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Posted in: Halal products draw more Muslim tourists to Japan See in context

hello all, greeting from indonesia :) i want to inform the benefit of halal slaughtering, that is reducing the animals pain (monitored by electro enchepalo gram/EEG machine) and making a fresher meat :) got this from http://www.islamweb.net/emainpage/articles/161841/the-miracle-of-slaughtering-in-islam,, here is the quoted article..

Halal method

The first three seconds from the time of Islamic slaughter as recorded on the EEG did not show any change from the graph before slaughter. This indicates that the animal did not feel any pain during or immediately after the incision. For the following 3 seconds, the EEG recorded a condition of deep sleep - unconsciousness. This is due to a large quantity of blood gushing out from the body. After the above- mentioned 6 seconds, the EEG recorded zero level, showing no feeling of pain at all. As the brain message (EEG) dropped to zero level, the heart was still pounding and the body was convulsing vigorously (a reflex action of the spinal cord) driving the maximum amount of blood from the body: resulting in hygienic meat for the consumer.

thanks :)

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Posted in: Japan tries to tap growing Muslim tourist market See in context

its a big LoL when i see some of the commenter cant thinking logically due to their hatred

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