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Yohan comments

Posted in: Man arrested for putting girlfriend’s 3-year-old daughter in washing machine See in context

shogun36May 20 06:27 pm JST

Where do these women find these losers?

This is a good question and I can assure you it's everywhere the same, and not only in Japan, there is no shortage of ordinary average men who will never harm a woman and would really like to have a female friend but are rejected, belittled and derided - and such losers like this one find plenty of women who are running after them.

This man should be in prison, no question about that.

I can only say that women have to change their criteria how they choose their men, in this case this woman should have rejected this violent drunkard from the very beginning on. Not even willing to try.

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Posted in: Man arrested for hitting wife with banana peel denies it can be called domestic abuse See in context

There are clearly some violence issues in Japan (and not only in Japan) because of alcohol, no money because of gambling/pachinko etc. between couples - but not always is the husband the bad one like in this case. Not every Japanese woman is an innocent helpless angel, and often both the husband and wife are violently fighting against each other.

Not much what police can do about it for a long-term solution - what should police really do about it is a good question, especially if they accuse each other but are unwilling to file charges against each other and continue to live together, even after one of them is arrested.

If it is getting really wild, police can only advice them, that one of them should move away and file for divorce.

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Posted in: Kanagawa woman arrested for calling police 1,200 times in 8 days, saying 'Merry Christmas, Die!' See in context

Send her to a psychiatrist. This person is not normal, mentally unstable.

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Posted in: New Tokyo restaurant charges higher prices to foreign tourists than Japanese locals See in context

The best way to deal with this issue is by membership card.

The restaurant I use frequently gives me 10 % discount, regardless if I am a foreigner or Japanese.

You keep the membership if you spend a certain minimum amount per year. If you spend over a certain amount you get also additionally free drinks and desserts.

A guest who is showing up only one time pays the full price, tourist or local does not matter.

How can a cashier know who is a tourist or local or not? There are also Japanese who are not living in Japan but permanently in Singapore or elsewhere, there are Chinese from Taiwan living in Japan who speak Japanese like a native - the cashier to know who is who has to insist on identification, like the MyNumberCard, residence card...

Living in Japan as a foreign national since more than 40 years I would never enter a restaurant with such a policy and I am also unwilling to pay for a weekday lunch 5,478 yen.

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Posted in: Environment minister apologizes for interruption of Minamata victims' remarks See in context

You cannot allow in a meeting that people speak and speak and find no end, however I have to say that three minutes are indeed too short.

The time allowed to speak should be somehow longer, they are old people, they need some compassion and consideration.

I don't know how long, but maybe 6 or 7 minutes, and after 5 minutes show them a message while they are speaking, that their time is almost over.

They should also be informed in advance that after the time is over, the microphone will be disconnect and the next speaker will take over.

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Posted in: To fend off tourists, town starts building big screen blocking view of Mount Fuji See in context

I expect foreign tourists will show up soon in large numbers and take pictures of this black mesh net screen, which will be considered as an unique sightseeing spot for Japanese hospitality.

You cannot remove tourists so easily - if there is no Mount Fuji available anymore, they will take pictures of something else.

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Posted in: Man arrested for beating elementary school daughter See in context

virusrexApr. 22 08:06 am JST

Too many people still consider physical punishment their default way to discipline their children,

Of course, if a father is beating up his small daughter that her injuries need 2 weeks to heal, that is clearly not punishment but a crime. A slap on her behind in case of bad behavior will not take 2 weeks to heal..

I wonder what is your advice what to do with children who are beating up other smaller or weaker children.

Bullying in school is also a subject, which should be discussed. What kind of punishment do you suggest in such cases?

I am not against any form of physical punishment. Not every physical punishment is abuse.

I am strongly against do-gooders, who try to protect children against any form of punishment and find an excuse for everything regardless what a child is doing.

I am happy to live here in Japan where children are still respectful and not in Europe in my native country anymore, where parents have no rights at all and their children up to 14 years old are allowed to do whatever they like without any consequences - vandalism, joining gangs, selling drugs, stealing from shops, robbing passers-by, attacking teachers and their parents with a knife, even kill another class-mate and the law considers them as under age of criminal responsibility. - no punishment at all.

