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At first, I agreed with the idea that China should never get involved into this rock issue, since I am a stock investor in China. I am 120% dislike the war ruining my profit. However, after two days tough behavior by the marine surveillance ship of Chines Government, my position is changed. I felt pleased, and I also felt that right here in China 95% people felt pleased except those who is working in Japanese Corporations. The reason I changed my mind is that I believed now that democracy is not given for granted and democracy is based on the balance power of every participants in the society. Therefore, if you don't have some gut to say no to another one, that one will become your dictator some day. I think this rule can be applied to everyone in the world including U.S. Right now, let's pray this conflict ends smoothly with both China and the Japan-US-Alliance, though this is not up to me. But as I realized, both side have enough nuke and ballistic missiles to destroy the civilization back to 50 years ago.

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