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Posted in: Japanese fishermen express anger, concern over N Korean ICBM test See in context

I think that NK delivered a warning. Why wasn't the warning forwarded to the fishermen?

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Posted in: Japan, China diplomats affirm 'resolute' response to N Korea See in context

Japan will be influenced to a large extent by the American policy. The prominent American statesman John Bolton, formerly the ambassador to the UN, has defined the purpose of the forthcoming Second Korean War (KWII) as putting an end to the existence of North Korea. Indeed, the American strategic patience towards that existence has expired, because enough is enough. The forthcoming KWII will apparently consist of two phases: The conventional phase and the nuclear phase. The nuclear phase will probably begin with erasing Pyongyang city from the face of the earth. However, after that event North Korea may retain some residual capability to respond. That moment might be dangerous for Japan.

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Posted in: Victory See in context

Touchdown is near. Japanese capitalism started its descent in the 1990's, and is about to land in Narita airport soon. Shinzo Abe's militaristic bragging and nostalgia to the glorious militaristic past will not help. The faulty Abenomics will not help either. The notion of socialism seems to belong to a remote planet right now, but the socialist revolution in Japan is inevitable. One of its sources of inspiration will be the nearby Korean socialism. This will happen in a manner similar to the arrival of Buddhism from Korea in the 6th century: Buddhism came, and swept the entire country.

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Posted in: Obama dismisses N Korean proposal on halting nuke tests See in context

Obama's dismissal does not indicate good faith. Actually, by his non-serious attitude he exposed his intention to perform "regime change" in North Korea. Otherwise, why not refraining from the provocative maneuvers on foreign soil in return for a complete moratorium on nuclear tests? After all, Korea is one-sidedly not denuclearized, in the sense that at every given moment there are thousands of American nukes pointing to North Korea. Obama received a Nobel Prize for peace, but he is not a man of peace. Neither is he honest, or serious, or responsible. East Asia is not Libya, where it has been easy to do a "regime change", and nobody needs a war erupting in East Asia.

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Posted in: Pressure grows on China to rein in N Korea; South launches propaganda barrage See in context

Operating broad-range loudspeakers is an aggressive step. Strong loudspeakers noise is something that severely disrupts life, regardless of the contents of the noise.

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Posted in: Netanyahu, speaking at U.N., blasts Iran deal See in context

I disagree with bass4funk.

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Posted in: Abe adviser calls for stimulus after 'shocking' GDP See in context

On March 1, 2013, JT published an article entitled Japanese shoppers upbeat as Abe pushes spending.


I posted a comment to that article, and I think that what I had said then proved now to be true.

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Posted in: Israeli airstrike kills 3 senior Hamas leaders See in context

While the official version still states that Israel is defending itself, more and more people in Israel say openly that the plan is to exterminate the Palestinians. It is a genocide plan, though without gas chambers. The plan is simple: The Palestinians will be confined or caged inside ever shrinking closed enclaves (without a seaport or an airport, of course), and they will become extinct soon enough. All this will be officially explained by defense needs, wink-wink.

It is not Israel alone: The entire Western world stands behind this plan, with America standing first and foremost, but with Western Europe, Australia and Canada giving their support as well.

The present eruption is an indication that the plan progresses vigorously, and is nearing its conclusion. Almost the entire West Bank (or "Judea and Samaria" as they are called here), which were the last to be acquired by Israel, are now colonized by Israeli settlers. The Gaza enclave, or ghetto, is in an advanced stage of being stifled, hence the eruption of dying convulsions.

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Posted in: Iran sharing nuclear technology with N Korea, says Netanyahu See in context

When asked by the Mainichi Shimbun if there was a possibility Israel would unilaterally attack Iran if it could confirm through independent intelligence gathering that Iran's nuclear development had reached a serious level, Netanyahu replied, "I'd rather concentrate on encouraging the world powers to achieve a good deal". However, at the same time Netanyahu let the Asahi Shimbun understand that Israel's position is that nothing short of a total dismantling of Iran's nuclear program is acceptable.

But the pressure exerted by Netanyahu is not likely to force Iran give up its civil nuclear program.

I don't trust Netanyahu, partly due to his conduct in the negotiations with the Palestinians. As far as I can judge, Benjamin Netanyhu is a charlatan and a grossly irresponsible statesman.