What is your advice, what to do with such feral 'children' who do not understand the difference between right and wrong?

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Posted in: Japanese 'sugar baby' gets 9 years for scamming men out of ¥155 mil See in context

YrralToday  07:17 am JST

What was the crime

What you read here in this article in the Japantoday is not complete, other publications but mostly in Japanese only are much more informative. For example she sold her manual about how to cheat men to another woman in Nagoya, gave her online lessons for an additional fee how to go ahead step by step with two men she met somewhere and she indeed successfully cheated them out of more than 10 million yen. This woman in Nagoya was also arrested.

It is reported, she is out of a broken family, with many problems in school, considers herself as a self-proclaimed sex worker, she also had no fixed address where she was living when she was arrested.

She had also female clients online against a fee instructing them how to exploit men financially.

She was arrested because of that, and only later, during police investigation it was found out that she herself has also defrauded men using tricks described in her manual.

The sum she cheated out of other men is unclear but estimated much higher than 155 million yen. She was indicted only for approx. 155 million yen because this amount related to 3 men could be proven in court.

A large part of the money she got from men was wasted by her in a host club. These two hosts were also arrested, because they were aware about her activities regarding defrauding men.

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Posted in: Japanese 'sugar baby' gets 9 years for scamming men out of ¥155 mil See in context

Some men are really gullible, and shameless women are trying to scam them out of their money.

Nothing new about that and not only in Japan, but worldwide. It is amazing to see how love from women is going through the wallets of men. In general nobody really cares about that.

What makes however this woman so special is the huge sum of money she collected from only three men, she wrote even a manual how to cheat men and instructed an other woman how to do the same and even transferred a part of this money she took to two hosts in a host club in Kabukicho in Tokyo to have fun with them.

These two hosts were also arrested, as reported in other news publications, as they were aware that this money was obtained by fraud.

This woman is simply said a criminal, a fraudster, why not to send her to prison for a while.

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Posted in: Woman arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after stabbing boyfriend multiple times See in context

Are these claimed "non intent to kill" claims actually acceptable in court?

Why not? I think, they are acceptable and I find her to be violent but honest. They were living together and as a woman she could even claim easily he was attacking her and she was acting in self defense and insist that not he but she is the victim - but she did not.

She is merely a violent person, easily out of self control, but I am sure she did not want to kill him.

Police will also question the man soon, I wonder what he will say. I would not be surprised if they will continue to live together.

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Posted in: Gunma shuns S Korean request for meeting over monument removal See in context

This monument was on Japanese public land, and the contract mentioned clearly a time limit and the requirement of extension for another 10 years.

As reported in some Japanese news the monument was removed, but the three plates of the monument were not destroyed but detached and returned to the citizens group that owned the memorial.

Maybe these members of this group own some land and they can ask for permission to construct a new monument on private land and display these plates to the public.

Another solution might be to display these plates in a Korean school or church or museum or similar private place.

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Posted in: Convenience store manager arrested for filming up skirt of customer See in context

Three goalsMar. 20 03:34 am JST

OMG, like I always say, why not try ASKING the girl OUT ?!

I think some Japanese men have a lot of problems communicating with the opposite sex.

About this convenience store manager, he is an idiot. He can find and download for free countless of such pictures from the internet for free. Why to look for trouble?

However about communicating with females in Japan, yes, true, it's quite difficult, just my opinion. Men are often lonely.

To approach any female for a private chat is a clear NO at the workplace, if something is going wrong, you might be without job next day. In college or university, you might become a target of scorn and considered as a loser by other classmates.

Japanese Internet is also a questionable way to look out for contacts, as many female profiles are fakes of a person who does not even exist or the profile contains seriously misleading information - other profiles are merely advertisements for clubs and soaplands.

Situation is even worse in Japanese rural areas, there are often only old couples around and some young men, you cannot try to contact a young woman as there is none.

If you ask me where and how to find contact with a female as a young man in Japan, I have no idea. I am living in a condominium building in Western Japan since many years and I have no idea who my neighbors are.

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Posted in: Man arrested for pouring urine on pachinko machine in Sendai See in context

What a crazy guy. LOL. The best what you can do is not to enter these pachinko parlors at all. Avoid them. It helps to keep your money in your wallet and to avoid find yourself in trouble.

