5 yen to produce.An overstocking of staff to show their service by providing none.I could go on but will leave it at that.

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Posted in: Japan's players lament Aguirre's exit See in context

With all due respect I find it hard to say he was a great coach due to the short time at that position. I do believe that given time he would had been as it seemed he watched the players and was beginning to get alot of the egos under control. It is my opinion and only my opinion that Japanese international players are living off what they accomplish overseas. The local players selected shows a hunger and the willing to sacrifice their egos for the team. This is a winning solution for any team. As for Honda, he has truly became a prima donna and I believe more harm to the team than good. He is ready and eager to criticize other payers and the refs and says nothing when he fails to deliver. Penalty kick???

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Posted in: 22-year-old man held over murder of 11-year-old boy in Wakayama town See in context

I am also hoping that this is the monster. As Americanhonor pointed out the police tactics are very questionable. Whether they coerse a guilty plea or not, families really need to be careful with their kids.

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Posted in: 22-year-old man held over murder of 11-year-old boy in Wakayama town See in context

Agree Japan is relatively safe but also knows that no where is 100% safe. The idea of kids constantly walking to and from school as well as other places does scares the hell out of me. JT also does a good of reporting these horrible incidents. There is no explainable reason to take another person's life, especially that of a child. UNFORGIVEABLE.

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Posted in: Japan says it won't give in to terrorism - but no troops See in context

@kiyoshiMukai, Your opinion is your opinion. Keeping that though in mind, I will not go as far to say that P.M. Abe is a great man as I do not know the man, just alittle of the politican. Also I do not believe he is a demon or inept as a few portray him to be. For those they feel the need to thrash the man, if possible could you tell me what you could or would had done differently?For those Hawks in the room, how many of you are willing to personally go to war?I really would like to know or am I just hearing from those like the individuasl complaining about a certain athlete of a certain sport that they, themselves can not even play the sport?

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Posted in: Purported IS video shows Jordan pilot being burned to death See in context

@Seven-per-cent Solution, As a military man and an ex- pilot, we know each and every time we climb in the pit, there is no guarantee that we will return. We know from past wars and history once a pilot is captured, he can expect no mercy not only from the enemy but the civilian population as well. We go through a real life scenario trainings called SEERS which prepares you to best of its abilities for what to expect and making the search, evade, excape and survive more possible.

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Posted in: Goto's wife says she is proud of her husband See in context

@Knox, sometimes the cure is more harsher than the disease. You speak true words and unfortunate in this day and age, many wants to be politically correct and through this nothing is gained. The bitter the pill sometimes is the quickest cure. Agree or disagree,common sense observations are in dire straits.

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Posted in: Fireman turns himself to police for flashing student last October See in context

Yes, flashing seems innocent in certain situations. However like any misdeed small or large, how much farther will this person go. There are those that flash for political reasons or to make certain statements. It those that does without these conditions that are troubling and therefore you must go after them.It 's always safe and wrong then to be careless and sorry.

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