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Posted in: Disney streaming debuts with hit brands See in context

Had money ready for Disney... guess I’ll be hoisting anchor and setting sail for The Mandalorian then.

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Posted in: Justice minister quits over wife's alleged election law breach; 2nd cabinet exit in a week See in context

Masako Mori, former minister in charge of addressing the issue of low birth rate

Well done Mori-san, you were clearly very successful there and I’m sure you thoroughly deserve to remain in a leadership role.

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Posted in: 'Game of Thrones' creators withdraw from 'Star Wars' trilogy See in context

Are they really “creators” of Game of Thrones, or just 2 guys who turned existing books into tv scripts?

i guess they did have a go at creating some really bad fan fiction once they ran out of books to pull ideas from...

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Posted in: S Africa edge Wales 19-16 to reach World Cup final See in context


SA are definitely the most boring team I can think of to reach a final but the result is all they’ll care about I guess. Certainly not one for the neutral fans though...

England should beat them in the final unless they fail to handle that powerful forward line.

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Posted in: Shibuya abuzz with costumes on weekend before Halloween See in context

The Halloween spectacle in Japan has about as much to do with Halloween as my morning coffee has to do with the tea ceremony.

do you get angry at westerners who celebrate Christmas without it being religious?

It really is ok for others to have fun.

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Posted in: Japan likely to face shortage of 270,000 nursing staff by 2025 See in context

Help, the aged!

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Posted in: Coppola backs Scorsese's comments on Marvel films See in context

“I don’t like this kind of art, therefore it is terrible and only idiots will enjoy it.”

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Posted in: Rugby World Cup, F1 and typhoon: What could happen? See in context

Seems the England v France game is already confirmed as being cancelled

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Posted in: Tax hike adds to woes for low-income households in Japan See in context

it mainly benefits people who have enough spare cash lying around to make large one-time payments in order to get a bigger benefit down the line.

can confirm. I’m in the highest tax bracket and my family received a letter yesterday with details how to get (ours was 4000yen for 5000yen vouchers, just one child though)

Possible I’m wrong, but it doesn’t appear to be means tested

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Posted in: Tax hike adds to woes for low-income households in Japan See in context

Eight children??? This is the reason they are broke

considering Japan’s population problems, this family should be on TV as an example of one that is helping society...

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Posted in: Tax hike adds to woes for low-income households in Japan See in context

By the way, I learned this morning that, if you pay for your goods with a SUICA card, you don’t pay tax on it.

i just paid for my morning coffee with Suica. Price was exactly the same. Are you sure you don’t mean that charging it doesn’t incur taxes and fees?

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Posted in: Japan's consumption tax raised to 10% amid swelling welfare costs See in context

The employee in the image is replacing a pricing tag with an identical one. Is this intended to highlight just how confusing it all is?

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Posted in: EU warns Britain heading for a no-deal Brexit See in context

Yellowhammer is an anagram of “Orwell Mayhem” which sums up this whole mess. Britain is the architect of its own problems, but at least the rich can continue to avoid taxes.

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Posted in: TEPCO will have to dump radioactive Fukushima water into Pacific, minister says See in context

"Brb, just going to do that thing we said wouldn't need to be done"

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Posted in: Office sharing startup WeWork plans to cut valuation to below $20 bil See in context

Founder is a bigger liability than anything else... changed the company name and the company had to buy the rights to the new name for $6million because they were already owned. The owner was the founder. How will any of the nonsense like that even pass the American security commission before listing?

You would have to be insane, or SoftBank, to even consider investing.

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Posted in: Johnson's Brexit plans in crisis after 3rd defeat in 2 days See in context

@Alfie and lest we forget, Leadsom had family members directly implicated by the Panama Paradise Papers leak. Surprised that was swept under the rug so quickly to be honest, because it paints a pretty clear picture as to why so many prominent Brexiteers wanted out of Europe before the new tax avoidance regulations take effect.

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Posted in: Johnson's Brexit plans in crisis after 3rd defeat in 2 days See in context

But if they can’t get out of Europe, how will the rich avoid paying taxes once the new EU law kicks in? Won’t somebody think of the wealthy?

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Posted in: Opponents of 'no-deal' Brexit defeat Johnson, who promises an election See in context

Does anyone else think it’s funny that, if he follows through on his promise to fire revels, Johnson is going to deem the grandson of his dearest hero, Winston Churchill, a traitor to the party?

Brexit, like Britain, is a joke that should have been stopped a long time ago. How anyone still thinks it’s remotely a good idea baffles me.

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Posted in: Parliament's suspension before Brexit protested across UK See in context

Oh Britain. Gone from “we will get an amazing deal” to “we can survive a no deal Brexit.”

It’s amazing that anyone can go from promising success to promising survival for the same situation, and still have support.

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Posted in: Retailers kick off winter sales ahead of 10% consumption tax hike See in context

Approximately 500 items were sold across 520 stores nationwide, AEON said.

So averaged less than one sale per store? I’m not sure if that’s something they want to publicize...

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Posted in: NEC shows 'flying car' hovering steadily for minute See in context

This is why Japanese car sales have slumped in Korea; they’re just avoiding outdated technology and waiting for more advanced models to be released ;-)

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Posted in: Abe asks Johnson to ensure orderly Brexit See in context

EU has a lot of complicated problems within and Britain wants not involved in them 

Yeah, absolutely. Making sure all the hardline Brexiteers named in the Panama Paradise Papers can continue to avoid taxes once new EU legislation drops is absolutely a good reason to trick the masses into helping them.

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Posted in: Johnson set for PM job beset by Brexit, Iran crisis See in context

It’s almost a comedy at this point. America won’t help with the Iran situation so Britain are now asking EU members for help... despite wanting to leave them!

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Posted in: Japan rock group Dragon Ash member nabbed for marijuana possession See in context

My prediction: a few days from now, prosecutors will drop this case without giving any reason as to why they have done so.

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Posted in: Japan's 2 imperial heirs to fly on separate planes to Bhutan See in context

Think of the carbon emissions and waste involved in using two planes.

The article says they are on commercial flights, I don’t think they’re making much of a difference in terms of carbon footprint by taking this decision.

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Posted in: EU fines Hello Kitty owner $7 million in antitrust ruling See in context

Good on The EU. Anti-consumer practices should be punished - price fixing may be ok in Japan, but that doesn’t mean they can pull the same crap elsewhere.

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Posted in: Journalist Ito says she was 'desperate to protect' herself from rape See in context

The BBC report on this “Japan’s Secret shame” is worth searching for on YouTube simply for the comments section. Some of the Japanese guys are quite angry by the claims ;-)

But anyway, taxi driver confirmed she couldn’t stand by herself and Yamaguchi had to carry her into the hotel. Evidence showed intercourse definitely happened so it does seem difficult to side with Yamaguchi on it.

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Posted in: Kim Kardashian West finds solution to Kimono backlash See in context

I always find it strange when Japan complains of cultural insensitivity... glass houses, stones etc etc

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Posted in: After 'Endgame': Can Spider-Man untangle Marvel's future? See in context

The last big release made over $2bn before DVDs have even been released. It wouldn’t make much business sense to stop making stuff that is generating huge profits.

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Posted in: Japan fares well in U.S. report on human trafficking See in context

Full report can be found at the following URL for anyone wanting to see country specifics:


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