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afceawToday 03:28 pm JST

This school is a North Korean school run by Chongryon, a North Korean government organization.

This is correct, the Japanese School Education Law does not authorize it as a university. There are also Chongryon related kindergarten/schools operating in Japan, however their certificates are not recognized officially by the Japanese government and many employers are mistrusting to accept applications coming from former North Korean students.

For the Japanese government the situation is easy, there is almost no money coming in from North Korea to support these schools, the Japanese government is refusing to sponsor them and the number of students who attend these North Korean facilities is strongly declining and it is difficult to finance their operation. Every year some North Korean facilities are closing down.

Many young Korean people in Japan with roots to North Korea do not have such a strong feeling anymore compared to their parents, they often speak/write Japanese like a native, are accustomed to life in Japan, attending Japanese schools, some apply for Japanese citizenship, change their names and 'disappear'.

Simply said, North Korean ideology/education as it is done now has no future in Japan.

The policy of the Japanese Government is about 'don't give them any money' and 'waiting it out' and maybe after a decade from now on - should the UN complain again - the answer from Japan might be something like 'we are not aware of North Korean schools in Japan'...

Situation might be different, if North Korea would be more open-minded towards Japan, but North Korea remains - by my knowledge - the only country worldwide without any form of diplomatic relation with Japan.

A good relationship with Japan would surely be only good for North Korea. Somehow pity, but you cannot blame only Japan for this situation.

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TrevorPeaceToday 04:15 am JST

When I first took my 20-something daughter to Japan for her first visit (my fourth) she always went out for a late night stroll. I wasn't worried. And neither was she. Don't make Japan out to be a dangerous place for women. Violent crimes are more than common enough in other countries

Thanks for your comment, Japan is really crime-low. I was living in Tokyo/Yokohama area with wife and two daughters for more than 30 years and we all do not know even one place which we would consider as a no-go zone, even not on the outskirts - compare that with some other big cities in Europe, in the States, in Latin America, South Africa, Philippines etc...

After retirement we moved away to Western Japan near to a smaller city (720.000 people) - crime is almost not existing, safety is amazing here. - You can go to everywhere, day and night, to the forests, rivers, to residential areas, to the city center, to parks, to the port.... No vandalism, no graffiti, no robbery, no street crime...

If crimes are reported, it is usually among people who know each other, within the family, neighbours, co-workers etc.

However being attacked by unknown people, this is really very rare in Japan. Criminality against a foreigner like myself, this is almost zero I guess.

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GaijinjlandToday 10:08 am JST

Japanese prosecutors sure have it easy. 99% of suspects here confess without a lawyer present, even if they’re innocent. Job done.

The justice system is not the same everywhere worldwide, laws are different.

In Japan, there is a lawyer available for consultation for the accused, but not during questioning by police investigators. In court a lawyer is always present during the trial.

How is this so much different from a plea bargain in the States? Many accused, often repeat offenders, are known to confess to crimes they did not commit just to get out as quick as possible from overcrowded jails in the US.

In Japan - unlike Western countries - a lot of crimes never make it up to the courts and are settled by police with fines. Often after negotiations, if the criminal pays compensation to the victim and the victim accepts, police will drop the case anyway. Only a few severe cases are sent to the courts, It cannot be denied that the Japanese prison population is indeed small, less than 50.000 inmates while capacity is about 90.000. Occupancy level is only 56%.

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DariusJune 22 08:34 pm JST

The dangers of being a woman in Japan are very real.

Nobody who knows about Japan will claim that it is a crime-free society.

However if you compare Japan with many other countries I would say it is rather crime-low and it's not only about women. Men are also victims of violent crimes of course. Compare crime statistics of Japanese cities with many cities worldwide, big difference.

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This guy should be sent to the gallows.

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5 out of 12 shareholders want Ghosn back...

It would be nice to know who these 5 anonymous shareholders are.

Ghosn back?

This will never be the case, nowhere and worldwide. Ghosn is barred from any executive job in any US-company by US regulators for the next coming 10 years, he is an international fugitive and in legal trouble not only because of Japan.

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Michael MachidaJune 19 07:34 am JST

I have been living in Japan for 20 years. I have not had a vaccine shot offer yet. 

It seems it is very different from place to place in Japan nationwide. It depends where you are living.

Some ward offices, hospitals and small clinics are good in organization and others are nothing but a chaos.

In our case, we got the coupons as promised by the ward office on time, made 3 phone calls a few days later to one hospital and 2 small clinics near our home and got a date/time for both of us for the 1st and 2nd shot.

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Desert TortoiseToday 09:54 am JST

The bear was doing normal bear things. This particular one looked like a juvenile. No reason to kill it.

This bear was not doing normal bear things. It was attacking four people - one of them suffered serious injuries - in four different places within Sapporo City without being deliberately provoked.

There are plenty of brown and black bears living in the forests of Northern Japan and usually they avoid humans. If a brown bear comes down from the forests to a large city and suddenly attacks humans - in this case even from behind by surprise - causing serious injuries it shows it has no fear of humans and is clearly a dangerous wild animal - imagine what might happen if it is attacks a group of children going to school...