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Posted in: Yakuza gang leader arrested for assaulting woman See in context

I do not understand why women socialize with gangsters. Stay away from such kind of men.

There are plenty of other men to choose from who are honest and would never harm a woman.

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Posted in: Tourists banned from private alleys in Kyoto's geisha district See in context

To see geishas and maikos walking around in the streets is unique also for Japanese tourist groups in Kyoto and I can say, especially the Japanese visitors are taking a lot of pictures and not only in a discrete way by a mobile phone from a distance but also using big cameras with strong flash light.

And why not? Without these unique geishas and maikos in the streets no tourist will walk around in that area, as you can visit similar historical villages with narrow streets in many places in Japan.

Without international and domestic tourists all these geishas in Kyoto would be jobless. You cannot ask tourists to come and visit your place while demanding they should not take pictures or walking around entering narrow historically interesting roads.

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Posted in: 88-year-old woman arrested for dangerous driving after hitting 3 children See in context

TokyoLivingFeb. 18 12:17 am JST

Too old for drive a car...

No more elderly driving..

Since last year it is not so easy anymore to renew your driving license if you are 70+.

You have to book a date/time for your elderly driver test a few months in advance before your license expires. There is a very strict eye-test, a dementia-test (when you are 75+), a lecture with a slideshow and you have to drive a car together with an instructor for about 20 minutes at the driving license office, takes about 2 hours alltogether. Fee is about yen 8000,-. No elderly driver certificate and you cannot renew your driving license.

Also car insurance premium is getting considerably more expensive if you are 70+.

Driving license is issued only for 3 years and if you qualify for the gold driving license for 4 years only.

There is no 5 year valid driving license for elderly drivers.

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Posted in: 88-year-old woman arrested for dangerous driving after hitting 3 children See in context

The crosswalk has no traffic lights.

Traffic lights or not does not matter. Elementary school students or old people or whoever does not matter, too. If you see people crossing the road using a crosswalk you have to stop.

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Posted in: Detained senior police officer, accused of raping 3 women, commits suicide See in context

Seesaw7Feb. 18 06:31 pm JST

Woman agreed to meet man. Check into hotel and blamed him for rape. My brain is confused.

As you said correctly, they did not only agree to meet him somewhere in a public place like in a shopping mall, restaurant or park, but agreed to check into a hotelroom together with him. For what reason did they do this is a good question. What did they expect from him?

We do not know all details. Maybe he asked them for a more private conversation between him and them or he promised to show or give them something. These women must be very gullible, just my guess.

There are however five women complaining about this man in a similar way, this cannot be coincidence.

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Posted in: Detained senior police officer, accused of raping 3 women, commits suicide See in context

I don't understand such men, there is no reason to look for sex with women in that way he did. There are many women around almost everywhere in Japan who are willing to offer sex against some money in soaplands, heath fashion clubs and such establishments. No need at all to engage yourself in criminal activity which might ruin your life.

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Posted in: 4 Vietnamese arrested for thefts targeting Uniqlo shops in Japan See in context

Bobs Your UncleToday 09:30 am JST

Given the same life circumstances, environment and background it's likely you would have done the same thing. That's what people don't get about crime - given a similar set of circumstances we are highly likely to do the same thing. We think we are perfect angles but it's easy when your life experience is so different.

I disagree strongly with this comment. To be poor does not mean that such people become criminals stealing over years items of 20 million yen. There is no excuse or justification for what they did, they should be sent to jail and deported back to Vietnam.

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Posted in: China plans to keep ships near Senkakus for 365 days in 2024 See in context

China plans to keep ships near Senkakus for 365 days in 2024

OK, I got it, but what is Japan planning about Senkaku?

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Posted in: Man arrested after attempting to strangle girlfriend to death See in context

This idiot is going to ruin his own life. If you have a dispute with your girlfriend just walk away....no justification or excuse to clain to be drunk and to try to kill her.

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Posted in: Takashimaya unable to solve mystery of Christmas cake damage See in context

Damaged cakes can still be eaten. Wife and I will take it easy. To receive even a refund for it makes our day even more enjoyable. Get a damaged cake for free!

