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StefanDec. 7  07:05 am JST

I’m happy to my foreign passport and my Japanese permanent residency. There is no point to have Japanese passport because there is no political party to vote for.

Same with me.

Other countries - more than 50 of them - do not allow dual citizenship either. It's not only Japan.

After more than 40 years living in Japan, I am holding my EU passport and Japanese permanent residency. I never had any problem about that. I can do in Japan almost all what I like (no working restrictions, can own my house, can leave Japan and come back anytime) and should really any emergency situation coming up I can anytime leave and stay in all EU countries.

A list from internet about countries which in general do not allow dual citizenship:

(there are exception, for children or for spouses if one of them has a different nationality)

Afghanistan,Iran,Maldives,San Marino,Andorra,Japan,

Marshall Islands,Sao Tome and Principe,Austria,Kazakhstan,Mauritania, Saudi Arabia

Azerbaijan, Kiribati,Micronesia,Singapore,Bahrain,North Korea,

Monaco,Slovakia,China,Kuwait, Mongolia,Suriname,


Myanmar, Burma,Tanzania,Estonia,Liberia, Nepal, Togo,

Ethiopia, Libya,Netherlands,Ukraine,Georgia,Liechtenstein,

Norway,United Arab Emirates,Guinea,Malaysia, Oman, Uzbekistan,


Qatar,Indonesia, Malawi,Rwanda.

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Posted in: Thousands of tons of dead sardines, mackerel wash ashore in northern Japan See in context

It is already very cold in Northern Japan. It will not be rotten so quickly. It should be possibe to collect this dead fish during the coming days and to process it into fertilizer or maybe pet food.

I don' know, but this dead fish must be moved as quick as possible from the shore.

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You need only drive slowly towards pigeons or other birds sitting on the road and use your horn and they will fly away. Simply said this man is a rather reckless taxi driver, what he did might be a violation of traffic regulations, a fine for speeding?.

However to arrest him almost one month later because of a dead pigeon, accuse him of violation of wildlife protection law and to perform an autopsy on this dead bird is by far over the top.

What is next? Sent to jail for murder of a pigeon?

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There is no justification or excuse for a 14 y/o girl to carry with her multiple knives to the school.

She has to be expelled from this school and police should not only question her, but also her parents.

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What a kind of a man and father is this brutal person? Hoefully there is some time in jail for doing something like that, no excuse is acceptable for such violent behavior. The child is still unconscious, sounds to be a very serious brain injury.

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It depends solely on you, what rooms do you prefer, how much are you willing to pay. When we travel in Japan we do it by car and we avoid ryokans at all costs, we prefer a hotel room. In general much cheaper and we go to a restaurant for our meals. Now Western-style hotels can be found almost everywhere in Japan, there are often resort hotels even in remote areas. Your choice.

If you consider however ryokans to be overpriced, I can say the same about upper class foreign hotels in Japan as well.

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I wonder how much is the sum of all his unpaid taxes.

Is he unable to pay and this is going on since 2013 and nobody says a word about it?

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We do not know enough about this scammer group. We have to wait for more information about this case, we do not know who these arrested people are.

I guess they all are yakuza related gang members and many of them have already a criminal record in Japan.

Japanese in general when overseas often contact their family members by phone and internet and inform them about their whereabouts. A group of 25 people cannot so easily disappear and forced to do some illegal job and none of them is able to inform any person he know in Japan about his situation.

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We use now very little cash now and we carry never more than yen 20.000,- in cash with us. We pay in supermarkets, department stores, gas station, restaurants etc. always with our credit cards, but we use two credit cards from two different companies - sometimes - but rarely - one of them is not functioning and nobody knows why, connection problem or other technical issues...

Frequent payments like tax, insurance, maintenance fees, electricity, gas, mobile phone/internet are collected directly from our banking accounts.

However cashless payment using credit cards has also its risks and it is not only about malfunction of the system. This year my credit card company had to replace my credit card two times because of a very serious credit card/identity fraud hackers.

The Japanese credit card company reacted quickly and cancelled many credit cards of those affected customers and stopped these online-transactions. However for about 1 week in both security breaches I could not use my credit card while waiting for replacement with different card numbers and security codes.

I was just travelling outside of Japan at that time but luckily I could use my second creditcard - to be fair however, to carry cash is also a risk - thieves are everywhere...

What might be the best solution? Maybe have always some cash ready with you AND two credit cards from two different companies? At least this is what I do...

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Posted in: Takarazuka theater actress' suicide due to overwork, bullying: lawyer See in context

Mr KiplingToday 08:43 am JST

Remember...you can always just walk away.

She was 25 year old and with this company since 7 years. Problems about jobs related to show-business are well-known. Maybe goood pay, but never be off even a single day during high season, never be off in evening, never go home to sleep until late night, no time even to eat etc.

Very demanding and not so few people in entertaining business are ending up finally broken as drug abusers, alcoholics and even commit suicide and not only in Japan.

You have to be strong enough to understand if you cannot take it anymore, you must resign, leave, take some rest and look for another and easier job.

