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Posted in: Police restrict access to Oregon refuge after fatal standoff See in context

In any case, one has to be extremely stupid and or mentally unbalanced to mess around with the FBI and state troopers. These obviously dumb extremists are truly getting what they deserve. Law enforcement is doing the right thing now, and what should have been done from the very beginning, before even more loonies joined their cause and upset people's lives in the area.

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Posted in: O'Barry ordered deported from Japan See in context

Of course Japan has the right to keep anyone out of their country should they choose to do so, but they cannot escape the consequences of their decisions on matters such as this one. And there will be consequences, that is guaranteed. For one thing, less profits for them as thousands of more people will try to avoid purchasing Japanese goods and services. That is "baked in the cake" now because of what they want to do. You can say I do not count and am only one person, but I will be cutting down on purchasing Japanese products and services also. When you are in business and or want your country to prosper financially, every person counts!

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Posted in: Japan accepts 27 refugees last year; rejects 99% of applications See in context

Give me all the thumbs down you want to, but this is very shameful for Japan and that is a fact that cannot be denied.

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Posted in: Taiwan elects 1st female president, rejects pro-China party See in context

Congratulations to the Taiwanese people for having the courage to stand up for themselves, and not accept further bullying from people who have no business telling them what to do and how to act.

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Posted in: Historic S Korea-Japan deal stumbles over statue See in context

The statue should remain as a reminder of the brutal war crimes that caused it to be there in the first place.

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Posted in: 'American Idol' back for last time before lights out See in context

Oh yeah, like the judges are really going to tell the truth about Kanye's performance! LOL

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Posted in: Michael Moore 'invades' Europe to teach us all some lessons See in context

Bashing Moore is not going to make Japan or America better countries to live in. Expand your horizons a bit and realize there is a lot we can learn from these other countries who have a better lifestyle than us in many areas.

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Posted in: Japanese New Year: Traditions, countdowns and fireworks See in context

Regarding Kohaku Uta Gassen which I watched from 1984 until 2014, sadly, it is no longer a contest between the women's and men's teams, but almost always an automatic win for the men.

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Posted in: S Korea, Japan reach deal on wartime sex slaves, including Y1 bil aid fund See in context

Relatively good news, but the aid fund is rather small, considering the amount of time it took for Japan to admit their wrongdoing and Japan being the third largest economy in the world.

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Posted in: Trump warns Clinton to 'BE CAREFUL' in using the woman 'card' See in context

Mr. Trump is correct about one thing, and that is there is a lot of "ammunition" he can use against Hillary Clinton should he make it past the republican primaries. There is only one person who can beat Donald Trump fairly easily next November, and that is Bernie Sanders. Hillary with all of her "baggage", would most likely lose to Trump.

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Posted in: Japanese music and vocaloid content disappears as YouTube rolls out new paid service See in context

YouTube under Google has been a disaster for many. People that worked on their accounts for years had their channels shut down, losing many friends and emails in the process. Many of them were my friends and became bitter over the heavy handed Google controlled YouTube. Before Google took over, YouTube was like a paradise.

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Posted in: Chinese police shoot dead 28 from 'terrorist group': authorities See in context

Xinjiang is not really a part of China except by force, so this problem is not going away anytime soon.

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Posted in: Global warming: What if we do nothing? See in context

There are now so many human beings on this planet now they certainly can influence the weather, there is no longer any doubt about that. The only question is how much and in which direction the natural climate cycles are headed, as to how much influence human activity will have on the climate in the future.

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Posted in: Most Beautiful Legs See in context

Yu Hayami's legs are still stunning! ♥

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Posted in: Buddhist schoolgirl idol group gets shut down for becoming too popular See in context

Fear was the main reason for their shut down? Please forgive me for having my doubts.

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Posted in: S&P says Japan needs to raise revenue with sales tax hike See in context

It amazes me that so many people in Japan refuse to see the handwriting on the wall. The economy peaked out a long time ago in the late 1980's, and the stock market has never again reached their previous highs. The population is decreasing, and will keep decreasing for a long time making economic growth even more difficult, and there is nothing in sight to bring Japan back to the good old glory days. Attacking the S&P messenger will do absolutely nothing to help Japan's future.

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Posted in: Yakuza cancel Halloween trick-or-treat event for kids See in context

Children should be taught about danger as soon as possible, because it is a very real part of the world no matter where you live, even in Japan.

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Posted in: Jury hits Apple with $234 mil tab in chip patent case See in context

If this jury award sticks, it's enough money to make them think twice about cheating again, which is the main point of the matter.

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Posted in: Obama warns Russia against helping arm Syrian government See in context

Some of you need a serious education in history. Is it not interesting that Russia, who some of you are praising for winning the war against Germany in WWII, decided to capture a weakened Japan's northern islands only after the USA dropped the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki? That took a lot of bravery! (sarcasm) So Russia violated the Neutrality Pact made in April of 1941 between Russia and Japan, and still unjustly controls the southern Kuril Islands which were always Japanese territory. So I would be very careful about trusting Russia's true intentions in the Syrian conflict of today, based upon their past history and actions.

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Posted in: Bon Jovi China gigs cancelled See in context

It's the same old same old China, not surprising at all really.

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Posted in: How nuclear-free Japan made it through hottest summer yet without brownouts See in context

The combination of Japan's declining population and advances in electronics like LED lighting will mean demand for electricity will be dropping as time moves forward. So nuclear power will no longer be needed. Many are stuck in the past on the way they think about this problem.

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Posted in: Protesters block inspection of waste disposal site in Miyagi See in context

Anyone who still supports nuclear power before the waste problem is solved completely, is not thinking of the people of the future who will be stuck in dealing with it.

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Posted in: Trump dumps insults on questioners; insists on control See in context

It all makes sense now. Mr. Trump will be the next president of the United States of America, and will complete my country's tragic fall from grace.

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Posted in: Firms to invest in 8.6MW solar plant in Fukushima See in context

Not only is there enough solar power for Japan, but for the whole world to run nuke free if it is harnessed correctly. And that is a scientific fact.

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Posted in: Nishikori pulls out of ATP Cincinnati Masters See in context

If anyone is getting too old for consistently good tennis, it is Federer, not Nishikori. Because of his recent hip injury, Nishikori's chances of winning the US Open are diminished, but he could still pull through and surprise everyone.

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Posted in: Emperor expresses deep remorse on WW2 anniversary See in context

It is to Japan's future benefit if they fully and officially apologized for their past war crimes. Then if it ever is brought up again in the future, Japan could say they already truly and officially apologized very sincerely. So what is bad about doing that if there are only benefits? False pride is useless and benefits no one!

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Posted in: Trump gets backlash for slamming female Fox News host See in context

Obviously, Donald Trump has picked on the wrong woman this time!

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Posted in: Six U.S. F-16 jets arrive in Turkey to fight IS See in context

Defeating ISIL is not as easy as "taking out a few pick up trucks in a wide open desert". Please do not forget that the targets must be chosen very carefully to minimize civilian casualties, which is not always an easy thing to do.

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Posted in: America's mass incarceration system: Freedom's next frontier See in context

I am extremely disappointed that former President Bill Clinton took so long to apologize for his contribution to this major problem, and current President Barack Obama took so long to start working on it. Better late than never perhaps, but lots of people continued to suffer while they dragged their feet and finally woke up!

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Posted in: X Japan’s Yoshiki hints at a possible collaboration with Babymetal See in context

I sincerely hope it happens and would love to see it!

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