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Hi there. Another active JET here. I agree with most of the comments but I must also emphasize that JET is a fantastic idea. I wish more countries offered such opportunities as it is an excellent way to diversify, and for many a way to fulfill their Japanofile dreams.

I think all of the blame lies in two places. The first and foremost is the school system. It's horrible. Absolutely atrocious. It seems that teachers here forgot how bad it was when they were students; otherwise you'd think they would do something about it. Some do try, but more will be needed to break the monotony. The problem? No freedom, lecture style. Being forced to go to lectures you don't like is horrible. These kids are being bored into insanity; not just in English class.

The second is CLAIR. I don't know what the point of CLAIR is. Senior JETs seem to do most of the work for them, getting kicked out when their 5 year term is up; and all the higher-ups get hefty salaries for sitting on their senile retired asses.

There is certainly a lot to hate; but I'm definitely in favor of reform as opposed to axing.

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