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Posted in: Japan's lower house passes child care aid bill to tackle falling birthrate See in context

remove the income limit

I wonder who came up with this genius ideas? The impediment stopping high-earners from having kids is clearly not money-related.

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Posted in: Netflix subscribers jump despite price hikes See in context

That’s strange. I was told Netflix was packed with woke content on here.

it is. They’ve just signed a 10-year deal to stream men in underpants who cuddle each other according to the article.

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Posted in: 81-year-old driver arrested after killing two pedestrians on highway in Okinawa See in context

Police said Uehara has denied the charge 

What exactly is she denying? That she hit the people, or something else?

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Posted in: Female DJs beating the odds in Japan boys' club electronic dance music scene See in context

the tendency for women to be objectified, or worse, based on their appearance lies at the heart of the issue.

Female DJs tend to dress in quite revealing attire, so they’re using it to their advantage and then complaining about being objectified. Seems an odd stance…

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Posted in: Japan to spend ¥164.7 bil on 2025 Osaka expo amid public skepticism See in context

And of course, the comment before mine already made that. Should have read to the end, lol!

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Posted in: Japan to spend ¥164.7 bil on 2025 Osaka expo amid public skepticism See in context

Read that this is likely going to end up being the often discussed casino for Japan once the expo is done. So someone high up will be forcing this through at any cost to profit from that.

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Posted in: IAEA officials say Fukushima's ongoing discharge of treated wastewater going well See in context

While it’s not ideal, at least they seem to have been honest about the radiation levels. If South Korea’s independent team also gave the thumbs up, at a time they could have used it for political points, that says a lot…

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Posted in: YouTube cuts off Russell Brand's ad revenues after sexual assault allegations See in context

If the first low life report the alleged allegations there would be no other alleged allegations. These woman coming out of wood work now to report their alleged rape are low life opportunists even if it is fact. These women were able to stop these so called raping of more woman but decided it was not worth the bother back then.

Probably terrified of internet commentators such as yourself deciding that victim blaming is the correct course of action.

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Posted in: UK comedian Russell Brand accused of sexual assault: media See in context

Saw that a Reddit post from 8 months ago predicted something big was coming and that was why Brand had suddenly pivoted into the right wing conspiracy nut realm. Easy to get support from idiots who believe the loud voice over reason and try to frame the narrative in a way that makes him appear the victim.

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Posted in: TikTok hit with $368 million fine under Europe's strict data privacy rules See in context

EU hobby these days, making money from big tech that making good products that people using everyday.

Always amazes me that people will side with companies who are profiting by failing to protect privacy rights of children. Such a weird take.

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Posted in: Rice on target as Arsenal stun Man Utd with late flourish See in context

Good win for Liverpool, but Villa looked all over the place. The scoreline could easily have been much worse for them.

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Posted in: External team to present findings on Johnny's abuse claims handling See in context

For a company that size, it seems unlikely a thorough investigation could be completed this quickly…

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Posted in: 2 men report to police over DJ Soda groping case See in context

The 痴漢大国 problem is much easier to understand when you see in the comments how quickly some will turn to victim-blaming…

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Posted in: Weak yen gives Japan's automakers temporary relief from China pain See in context

The dollar was trading at 1435.23 yen on Friday.

Might want to check those numbers again ;-)

Moderator: It has been corrected. Thanks for pointing it out.

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Posted in: Pentagon confident on sharing intelligence with Japan despite China hacking report See in context

What are Japanese journalists doing, just waiting for a press release?

American sources tend to talk to American media.

A bigger question for me is why America is leaking this stuff to the media in the first place rather than talking to Japan.

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Posted in: Pokemon Go firm Niantic slashes staff See in context

I can't say I will miss seeing fewer Pokemon GO players staring at their phones like zombies

just going to assume you didn’t read beyond the article headline if that’s your comment on it lol

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Posted in: AI statue designed by Michelangelo on show in Sweden See in context

"Something about it makes me feel like this is not made by human being," Julia Olderius, in charge of concept development at the museum, told AFP.

Because… it hasn’t been made by a human?

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Posted in: Netflix expands password-sharing crackdown worldwide See in context

Well, I have the family subscription so my parents can watch but they are in the U.K., I hope this doesn’t effect me.

I am in a similar arrangement with family back home using my account. We are the absolute targets of this haha.

I’ve seen on Twitter many getting emails about it already but I haven’t gotten one yet. Probably won’t be far off though. Once it does I’ll downgrade my plan, no need to keep on the top tier if I can’t get full use of it.

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Posted in: Kishida rules out tax hikes to fund more childcare spending See in context

Is there any evidence that the spending rationale even makes sense as a way to increase birth rates? They’ve been throwing money at it for years now and it is just getting worse, would love to see the decisions actually be justified.

Throwing even more money at the problem still won’t improve it while companies keep pushing women to “retire” when they become pregnant. Maybe it’s time to finally accept that a large number of women actually want careers, and focus on getting companies to support that ideology instead?

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Posted in: North Korean hackers stole $721 million in cryptocurrency from Japan: Nikkei See in context

Ack, wish we had an edit button so my pre-coffee typos could be fixed :-/

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Posted in: North Korean hackers stole $721 million in cryptocurrency from Japan: Nikkei See in context

But... we have been told that "blockchain" is totally secure. What happened?

Even blockchain can’t protect people if they call for phishing or rug pull scans.

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Posted in: Hate passwords? You're in luck - Google is sidelining them See in context

Google doesn’t get your biometric data, it’s a device-level authentication.

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Posted in: Rapper Desiigner charged with indecent exposure on flight from Tokyo to Minneapolis See in context

Wow, he said he “didn’t get much” in Japan. Just be the first unmarried gaijin to ever go home disappointed there

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Posted in: Climate battle heats up over fate of Tokyo stadium where Babe Ruth played See in context

If a construction company is involved, wouldn’t be a stretch to assume backhander payments are also involved somewhere along the line.

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Posted in: Former teen idol alleges sex abuse by Japan music mogul See in context

That documentary from BBC has finally started the ball rolling. Johnny’s won’t even acknowledge the claims which feels a lot like they know and want to just ignore until it goes away.

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Posted in: British comedian and TV star Paul O'Grady dies at 67 See in context

Used to really enjoy watching his show about him helping to find a new home for dogs, seemed a genuinely warm-hearted person and this is sad news.

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Posted in: Keanu Reeves brings 'John Wick' to Paris See in context

Doesn’t seem to have a Japanese release date yet :-(

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Posted in: Japan keeping close tabs on financial markets after collapse of U.S. lenders See in context

Friendly reminder that Japanese bank accounts are only insured up to 10 million yen per account. So don’t keep more than that as the government won’t return anything more if the bank fails.

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Posted in: A box office KO: ‘Creed III’ debuts to $58.7 million See in context

Looking forward to this. The first 2 Creed movies were far better than I expected them to be. Not perfect, but definitely good entertainment value.

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Posted in: After a Davos DJ gig, Idris Elba has new role: advocate for small farmers See in context

Remember: Idris Elba can do anything


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