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Posted in: U.S. men avoid spending time with female colleagues in the wake of #MeToo See in context

Especially with social media, the fear of someone “crying wolf” is probably in the back of a lot of minds right now - I agree with the article that it’s actually going in the wrong direction, but why is anyone surprised?

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Posted in: 460,000 customers' data possibly leaked from Uniqlo, GU websites See in context

The data is leaked, LEAKED! That is not due to customers choosing "123456" as password, but due to Uniqlo having garbage security

Leaked just means information has been unwillingly disclosed. The story is quite clear that this was caused by issues with other sites and the credentials have also been valid in the UNIQLO services. The problem is users not keeping separate login details.

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Posted in: 460,000 customers' data possibly leaked from Uniqlo, GU websites See in context

It’s amazing that Japanese companies still don’t get prosecuted to the maximum extent of the law. 

Prosecuted for what? The stupidity of customers that think reusing the same password and email combination everywhere is a good idea?

if you choose to have the same lock on every door and then your key is stolen, do you blame the locksmith? People need to start being more security minded as this kind of attack is becoming more and more commonplace.

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Posted in: Credit card data of up to 15,000 website shoppers stolen See in context

Why was the data stored at all?

It wasn’t. The article stated that a fake card entry page was displayed on affected sites so customers were inputting data that wasn’t being sent to the company at all.

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Posted in: Japan's child population falls for 38th year, hitting postwar low See in context

Disney just need to put on a “procreation parade” and you’ll have 20million new kids born within a year.

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Posted in: In streaming wars, Apple says it can coexist with Netflix See in context

I’m sure they’ll lock content of note behind some overpriced hardware. Still can’t believe you can buy 4K/HDR movies from iTunes, but have no option to play them at that quality unless you have an Apple TV 4K hooked up to your screen (and no downloading, stream only!)

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Posted in: 'Avengers: Endgame' smashes records in global launch See in context

Saw it today, was a brilliant end to what has been a (mostly) excellent set of movies!

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Posted in: Facebook says it stored 'millions' of unencrypted Instagram passwords See in context

Why would there be compensation? No suggestion any data was actually accessed.

In any case, this is why you shouldn’t re-use passwords.

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Posted in: American man arrested over murder of wife at Tokyo Family Court See in context

Story isn’t clear if kids were involved, but I’d argue she was absolutely right to keep him away from them if this is the kind of man that he is. Clearly a dangerous individual who shouldn’t be around kids!

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Posted in: In success for 'Captain Marvel,' a defeat for trolls See in context

I bet a large amount of the trolls have gone to see it anyway

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Posted in: 5 recommended movies based on Japanese anime and video games See in context

I wish they had gone with Danny’s DeVito for the Detective Pikachu voice...

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Posted in: Karate associations vent anger after Paris 2024 exclusion See in context

Losing out to breakdancing... that has to be a tough one to swallow.

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Posted in: Japanese city to use AI to predict seriousness of school bullying See in context

One of the questions has been leaked:

While walking along in desert sand, you suddenly look down and see a tortoise crawling toward you. You reach down and flip it over onto its back. The tortoise lies there, its belly baking in the hot sun, beating its legs, trying to turn itself over, but it cannot do so without your help. You are not helping. Why?

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Posted in: Sony to shift European headquarters from UK to Netherlands to avoid Brexit disruption See in context

So Dyson wanted Brexit, then moved to a country which has free trade agreements with Japan and The EU. Was the support to screw the competition???

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Posted in: No-shows wreaking havoc on restaurant business See in context

I saw that American Express purchased Pocket Concierge in Japan yesterday, so the concept of holding diners to account for short-notice cancellations must be proving relatively successful!

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Posted in: New era approaches, but Japan's dwindling imperial line clouds future See in context

Dwindling numbers, conservatives being opposed to any women in power, desperately clinging to outdated traditions... it’s an interesting indicator of where Japan is at as a whole right now.

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Posted in: Japanese electronics firms look to re-engineer their design mojo See in context

I think it is a brilliant design! You won't be able to see or hear the people laughing at you while wearing it!

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Posted in: Japanese fishing boat owners charged in Hawaii with helping smuggle shark fins See in context

Huh? Living in Japan for 2 decades I have not noticed that at all

Seriously? Fukahire is really easy to find (at least in Tokyo)

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Posted in: In this age of streaming services, do you think going to the cinemas will soon be a thing of the past? See in context

No, but I think cinema may have to evolve one way or another. 3d is a nice gimmick but I don’t see the current incarnation of it lasting.

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Posted in: EU finally seals Brexit deal; urges Britons to back PM May See in context

May is a good PM

Based on what metric?

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Posted in: Japan's cyber security minister admits never having used computer See in context

By Yoshikazu Tsuno

Thought it was Deja-Vu but there seems to be some striking similarities in a few paragraphs to the article written by the Guardian:


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Posted in: Cuban ambassador denied room at Hilton hotel in Fukuoka due to U.S. sanctions See in context

I'm fairly sure that if it's operating in Japan, it's a Japanese company and subject to Japanese laws.

I’m not sure if that’s 100% true - an American client I do work for has to follow US KYC/AML regulations.

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Posted in: Police investigate speeding case after driver posts footage online See in context

Guy can afford a GT-R but not a go pro for the footage? That’s the biggest crime here.

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Posted in: Elderly driver killed after his car hit by train in Chiba See in context

That Elders Increase traffic accidents than youngers 

Citation needed

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Posted in: Plastic piling up in Japan after China waste import ban See in context

Maybe, just maybe, there will be someone somewhere in a position of power who may look at this and think “hmmm, would it be better if we produced less of this waste?”

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Posted in: Tsukiji: It's not just about the fish, says Michelin chef See in context

Knowledge is not necessarily automatically bestowed based on ones birthplace.

He was a chef with Troisgros before coming to Japan so will have had extensive experience working with the fishing industry. "Fish" in that sentence doesn't mean the literal fish from the sea, but rather the entire industry. If it were not already clear enough, the sentences before and after should make that easy to understand.

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Posted in: Tsukiji: It's not just about the fish, says Michelin chef See in context

I don’t think you understood what the quoted passage meant...

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Posted in: Facebook discloses security breach affecting 50 million users See in context

I think you’re confusing what has happened here - there is no connection to Facebook doing anything shady.

But it I do agree with the point you are making about PII. Europe’s GDPR is probably the biggest legal improvement in human rights since the internet began. I expect at least some of the Facebook users affected are European based which is why they have had to announce this so quickly (even before the full internal investigation is completed)

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Posted in: Facebook discloses security breach affecting 50 million users See in context

there's also talk that these hackers have also obtained access to those 3rd party account sources too

Using revoked tokens? Yeah, good luck with that... anything not already taken or used is worthless without working credentials.

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Posted in: Facebook discloses security breach affecting 50 million users See in context

No reports of hijacked profiles, no reports of direct messages being leaked (or threats of such action).

I’d wager that Facebook detected this and shut it down before anyone could actually do anything.

Facebook is built on php 

While they do still have PHP remnants in their stack, it’s misleading to suggest that it’s a core part these days.

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