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Posted in: Disappointed Abe says Japan will abide by ruling on whaling See in context

Culture should never be used as an excuse to illegally hunt whales in the sanctuary as the Japanese whalers have done year after year without being punished. So get over it and accept reality and leave the whales near the Antarctic in peace.

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Posted in: China, Japan spar over Xi's comments on Nanjing Massacre See in context

Well the "face thing" is something that has to go if Japan and the rest of the human race truly want to advance in a positive direction. If someone proves me wrong, I have no problem about "losing face". I understand Japanese culture after following Japan since 1985, but some old ways are better being dropped for good.

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Posted in: China, Japan spar over Xi's comments on Nanjing Massacre See in context

Japan should just say, yes you are right and we were wrong, and we will never do it again and case closed.

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Posted in: Australia, NZ fear Japan may try to sidestep whaling ban See in context

If Japan should decide to sidestep this ruling somehow, that would be a disaster for the reputation of Japan, and would only cause more people to send money to Sea Shepherd and some would even boycott Japanese products, which would hurt Japan financially. So it makes absolutely no sense for Japan to be stubborn on this issue, no sense at all.

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@CH3CHO: The fact is, pride had a LOT to do with Japan's refusal to end whaling in the sanctuary. You can pretend it was and is not so, but sadly it was and still is. This kind of pride is not a positive force and usually leads to trouble for all involved.

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Posted in: Japan says it will abide by court ruling on whaling See in context

Thank you to those who stuck up for the whales and gave their time and money for the cause. As for "Japanese pride", well I am also proud that those of us who fought to end the so-called "scientific research" have prevailed in this battle for justice.

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Posted in: Tamori's 'Waratte Iitomo' variety program ends after nearly 32 years See in context

I liked him on "Music Station".

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Posted in: Biggest threat to Japan whaling: Declining appetites See in context

Japan should be grateful that "Sea Shepherd" has contributed to less wasted whale mean being stored in freezers that almost no one wants to eat anymore.

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Posted in: Google enhances encryption technology for email See in context

Even mailing an old fashioned letter via "snail mail" is much more secure than using email these days.

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Posted in: Japanese girl mauled by dogs in NZ was bitten 100 times See in context

It is time that the owners of these dangerous breeds of dogs stop getting "slaps on the wrist" and get severely punished. If you want to own them, then you must become totally responsible for them and for what they do. An 8th grader in my area was mauled and killed by a Bullmastiff recently, and he was a very good student with a promising life ahead of him. People have to learn there are consequences to owning powerful and aggressive dogs.

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Posted in: Japan to include nuclear power in mid-term energy policy See in context

I am very sad to hear this Japan, as obviously you are taking the lives of your own people lightly, and you will be polluting the world with even more highly toxic radioactive waste which there is no safe solution for. This is an emotional decision, not a logical one.

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Posted in: Glitter starts wearing off for aging 'parasite singles' See in context

All I can do is shake my head... There is nothing quite like being independent and on your own, even if you have to lower your lifestyle a few notches and not be so spoiled. I left "mommy" at a very young age and sure I struggled, but the freedom to be able to live my own life my way was very interesting.

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Posted in: White House insists it is still pushing TPP pact See in context

Yes, but the problem is they are not joking!

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Posted in: Unions demand wage hikes but strikes unlikely See in context

If unions never plan to strike under increasingly stressful conditions for the workers, then management will never have the fear which is sometimes necessary to persuade them to treat the workers more respectfully and fairly.

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Posted in: U.S. drug policy fuels push for legal pot worldwide See in context

That is simply not the case if you do your research properly. There are many clinics for alcohol and nicotine addiction, very few for pot. I wonder why? Marijuana produces dependence less readily than most other drugs and tobacco and alcohol, and that is a fact.

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Posted in: Nippon or Nihon? No consensus on Japanese pronunciation of Japan See in context

I find it fascinating that the commentators above who suggested that Japan simplify it's written language received a lot of thumbs down! Why, is this not obvious?

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Posted in: U.S. drug policy fuels push for legal pot worldwide See in context

As for pot being addictive, that is not the case for most people. Most people have terrible trouble quitting cigarettes and drinking, but the withdrawal from pot is no where near as severe. I base this on what I have seen and experienced all the way back to the 1960's. None of the people I have known in my long lifetime ever became addicted to pot or experienced the severe withdrawal symptoms of other drugs and drinking and smoking, so this is a "no-brainer".

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Posted in: Record number of criminals exonerated in 2013 in U.S. See in context

We (the USA) have the highest per capita prison population in the industrialized world, and it is extremely embarrassing! And of course some of those people are innocent and others are there because of "victimless" crimes. We need radical change.

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Posted in: Japan's whaling ships leave for Antarctic hunt See in context

Looks like Sea Shepherd will be getting another donation from me in 2014.

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Posted in: TPP deadline in doubt as talks start See in context

Why President Obama is pushing this so hard is beyond me, but then again he is misguided on some other very important issues also.

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Posted in: Japan's whaling ships leave for Antarctic hunt See in context

Sadly, it seems that Japan is not willing to learn from it's past mistakes.

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Posted in: Fukushima water tanks: leaky and built with illegal labor See in context

Why am I not surprised?!

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Posted in: China sets air defense zone over area containing disputed islands See in context

I say if China wants war, then give them war! I would rather be dead than live under a Chinese dictatorship, or even be influenced by them to a significant degree. Real peace and happiness cannot be achieved by giving in to bullying tactics. Freedom is something that usually has to be fought for.

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Posted in: For many Fukushima evacuees, the truth is they won't be going home See in context

Obviously it takes a very long time for land contaminated with radiation to heal properly, so trying to be too optimistic is naturally doomed to failure. If a country wants nuclear power, then they have to face up to reality when disasters occur. There is no other choice, so get over it and face the consequences.

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Posted in: 'Inferiority complex' driving Japanese Facebook users to quit See in context

They should get "thicker skin", much thicker skin! Facebook is not a place for wimps.

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Posted in: LDP questions plan to let Fukushima evacuees go home See in context

"The government should identify areas that will never be habitable."

And of course this is the reality they keep fighting uselessly against, and why nuclear power is too extreme when the full consequences of a serious accident are fully recognized.

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Posted in: Gripes over stadium overshadow 2020 Olympic Games euphoria See in context

If anything is "weird", it's that huge monstrosity of a stadium that looks like a giant UFO has landed! So hopefully they will come to their senses and trim it down a bit.

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Posted in: Regulators OKs fuel rod removal from pool at Fukushima plant See in context

@overchan, the rods can ignite and release incredible amounts of radiation into the environment if they are mishandled.

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Posted in: Europe considers sanctions against U.S. over spying See in context

"It's like the communist hunt or the witch burnings, but on a global scale."

Sure, and the terrorists are the "witches", and they truly deserve what they get.

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Posted in: First Egyptian sumo wrestler promoted to top division See in context

Good for him, and I wish him much success!

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