There was clearly a good reason to kill this particular bear.

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There are many bears in Japan, especially Hokkaido and Akita and the vast majority of them do not harm humans at all.

However every year some Japanese, but also Russians, Canadians etc. are attacked by a few bears. Some people suffered serious injuries, a few even died.

If a bear, like this one, is attacking humans - in this case 4 people - it has already no fear of humans and understood that human flesh can be eaten - and the only way to go is to put it down.

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Posted in: Teacher in Japan literally picks up truant kid, carries him out of house to make him go to class See in context

Both parents were not at home, and both children did not attend school.

Teachers facing such a situation should report their absence regularly to the headmaster but refrain to interfere otherwise.

Some Japanese people - like this teacher - are too eager 'to help'. However as a teacher you cannot enter the home of this boy while the parents are not at home and bring him forcibly to school without the decisive permission of his parents.

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CarlosTakanakana Today 01:31 pm JST

That is pretty amazing considering tourism is almost non-existent right now.

There is a big difference between domestic and international tourism. I think this article refers to domestic tourism.

It seems people who normally would get on an airplane for an international flight prefer now - or even have no other choice - to spend their holidays not in their home and not abroad but travel around in their own country.

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It seems this judge was using twitter for his comments during the trial? Otherwise I do not see anything - at least not what is published in this article - which might be offensive.

As a judge he will know how to defend himself, he does not need to pay an expensive lawyer for that, which is surely an advantage for him in Japan.

Generally said, the best solution is not to use social media.

Their importance is totally overrated. Stay away from them.

About myself:

no facebook = no hassle

no instagram = no hassle

no twitter = no hassle

and so on.

I don't use social media and I think I didn't miss anything so far.

You can stay in touch with your friends and relatives by mobile phone, email or meet them sometimes, somewhere face to face... No need to share any private pictures, relationship problems or otherwise your opinion to the public.

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There are also some comments about Japan and Switzerland in the media, some sentences from a Swiss news report, dated July 29, 2019.

Canton Zurich’s public prosecutor is assisting the Japanese authorities in an inquiry related to bank accounts associated with Carlos Ghosn,

Tokyo prosecutors sent a request for legal assistance to Switzerland in January, a spokesperson for the country's Federal Office of Justice (FOJ)

Switzerland's FOJ indicated that it referred the request to canton Zurich’s Public Prosecutor’s Office. The Zurich prosecutor's office said the inquiry has been actively investigated since March 8 and is ongoing.

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Regardless how it will continue, the time of Ghosn as businessman is finished. He is banned by US regulators for ten years serving as a director of a publicly traded American company.

He paid already USD 15 million = yen 1,651,065,600 of Nissan and USD 1 million = yen 110,077,170 out of his own wallet to US regulatorsas a fine to avoid prosecution for hiding USD 140 million = yen 15,409,484,000 - what he claims for his retirement.

In USA if you are very rich you can buy yourself out and escape prosecution and jail, but laws are not everywhere the same worldwide.

Ghosn and his wife (who is US-citizen) will however hardly enter USA again in the near future - with a red interpol notice both of them risk to be arrested and deported to Japan, same as Michael Taylor and his son Peter who were handed over to Japanese custody after their arrest in USA, despite both of them are US-citizens.

Ghosn also does not like to enter France, Netherlands and other EU countries, and he will think twice to enter Brazil and neighbouring countries which have a good relationship with Japan.

Simply said he is trapped in Lebanon - politically a very unstable and economically a very poor country - he has nowhere to go. Even those pilots who helped him out of Japan are now in Turkey in jail.

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TOKYO, Jan. 7, 2020 (Xinhua) -- The Tokyo District Court will forfeit the 1.5-billion-yen (14 million U.S. dollars) bail money posted by former Nissan Motor Co. Chairman Carlos Ghosn, who fled Japan while awaiting trial for financial misconduct in violation of his bail conditions, officials said Tuesday.

14,000,000.00 US Dollars = 1,540,069,000 Japanese Yen

Ghosn skipping bail was not a bad business for Japan... There is no way for him to reclaim this money and should he ever show up in Japan, forced or voluntarily, a jail sentence cannot be avoided.

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French tax authorities have seized €13m of property and other assets from Carlos Ghosn, the fugitive former Renault-Nissan chief.

13,000,000.00 Euros = 1,736,382,400 Japanese Yen

BEIRUT, May 31,2021 (Reuters) - Fugitive former car executive Carlos Ghosn will be questioned in Beirut from Monday by French investigating judges, his lawyers said, over allegations of financial misconduct in France that led to the seizure of millions of euros of his assets.

We will see, but it is surely wrong to blame the Japanese justice for that....

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Do the hustleToday 11:49 am JST

Have his day in court? He has already had over a year of solitary confinement with daily interrogations without a lawyer present with a goal of forcing a confession. 

Ghosn was under detention for exactly 108 days - this is clearly NOT over one year of solitary confinement.

