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As long as security cameras are installed in a public area where everybody can see you anyway, I have no problem with surveillance at all. Security cameras make it often possible to reconstruct a crime like a hit and run accident or burglary and to find out how exactly and when it happened and if pictures taken were in good quality it was often possible for police investigators to identify the criminal.

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joffyToday 05:01 pm JST

Japan feels like the most comfortable place to be during this pandemic.

I can only agree to your comment, there is hardly any country which is handling the covid-19 pandemic better than Japan - a country of more than 125 million people, at least not here in Asia.

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MatejToday 10:15 am JST

i dont feel well.

five years is a joke....not nice one...

I don't think it's a joke - Five years - A Japanese prison is not known to be comfortable.

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WilliBToday 11:16 am JST

I am not excusing her action, but is this not pretty much the same as a partial birth abortion, which the "progressive" factions in the West very much support? Seems to be some context is missing, when I look at the comments.

I am not really sure about that, but there are clearly similarities between a late abortion and to kill a newborn.

Both is not the right way to go for a woman if you ask me.

There is no excuse, no justification for what she did. She had time enough to report to a clinic for abortion. Even after birth, she could give the child up for adoption or at least for temporary foster care.

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Instead, the court said the boy will be sent to a juvenile rehabilitation center.

The report does not say that he can do from now on whatever he wants. What does this mean? Rehabilitation center? What will be his restrictions and for how long? Of course he should stand trial and send to jail, just my opinion. However in Japan, anything what happens within the same family usually results most of the time in very lenient sentences. Hopefully the mother will be arrrested and charged, what an irresponsible person.

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wanderlustSep. 13 06:46 pm JST

Both Olympic chiefs Seiko Hashimoto and Tamayo Marukawa use their maiden names, even though they are both married. (Seiko Ishizaki and Tamayo Otsuka).

Many women who have anything to do with business related visitors etc. are doing this to avoid confusion, as customers and other staff are accustomed to their family name.

Also after marriage in our condominium building, I noticed couples put labels with both family names on their post-box - name change takes time, to change the name of banking accounts, credit cards, driving licence, etc.

It's easier to keep the same name for sure after marriage, less formalities - but in general I have to say, all Japanese I know personally, including our family members, just don't care, it's not really an important issue for them.

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Pierre LeVenerableSep. 13 11:34 pm JST

Who cares, seriously !?

Good question, I guess solely a very small minority of Japanese women.

For foreign nationals in Japan in case of marriage to a Japanese citizen this issue does not exist anyway.

ALL Japanese women I know have other problems, like to pay the loan for their home, how to find a regular job instead of occasional part time work, or health issues, various issues about their children and so on.

Our two daughters - both have chosen Japanese citizenship - do not care, after marriage they changed their family names to the name of their husbands. Same also with the daughter of my brother-in-law. Same with a few women of the Japanese staff in the office I was working before retirement. Nobody ever mentioned they have a problem with that.

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ChibakunSep. 10 07:13 am JST

First floor is the worst floor.

It depends, it's about your needs. Elderly people, handicapped people often prefer the ground floor because of the use of a wheel chair and to avoid stairs.

Many newly constructed houses in Japan are equipped for the ground floor with rolling shutters for all large windows/balcony doors or have tinted windows with grills to make it difficult to look inside and to enter.

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Posted in: Man arrested over attempted rape of sleeping woman in her apartment See in context

Entering a private room through the balcony, trying to rape an unknown woman... This man is dangerous and has to be locked away for a while. Jail cannot be avoided in this case.

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There are still by far not enough people fully vaccinated who want to be vaccinated - therefore any talk about a domestic vaccination passport is too early anyway, it is also difficult to control in future. How should this work out? You cannot check just everybody entering a railway station, a shopping mall, a department store, a large university campus etc.

However to issue - as it is done already - a vaccination certificate for international travel is necessary as some countries are requesting it already from foreigners entering their countries. No certified proof of full vaccination, no visa....