And I don't want to see a war breaking out and escalating between Israel and Iran now. I do not want to see houses turning into rubble in Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa. I do not want to see hospitals overflowing. I do not want to see people crawling in the darkness, in the absence of electricity. In the same way, I also do not want to see women, elderly people and babies burnt to ashes or vaporized in Tehran, Mashhad and Isfahan.

This charlatan, this dangerous pyromaniac, Netanyahu, must be stopped NOW. Netanyahu must refrain from launching a war against Iran. Please search for the phrase "Benjamin refrain" in the net.

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Posted in: Abe, Netanyahu compare notes on nuclear neighbors See in context

when the Saudis allow the Israelis to use their airbase as an alternate route position to attack Iran, you the ****just hit the fan

I don't think that the Saudis allow to use their airbases. Probably they just allow to use their airspace. The Saudis are clever and cautious. So who will pay the cost of this adventure? Will it be the Saudis? Will it be the American hawkish friends of Netanyahu who sit safely at their homes?

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Posted in: Abe, Netanyahu compare notes on nuclear neighbors See in context

Benjamin Netanyahu is planning a preemptive strike against Iran that will take place soon. The strike will probably be based on conventional weapons at first, but things are likely to escalate into a disastrous war. It will be a catastrophe for both countries. Israel might use its more potent weapons, while Iran, on the other hand, may rely on the fact that Israel has a small population concentrated in a very small area.

More information and a plea for help can be found in


or by searching for "Benjamin refrain".

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Posted in: Iran on agenda as Israeli PM arrives in Japan See in context

The following phrasing by the Asahi Shinbun-

"---Israel's position that nothing short of a total dismantling of Iran's nuclear program is acceptable"

is precise, and constitutes a key statement. The meaning of this statement is that Benjamin Netanyahu seriously intends to launch a war against Iran soon if Iran's nuclear program is not dismantled. And that means that he is going to set fire to the region. More information and a plea for help can be found in


or by searching for "Benjamin refrain".

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Posted in: Obama lashes North Korea as weak 'pariah state' See in context

There is one thing, and only one thing, which North Korea can do to make Obama satisfied: Cease to exist. However, they don't want to cease to exist, apparantly.

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Posted in: No Mideast peace breakthrough as talks end: Palestinians See in context

The Middle East processes cannot just stop. They must find an escape and proceed in some direction. This direction might be an Israel/Iran war, which might lead to immense slaughter and destruction. For an attempt to call Benjamin Netanyahu to refrain from a war against Iran search "Benjamin refrain" in Google.

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Posted in: Dogs ripped kids to pieces in N Korean camp: ex-guard See in context

This horrifying story raises the following two questions: 1) is the story veritable? 2) Why do stories about atrocities that are alleged to be perpetrated by North Korea get so much highlight, while atrocities perpetrated AGAINST North Korea are never mentioned?

As regards the first question, what Ahn Myong-Chol tells in the present story is not very much consistent with what he tells in another story:


In which camp did Ahn really serve? What are the horrors that really haunt him most? When someone brings new stories every time, one cannot but ask: Are the stories real or invented?

Also, the story that Jang Song Thaek was eaten by dogs has been spread all over the world, but later refuted in a minor tone.

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Posted in: Ukraine picks pro-Western leader as president flees See in context

What happened in Ukraine looks like a fascist coup sponsored by America.

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Posted in: U.S. nuclear missiles are a force in much distress See in context

Thank you for demonstrating why countries like the US need to keep their weapons fresh and ready to make sure countries like NK do not endanger their neighbors.

Sorry, an empire which has endangered all its neighbors as well as many other countries across the world does not need those thousands of ICBM's armed with hydrogen bombs to make sure that NK does not endanger is neighbors. It needs them to obliterate NK, and re-obliterate it, just because NK had embarked on a socialist path. Without America, all Asian countries would have leaved in peace, without anyone endangering the others.