Generally it can be said, that department stores are very much willing to replace damaged goods or offer a refund. We had such an experience a while ago with a piece of furniture, one phone call, two days later we received replacement and the damaged item was taken back.

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Posted in: Oil firm ENEOS president dismissed after hugging woman while drunk See in context

It would be good to know more about what really happened, for example to see a video recording.

For sure I can say that hugs and cheek kissing between men and women of any age are very common in Southern and Eastern Europe and also in Latin American countries. It's just a custom and nobody feel offended or will lose his job because of that.

Unfortunately many Japanese people are not very communicative and those company meetings were useful to know each other better - in the past in Japan many young employees found their partner while working in the same company during such meeting.

However nowadays in this strange world and its woke society it is better to refrain from any private talk at your workplace. It's too risky, Just say good morning and good-bye and nothing else. Somewhat a sad situation, no wonder that so many Japanese are living alone renting a small room and do not know any friend of the opposite sex.

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Posted in: Oil firm ENEOS president dismissed after hugging woman while drunk See in context

This man was really acting stupidly. He has plenty of money. Everywhere in Japan, there is no shortage of soaplands and similar establishments where you can hug women for hours against a few bills in return.

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Posted in: Navy officer jailed in Japan over deadly car crash transferred to U.S. custody See in context

I think he got away with a rather lenient punishment. He spent a relative short time in a Japanese prison and with compensation of USD 1.65 million (likely paid out by the car insurance) for this accident which caused the death of 2 innocent people.

His family says no prison time is appropriate.

“When the Biden Administration is presented with the complete set of facts and circumstances surrounding the case, we’re confident they will promptly recognize the absurdity of Ridge’s conviction,”

Not sure about what might happen to a driver causing a similar accident in the States.

No prison time? Are you sure?

His family should not complain about how his case was handled in Japan, just my opinion.

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Posted in: Court rules Japan's dual nationality ban constitutional See in context

StefanDec. 7  07:05 am JST

I’m happy to my foreign passport and my Japanese permanent residency. There is no point to have Japanese passport because there is no political party to vote for.

Same with me.

Other countries - more than 50 of them - do not allow dual citizenship either. It's not only Japan.

After more than 40 years living in Japan, I am holding my EU passport and Japanese permanent residency. I never had any problem about that. I can do in Japan almost all what I like (no working restrictions, can own my house, can leave Japan and come back anytime) and should really any emergency situation coming up I can anytime leave and stay in all EU countries.

A list from internet about countries which in general do not allow dual citizenship:

(there are exception, for children or for spouses if one of them has a different nationality)

Afghanistan,Iran,Maldives,San Marino,Andorra,Japan,

Marshall Islands,Sao Tome and Principe,Austria,Kazakhstan,Mauritania, Saudi Arabia

Azerbaijan, Kiribati,Micronesia,Singapore,Bahrain,North Korea,

Monaco,Slovakia,China,Kuwait, Mongolia,Suriname,


Myanmar, Burma,Tanzania,Estonia,Liberia, Nepal, Togo,

Ethiopia, Libya,Netherlands,Ukraine,Georgia,Liechtenstein,

Norway,United Arab Emirates,Guinea,Malaysia, Oman, Uzbekistan,


Qatar,Indonesia, Malawi,Rwanda.

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Posted in: Thousands of tons of dead sardines, mackerel wash ashore in northern Japan See in context

It is already very cold in Northern Japan. It will not be rotten so quickly. It should be possibe to collect this dead fish during the coming days and to process it into fertilizer or maybe pet food.

I don' know, but this dead fish must be moved as quick as possible from the shore.

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Posted in: Taxi driver arrested for running over pigeon See in context

You need only drive slowly towards pigeons or other birds sitting on the road and use your horn and they will fly away. Simply said this man is a rather reckless taxi driver, what he did might be a violation of traffic regulations, a fine for speeding?.

However to arrest him almost one month later because of a dead pigeon, accuse him of violation of wildlife protection law and to perform an autopsy on this dead bird is by far over the top.

What is next? Sent to jail for murder of a pigeon?

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Posted in: 14-year-old girl arrested after slashing classmate with knife See in context

There is no justification or excuse for a 14 y/o girl to carry with her multiple knives to the school.

She has to be expelled from this school and police should not only question her, but also her parents.

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