A 25 year old Japanese talented woman has many options for her future life.

Suicide is not such an option but unfortunately this woman did not understand this.

YubaruToday 07:47 am JST

Oh right, it's about the money.

True, her family did nothing to help her obviously - and now they want money from the company as compensation?

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Posted in: Landowner seeks understanding over Jingu redevelopment See in context

In an area within Central Tokyo 743 trees are set to be cut down? This is unacceptable.

It is OK to remove these old sports venues and to construct something new at the same place, why not? However this should be possible without cutting down such a huge number of trees. Change the redevelopment plan.

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Posted in: Man arrested after sneaking into woman’s apartment and washing her lingerie See in context

This guy is mentally unfit. No normal person is doing something like that. He should consult a psychiatrist.

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Posted in: Man whose wife, daughter were killed by elderly driver in Ikebukuro receives death threat See in context

This case is appalling, it took more than 4 years to sort it out and now this poor man who lost his wife and daughter is facing death threats.

I found in another newspaper a recent comment from Mr. Takuya Matsunaga.

October 30, 2023

Regarding the threats, Matsunaga said, "I thought I would finally be released from my burden now that the civil trial was over. I feel surprised and saddened."

He also clarified on X, formerly known as Twitter, that he had received the death threats, and noted that Iizuka was covered by both compulsory vehicle liability insurance and voluntary car insurance, that the amount determined in the civil trial would be paid by the insurance company, and that no money will be directly exchanged with Iizuka personally.

If this is true, it means that Mr. Iizuka will not pay even a single yen out of his own wallet.

About this threatening phone call to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, it could be a sick hoax from a misguided individual who has nothing to do with this case.

Phone calls to police are often recorded and hopefully they find out who made this call.

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BertieWoosterToday 07:17 am JST

How about building a US military base there? 

There is already a Japanese military base in nearby Takikawa, with tanks, trucks and also for helicopter port.

But this area is not suitable for US forces which require a sea port for their large ships and a runway for their airplanes.

JGSDF Camp Takikawa

陸上自衛隊 滝川駐屯地

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Posted in: Small group learning key to survival of Japan's least populous city See in context

Nearby Sunagawa and Takikawa are just 15 km away, both cities together have totally a population of approx. 60.000 and if you look up a Google map you will find that Utashinai looks really deserted with plenty of empty houses along the street - 2700 people is just not enough, it's not a city, but a rural area...

There is no good solution for the future, there are no jobs for young people, but it is also not a comfortable place for the retired elderly, as you cannot live there without driving your own car and winter season will be freezing cold, no shops, very little public transport...

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Posted in: Man arrested after 2 people stabbed at apartment in Shizuoka Prefecture See in context

This man is crazy, totally out of his mind. What can you gain with such a dangerous action?

To walk around hatefully with a knife in your hand will not solve your problem.

If a woman does not want you anymore, for what reason ever, the only way to go is to remain calm, walk away and never return and look for somebody else.

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Posted in: 92-year-old driver ordered to pay ¥140 mil over fatal Tokyo crash See in context



A good summary with many details about this accident.

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Posted in: 92-year-old driver ordered to pay ¥140 mil over fatal Tokyo crash See in context

kohakuebisuToday  08:03 am JST

I hope the bereaved gets his money, i.e., I hope the authorities ensure the perp pays up, seizing assets or whatever else is necessary. His behaviour so far has been as far from "cooperative" as you can get.

I guess he had on his name a voluntary insurance. Many drivers pay for additional insurance cover in case of accidents. The insurance company did not pay up to now as the amount of compensation was not yet decided by the court.

I don't think he will spend even a day in prison, he is 92 years old, likely claiming to be ill and ordered by authorities to stay in a care home or hospital or under house arrest.

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kurisupisuToday 06:57 am JST

Everyone over 70 years of age needs to prove their reaction time and ability to drive

New laws please!

This is already the case, when you are 70+ old and need to renew your driving license.

I am now 71 and I received a postcard about 6 months before my driving license expired in August this year.

I had to book a date for my senior driver course, this includes a careful eye-test, a renewal course 60 minutes and driving a car for about 20 minutes around at the driving license office with an instructor.

75+ old people have to undergo additionally a cognitive function test.


in Japanese:



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Posted in: Voyeurism case involving former cram school instructor sent to prosecutors See in context

This man needs a psychiatric evaluation. This is not normal behavior of a young man, only 21 years old.

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Posted in: Man arrested after stabbing ex-wife in the back multiple times See in context

This man is crazy, a crime which makes no sense at all. Enjoy your stay in a prison for a while.

Already his ex-wife, so what? Just walk away from her and start a new life....

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Posted in: Man arrested for stealing ¥50 million from homes, offices in 13 prefectures See in context

Many houses and offices in rural areas in Japan are often not locked, day and night. Often such homes still keep cash money in their home. Stealing 50 million out of 134 homes means about yen 300.000,- to 400.000,- per theft. This money is lost.

