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Posted in: Gov't seeks more inclusion in education for foreign children in Japan See in context

And who’s going to pay for educating foreign children? Japanese payers, not the governments of the children’s home countries.

If the parents are tax payers here, then what is the issue?

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Posted in: After 100-day wait, English soccer returns and takes a knee See in context

Black players few and far between. Black players get paid peanuts. 

Citation needed

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Posted in: Japan defense data may have leaked after cyberattacks on NTT unit See in context

Does Japan have the worst cybersecurity of any developed country, or does Japan have the worst cybersecurity of any developed country?

Japan isn’t really any better or worse than anywhere else to be honest. As with most countries, social engineering is where Japan gets hit hardest. Doesn’t matter how good your digital security is if you have employees who fall for phishing attempts.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics protest parody of logo that depicts COVID-19 See in context

Streisand effect in action right here - Most would probably never have known about this had Tokyo not kicked up a fuss about it.

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Posted in: Japan looks set to follow other nations with a coronavirus-induced rise in divorces See in context

The biggest burden is having to pay attention to another person’s needs even when I am at home.

I really hope she doesn't have kids...

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Posted in: 'Abenomasks' only received by Tokyo residents See in context

In Tokyo, haven’t received anything yet...

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Posted in: Japan's population drops at record pace in 2019 See in context


126.17million includes non-Japanese people who are living here.

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Posted in: 5G expected to drive new businesses, spark tech advances See in context

Japan will be able to send faxes even faster thanks to this technology. What a time to be alive!

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Posted in: Communist Party fights underwear color rules in Japanese schools See in context

In some situations, male teachers reportedly enforce the rule requiring female students to submit to underwear checks

Oh Japan...

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Posted in: Tokyo area sees daily coronavirus cases top 100 for first time See in context

dont worry, I’m sure the government will continue to do as little as possible

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Posted in: Gov't to give ¥300,000 in cash to each household in need See in context

I’d like to ask what financial benefits did you receive in Japan as a foreign national? Where did you get these?

Talking from personal experience, I received full unemployment payments after a previous employer went bankrupt in 2015. Even got a nice lump sum bonus for finding work quickly as well.

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Posted in: Businessman paid $8.2 mil by Tokyo Olympics bid lobbied figure at center of French corruption probe See in context

I’m looking forward to learning which minister(s) end up “amakudari”-ing their way into Dentsu now...

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Posted in: 'Contagion' movie stars tell fans coronavirus is 'real life' See in context

And today in "Celebrities are the sharpest knives in the drawer," we have...

"That was a movie. This is real life," said Matt Damon

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic organizers eye July 2021 for start of Games: reports See in context

Do we still get those 4-day weekends scheduled for the 2020 Olympic start and end dates? That’s the only Olympic related news I care about...

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Posted in: Gov't considers cash handouts to households to ease virus impact See in context

Will foreigners with a juminhyo get this as well?

We did last time the cash was handed out.

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Posted in: Olympic crowd crush expected as Japan Inc rules out work from home See in context

Of course companies are against it: remote work requires that management trust their subordinates, but this doesn’t fit with the classic micro-management patterns Japan loves so much.

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Posted in: Most consumers to stay cashless when rebate program ends: survey See in context

I guarantee that over 86% of Japanese consumers are not cashless!

thats not what the article says... it says 86% plan to keep using cashless options.

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Posted in: With a 22-point lead, Liverpool setting new standards in Premier League See in context

It’s an unbelievable achievement for Liverpool to be where they are right now - to lead is one thing, but to be making a joke out of the entire league is something special.

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Posted in: Most consumers to stay cashless when rebate program ends: survey See in context

Japan is in no way ‘cashless’. It is still very inconvenient to not use cash

i can’t speak for Japan as a whole, but cashless alternatives are definitely taking off in Tokyo. If I can’t use my credit card, I can almost always use QuickPay that it’s attached to. Very rare that I need to use cash compared to a few years ago..

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Posted in: NEC receives major cyberattacks; defense data theft suspected See in context

Zero concept of security in Japan

I work in InfoSec and can tell you it’s pretty much no better or worse than anywhere else. Just as other parts of the world, the overwhelming majority of problems stem from phishing attacks. The average worker just clicks stuff without knowing what it is.

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Posted in: Ghosn's wife slams Japanese justice See in context

Tokyo prosecutors have said his allegations of a conspiracy are false and that he has failed to justify his acts.

Somewhat ironically, that’s almost the exact thing people are saying about Tokyo Prosecutors...

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Posted in: IMF urges Japan to double consumption tax to 20% by 2050 See in context

Or, surely a better idea, have the Japanese government stop wasting money on stupid stuff.

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Posted in: Construction of stadium for 2020 Tokyo Olympics completed at cost of ¥157 bil See in context

Looks like the painters missed a bit

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Posted in: Apple Watch detects irregular heartbeats in U.S. study See in context

Any idea when japan will get the monitoring stuff? The Apple watches here are missing some key functionality for this unfortunately - I’m assuming it needs government approval?

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Posted in: Disney streaming debuts with hit brands See in context

Had money ready for Disney... guess I’ll be hoisting anchor and setting sail for The Mandalorian then.

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Posted in: Justice minister quits over wife's alleged election law breach; 2nd cabinet exit in a week See in context

Masako Mori, former minister in charge of addressing the issue of low birth rate

Well done Mori-san, you were clearly very successful there and I’m sure you thoroughly deserve to remain in a leadership role.

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Posted in: 'Game of Thrones' creators withdraw from 'Star Wars' trilogy See in context

Are they really “creators” of Game of Thrones, or just 2 guys who turned existing books into tv scripts?

i guess they did have a go at creating some really bad fan fiction once they ran out of books to pull ideas from...

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Posted in: S Africa edge Wales 19-16 to reach World Cup final See in context


SA are definitely the most boring team I can think of to reach a final but the result is all they’ll care about I guess. Certainly not one for the neutral fans though...

England should beat them in the final unless they fail to handle that powerful forward line.

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Posted in: Shibuya abuzz with costumes on weekend before Halloween See in context

The Halloween spectacle in Japan has about as much to do with Halloween as my morning coffee has to do with the tea ceremony.

do you get angry at westerners who celebrate Christmas without it being religious?

It really is ok for others to have fun.

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Posted in: Japan likely to face shortage of 270,000 nursing staff by 2025 See in context

Help, the aged!

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