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Posted in: Man with pickaxe attacks vehicle carrying Beat Takeshi See in context

A prison term for this crazy guy cannot be avoided. This was a dangerous attack, using a pickaxe and a knife as weapons.

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WA4TKGToday 11:56 am JST

Haven’t you ever seen a used underwear VENDING Machine?

There is no 'used underwear vending machine' in Japan.

It would be removed and the owner fined as this is clearly against the hygienic law.

There are however in some nightclub areas vending machines with NEW underwear, which some customers are using as a gift for bargirls.

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Paul14Today 12:41 am JST

A guaranteed basic living wage income, for everybody, would stop all this.

A person unwilling to work anything productive does not deserve a basic living income paid by working tax payers.

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8TToday 06:43 pm JST

Japan will never get them back period.

Not sure about that. I would not say 'never' but Japan is not in a hurry and can wait it out.

While Russia is a big country, its population is remarkable small. Only about 145 million people with the majority living in the European part of the country.

Living standard on those 4 islands is rather poor, not many people are now living there.

A good relationship with Japan and a regular ferry between those islands and Hokkaido will for sure improve the daily life of these few Russians living there..

Putin is often asking for investment from Japan for these islands, but he is not willing to offer anything in return except a rather worthless piece of paper called a peace treaty.

Putin will not be forever, the question is who will replace him and when...

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miss_oikawaToday 04:50 am JST

This case, and abuse, is just someone being an A-hole. It has nothing to do with depression, the blues, any of that BS, and none of that explains or excuses it.

I cannot say it better, I fully agree with your comment. I wrote a similar reply and said a jail sentence in this horrible case cannot be avoided.

To beat your own 3-month old baby to death by smashing its skull and breaking its ribs is a terrible crime which cannot be overlooked and excused.

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Chico3Today 11:31 am JST

Very tragic on many levels. If I were the husband, just two things; divorce and move out. That woman is bad news.

This is the only way to go for this husband, in this rare case he might get custody for the 1 year old daughter.

For this so-called mother I guess a jail sentence cannot be avoided.

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JindToday 12:30 pm JST

Probably forced by the husband to have two children very early and soon. She is still young adult and a lot of pressure raising two very young children.

I do not condone the violence but she snapped.

There is no excuse to beat and punch your 3 year old child to death. Especially not as a mother.

She is an adult, mother of 2 children and responsible for her wrongdoings.

I punched my child in the head as he would not stop crying," the police said, adding that an autopsy showed the baby's skull and ribs were broken.

What a disgusting violent woman!

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Their marriage is more or less a private matter. About declining or not able to decline a lump sum, she can accept the money and donate it for something to make sure they don't use it for themselves.

For example to give it to a Japanese orphanage or elderly care home or whatever. I don't see any problem with that. It's not even such a huge amount, relatively seen of course.

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Michael MachidaSep. 1 04:55 pm JST

The stabbings continue. So, how safe is Japan?

Japan is crime-low and not crime-free.

In Japan most crimes happen between people who know each other, within the family or with co-workers etc.

Outsiders are rarely attacked. I do not know even one place in all Japan, after living here for more than 40 years, which is unsafe for me to walk around day and night.

There is very little street crime going on in Japanese cities compared to many cities somewhere in North- and South America and Europe.

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The only good thing with this story is that in a few days, all which is related to Olympics and Paraolympics will be over.

This is really ridiculous. To donate gowns, masks and hand disinfectants to some local sport facilities, hospitals, public buildings like community centers etc. cannot be such a difficult task.

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Posted in: Man arrested after urinating in drink bottle of woman coworker because 'he liked her' See in context

This disgusting guy is a case for a mental hospital. What he did is clearly 'not normal'.

In Japan you have some very strange people around. However as long as they do not commit any crime there is not much what can be done about it.

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Posted in: Police officer fatally shoots man threatening him with saw See in context

ZaphodAug. 29 03:56 pm JST

A 70-year old armed with a saw? I dont expect the police to be superheroes, but it does not sound like shooting him dead was necessary.

Not sure about that, I doubt if there is any video recording of this incident.