I do not really understand however how a single man can spend in about 18 months until his arrest this large amount of money, about 2.5 million yen per month?

Maybe some of this money is still 'somewhere'....waiting for his release from jail?

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Posted in: Man arrested for allegedly paying teenage girl for sex See in context


Today 03:50 pm JST

Do you honestly think parents do not teach their children not to have sex for money?

Yes, in case of daughters, I think so. Just my experience so far. Educational deficit.

Tell me, from where did this girl in question get the idea to meet older men and offering sex in return of money on social media?

Of course, such families are often broken, there is only the single/divorced mother around who does not care or the daughter is doing anyway whatever she wants.

I said already, this man was an idiot to pay this underage girl for sex. He should look for any woman 20+ for sexual services. Not really the best solution anyway, but he would be surely, legally seen, in a better position than he is now.

Best way to go is of course don't pay women for sex, but use your money for something else.

However this is easier said than done. The dating scene is totally broken and many men prefer just to pay women for a few happy hours - and not only in Japan.

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Posted in: Man arrested for allegedly paying teenage girl for sex See in context

virusrexToday 12:48 pm JST

It is not a victimless crime, because the minors are not legally capable of giving consent, your point would be like not doing anything after a scammer takes everything from a senile patient as long as the victim feels happy about it.

What a strange argument is this? Do you really compare an underage age girl who is demanding money in return of sex from older men with a senile patient who lost money because of a scammer and consider both of them as a 'victim'?

I see a big difference between an underage girl who has sex with a boyfriend around her age she knows and likes him for free or an underage girl who offers sexual favors to a much older unknown man explicitly only in return of money.

To consider this girl as a 'victim' is a bit over the top. Nobody forced her joining the sex business, she signed up for it on social media herself.

About this man who was arrested, I consider him as an idiot. There is no shortage of easy-going women 20+ in all Japan who offer sexual favors against some cash.

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Posted in: Man arrested for allegedly paying teenage girl for sex See in context

girl_in_tokyoToday 10:41 am JST

This site is dangerously toxic when it comes to the issue of underage prostitution and older men, with many refusing to put the blame on the grown men who seek out young girls for sex. It's disgusting.

It's about blaming SOLELY men, while remaining silent of the fact that many women, unfortunately including minor girls find it pretty normal to agree to sex in return of money.

Parents should strongly teach their underage daughters to reject such requests of sexual services from men in return of cash.

AlongfortherideToday 07:16 am JST

It takes 2 to tango.

In this case it is reasonable to say this.

This girl, using social media, agreed to meet this man in a love hotel for two hours. Nobody forced her to do so, she knew exactly what she did. She took the money, never complained about this man and her parents found out only accidentally what their daughter did.

It might be good for police investigators not only to arrest this man, but also questioning this girl if she is doing this the first time or if this man is only one out of her customers.

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Posted in: Ibaraki ranked ‘least attractive’ among Japan’s 47 prefectures in survey See in context

I think, it depends on the individual situation. After my retirement 7 years ago, my Japanese wife and I moved out of crowded Tokyo (no. 4) to Okayama City (no. 35), we both agree the best decision we made in our life.

A lot of greenery around with hills, forests and rivers, not far to the Seto Inland Sea, not so much traffic in the streets and easy to drive around by car and no problem with parking, we bought a very nice condominium unit for a price about 3 times cheaper than in Tokyo, excellent water quality and fresh air. Okayama City together with nearby Kurashiki City is not such a small city-area anyway, totally about 1.2 million people and all what you need is available here.

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girl_in_tokyoToday 09:33 am JST

Women need to survive, and men want someone they (think) they can control.

In the US, particularly among those who are less culturally aware, people tend to think that Asian women are pliable and submissive. This is of course quite wrong and very sexist. I imagine a lot of the men who marry these women learn this on their own. At least by then the woman will have her US green card, can leave him in the dust, and hopefully find real love with someone who won't expect her to be a doll.

Might be some Western men think like that but sure by far not all of them. Your comment is rather exaggerated.

This article is about China which has a huge gender imbalance, there are about 35 million men (up to the age of 39) more than women living in this huge country. It is often very difficult and costly for a young Chinese man and his parents to find a reasonable young woman for a long term relationship.

If a Chinese woman up to her 40s is still single and claiming she cannot find a husband, she better should think about if she herself is the problem and not all these many local men around her.

About international/interracial marriage, I have no objection at all. I am from Europe, moved to Asia and I am married since 45 years with a Japanese wife, never divorced, no problems of any kind in our relationship.

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Posted in: Is buying a house in Japan a good financial investment? See in context

If you are living permanently in Japan to own your home is a good investment, over many years financially seen surely better than paying rent.

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Posted in: Woman dies after being hit by car driven by 90-year-old man See in context

It was the prefectural road 193 in Matsuyama, according to NHK


Prefectural Route 193 in Morimatsu-cho, Matsuyama City


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Posted in: Woman dies after being hit by car driven by 90-year-old man See in context


The report says there are no traffic lights, but it happened on a pedestrian crossing.

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