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Posted in: U.S. nuclear missiles are a force in much distress See in context

slumdog, your allegation "The starvation and poverty in North Korea is country-wide and completely government induced" is false. Besides, starvation cannot be cured using ICBM's carrying hydrogen bombs falling from the sky. If this were the right cure, America could have cured the pervasive starvation in India already long ago. As regards the people kidnapped - yes, Korea has admitted kidnapping a small number of Japanese, but how many Korean Women and girls were kidnapped in order to serve as sex slaves? The missile shot in Japan's direction was not aimed at Japan, it flew high above. The shelling of the island occurred during military tension that began with a large American drill.

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Posted in: U.S. nuclear missiles are a force in much distress See in context

---the missiles would have to fly over Russia to reach most other potential targets in East Asia---

All these ICBM's are aimed at a small half of a country in East Asia, with a population of 22 millions. Its "sin" is adopting the socialist system, and the ICBM's are meant to be a "cure".

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Posted in: Rodman holds tryouts for Pyongyang exhibition game See in context

I am just wondering: Are all those who enjoy hurling mud at Dennis Rodman really sure that they are more talented than him and have a finer personality than his?

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Posted in: N Korea deports elderly U.S. tourist See in context

The KCNA claims that Newman "entered the DPRK under the guise of a tourist to confirm the whereabouts of the spies and terrorists who had been trained and dispatched by him, an intelligence officer, during the last Korean War".

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Posted in: Obama defends Iran policy amid Israel anger See in context

RomeoRII, you speak about recklessness, but in fact opening a war, per the request of Governor Ben Netanyahu, would have been a very reckless deed: Such a war would have deeply scorched the ME countries involved, thereby creating a major disaster, and might have also overflown outside the region. Obama and Kerry were not the only statesmen who saw this: They were joined by William Hague, Laurent Fabius, Guido Westerwelle and Catherine Ashton.

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Posted in: Obama defends Iran policy amid Israel anger See in context

Tehran has a long history of belligerent statements towards the Jewish state

The state headed by Governor Ben Netanyahu, which is affiliated to America in many ways, is not Jewish. Yes, it is populated with about 80% ethnical Jews, but it does not comply with the principles of Judaism. It runs contrary to these principles.

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Posted in: Iran: Difficult differences at nuke talks See in context

Governor Ben Netanyahu promises that Iran will not have nuclear weapons. Actually he makes a much stronger promise: Iran will not have any significant nuclear project, military or non-military. He will surely fulfill these promises.

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Posted in: Netanyahu takes Iran nuclear deal objection to Kremlin See in context


They are committed to human rights

Yes! Very much so! Here is a small example:


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Posted in: Kerry presses Iran to prove its nuclear program peaceful See in context

Iran is building its "peaceful" nuclear capabilities in a very specific way, and that way gives them the ability to militarize it on very short notice.

Isn't it true that all the countries which master nuclear technology for peaceful purposes have the ability to militarize it on a very short notice?

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Posted in: North Korea publicly executes 80 people: S Korean paper See in context

Ah, you are right, slumdog: If someone makes a statement in London or in Seoul about what he/she has experienced then that is a testimony, whereas such a statement made in Pyongyang is a government announcement. You are also right about flight 858: I didn't add any new information, just indicated where the information can be found. I see, the claim that eighty people where executed in public for minor transgressions without trial is irrefutable, no matter what, because the DPRK is not entitled, by definition, to refute any allegation raised by its adversaries.

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Posted in: North Korea publicly executes 80 people: S Korean paper See in context

slumdog, please note that the BBC story which you cite came first (end of January 2004) and its rebuttal came later (end of March 2004). The testimonies included in the rebuttal cannot be dismissed.

Allegations over atrocities that emerge on the backdrop of such a profound antagonism between North Korea and the guardians of capitalism can be true, but they can also be false and fabricated. One prominent such allegation against North Korea was that it brought down KAL flight 858 in 1987; see, for example, "Korean Air Flight 858" in Wikipedia. There was even a discussion in the UN Security Council about this event. The proceedings of that discussion, where each side tells its story, are available and illuminating (when read closely).

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Posted in: North Korea publicly executes 80 people: S Korean paper See in context

The information is doubtful.

In 2004 there were reports that North Korea is executing entire families in gas chambers. Those reports turned out to be fabricated: See


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Posted in: No deal reached between Iran, six world powers See in context

One example of a country that possesses a developed nuclear technology for peaceful purposes only is Canada:


What Iran is entitled to have needs to be commensurate with what Canada has.

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