However let me say, the risk something is going wrong, even deadly wrong is with the aggressor. Japanese police is known to use their handguns really very rare, only a few times a year. Compare that with many countries worldwide.

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stickman1760Today 07:18 am JST

I don’t want the Spanish Moderna with the contamination

Me, too and many others for sure as well. Japan should return the entire delivery to the importer/producer and insist on replacement. Contaminated vaccine is a clear NO!

We will see when Japan is ready to produce its own vaccine or at least producing vaccine in Japan on licence.

Easier to control than to import it.

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OLympics+Paraolympics, everything related to it will finally end on 5th September.

No need to talk much about it what to do with these unused Olympic bento-boxes. After a few days this issue about food related to Olympics is over anyway.

The topic about what to do with uneaten food in Japan is however interesting.

I don't know if there is any commercial collection service operating related to thrown away food in supermarkets, convenience stores etc. in Japan.

Many supermarkets in Japan try to sell unsold food for half price starting about 3 hours before closing late night.

In Japan I think the only way to use leftover food is maybe to process it to farm animal food or organic fertiliser.

How is the problem about unsold food resolved outside of Japan?

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ZorotoAug. 25 05:20 pm JST

No, who issued Bach a visa? He's not a Japanese citizen or a resident.

Mr. Bach does not need a visa, he is likely travelling using a diplomatic/ or service passport on behalf of his international function related to the IOC, not an ordinary passport.

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Posted in: Japan's top COVID-19 adviser criticizes Bach's revisit to Tokyo See in context

Nothing can be done about Mr. Bach. Nobody of this so-called 'high society' cares and respect rules. We all know this. Paraolympics will end on September 5, 2021, but I have to admit it is his job to be present in person during Olympic and Paraolympic Games in Japan and this was decided long time ago.

Soon after September 5, many foreigners related to Olympics/Paraolympics will leave Japan, and I guess around middle of September we all in Japan will have to work hard to go back to 'normal daily life'.

This Mr. Omi is however also a rather ignorant and arrogant person, he better should take care about delivery of vaccine in all Japan and similar important medical issues. This man is a failure if you ask me. As he never talks to the public I did not even know that he does exist. He is merely looking for attention with such pointless comments. Today Japan has confirmed 215,742 acute cases. Has he really nothing else to do about covid-19 but to pick out one person and to critizise him?

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About 30 years ago next to the place where I was living, there was also a Yakuza office.

They had to do with porn movies and foreign prostitutes and collecting protection money from night clubs.

They were always very polite, silent and never disturbed other people living nearby.

The area was crime-free, day and night.

They closed their office and left the area more than 10 years ago. Never seen again. From that moment on suddenly crimes were reported from stealing bicycles, vandalizing cars, burglaries... The street was rather dark during night and it became also a place for urinating at electric poles and dumping trash like old heavy TV-sets.

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nonu6976Today 07:21 am JST

NZ were too slow with vaccinations yes - but they are now vaccinating at record daily rates and unlike Japan, they have no shortages of vaccines. 

It's a big difference if you need to vaccinate 126 million people in Japan or 5 million people in New Zealand.

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I think, Japan needs something like a 'senior driving licence'.

In many rural areas and on smaller islands in Japan there is very little public transport. There is however no need for retired people to drive large vehicles, They need only a small car/truck/motorcycle to go for shopping or visiting medical facilities etc. to the nearest located city and they often enjoy some farming or other hobbies. Many elderly people in rural Japan are very fit despite their high age.

Not sure about the conditions how to restrict those elderly people, maybe starting with age 70+ or 75+?

A 'senior driving licence' should be good for a 660cc automatic Kei-Car and a 50cc scooter.

What other driving permit do you need to get around after your retirement in case there is no public transport near your home?

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Posted in: Man in wheelchair dies after being hit by car driven by 80-year-old man See in context

Robert CikkiAug. 18 10:21 am JST

I don't understand why in Japan, with such a high age composition of the population, there isn't a test once a year for people e.g. over 70 to determine eligibility



There is, at least in Tokyo, when you are 70+ and renew your driving licence.

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