Most time he was out on bail and he spent his time in a large comfortable house in one of the most expensive places in Tokyo. He could go out anytimewhile on boil and had also contact with three law offices, his wife and one of his daughters.

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sir_bentley28Today 12:42 pm JST

I like how Japan calls him a "fugitive" but have no proof of any criminal doings. You need to be running away from a crime you've comitted to be called a fugitive. Which isnt the case here!

I see no difference between Japan and other countries like USA. If you agree as an accused, but not yet convicted person with authorities to get out of detention by posting bail and nevertheless you leave the country illegally, your bail is forfeited and you become an 'international fugitive'. Skipping bail is a crime for itself.

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Interesting that not even one comment in this thread says anything about USA, which arrested these two US-citizens and extradited them to Japan.

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Today there are only 32,603 confirmed Covid-19 patients in all Japan, out of 126 million people.

Hardly an emergency and the number of active cases is still declining everyday and the number of vaccinations is increasing.

Compared that situation with many other countries worldwide.

Japan is doing fairly well.

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MontyToday 08:35 am JST

Probably it depends upon which area in Tokyo you live.

Not only in Tokyo, it really depends where you live.

Some municipalities in some provinces are really doing well, while some others are far behind with vaccinations and badly organized.

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I really wonder in which level considers USA to be itself with its more than 610.000 deaths and about 5.500.000 known active cases. Due to a lack of health insurance many low-income people just stay at home, even not looking for any medical treatment. Japan is doing much better. Same can be said also about South Korea and Taiwan - not so many people vaccinated, but by far less active cases and deaths compared to the US.

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1glennToday 08:40 am JST

There is a very large American military base on Okinawa, an island with a population of only 140,000.

Something is wrong here, the city of Naha alone has a population of about 320.000.

Last count of all Okinawa Prefecture in 2020 was 1.457.162.

I don't really call this situation to be an emergency, there are about 2730 people reported to be infected with covid-19 now and 153 people died so far since February 2020.

Now the number of infections is also starting to decline slowly.

However I do not find any information about how many people received so far their vaccination.

Did they even start to vaccine in Okinawa?

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South Korean President Moon Jae-in in a nationally televised speech in March said his government was eager to build "future-oriented" ties with Japan and that the countries should not allow their wartime past to hold them back.

I think, he is serious about that, more serious than ever before.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in is not a bad person, but he was always dreaming, as a Northener himself, to create a friendly relationship with North Korea. Even divided and ruled as two different countries, if fully co-operating, 52 million people from the South, and 28 million people from the North, 'Unified but divided Korea' might become a very powerful economic power and a serious competition for Japan.

I think he is now very disappointed. The beginning was so promising, but now after some years trying hard to find a dialog between South and North Korea, between China and USA behind North and South Korea, he has to admit, the result of all what he tried is zero. Nothing at all.

What can he do now? He tries again to talk with Japan, obviously still the better neighbour. That's more or less the only option left over to go for him.

It's not easy to be a politician in South Korea...

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The only problem I see is that this lawsuit will continue, appeal up to the Supreme Court and it will take again a few years to a final decision, which could be exactly the opposite to what the Seoul Central District Court was ruling this week.

I often think, this mentality of 'blaming Japan for all and everything' is done on purpose to distract both - North and South Korean people from their own most serious local problem - the openly hostile relationship between North- and South Korea and the failure of both, North and South politicians to find a solution.

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mountainpearToday 01:00 am JST

...compared to Japan, Russia is a poor country. They put on a big face but their GDP per capita is still only $11,585.

Russia is a very large country, but its population is surprisingly - relatively seen of course - small.

Russia is about 45 times larger than Japan, but Japan has around 125 million people, and Russia only 146 million people.

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WaddoJune 5 10:48 pm JST

Japan started and lost the war. How hard is this to understand? 

Japan did not start the war against Russia. It was Stalin who broke the neutrality contract and attacked Japan by surprise from 9 August 1945 on.

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If you need a silent place in Japan, there are many rural areas with no or very few people living there - especially in places facing the Japanese Sea, no need to move over to a small island.

Wide areas in Japan are not suitable for housing, nobody there.

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I am somehow surprised that there is no Japanese Coast Guard ship around in this area.

This is a very sensitive border and the Japanese Coast Guard should keep an eye on it 24 hours/365 days.

It also should give clear advice to Japanese boats what is Japan and what is Russia in this area and prevent Japanese boats to cross the line for fishing.

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About Korea, there is always something coming up against Japan and to blame it for this or that.

It's likely the only policy in Korea, where both North Korea and South Korea agree. However Korean peninsula is west of Japan and Fukushima is located on the east side of Japan. 

I see no other solution but to release this giant amount of water slowly into the sea, starting with the oldest tank and to continue over many years, so that the total water amount in the tanks is slowly getting less and less and oldest already empty tanks can be dismantled one by one.

If somebody has any better and cheaper solution, I don't think so.

The only alternate solution I heard is to construct a facility to evaporate it but not sure if this make sense with these millions of liters.

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