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Posted in: Nippon Steel says it will accept South Korea slave labor ruling See in context

Ditto Tamarama and Shankun!

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Posted in: Apples losing their crunch to global warming, Japanese study shows See in context

Ain't that the truth! I bought my first batch up here in Hokkaido and they were soft and almost mushy chewing. Quite sad, as they are excellent when they are crunchy and sour tasting.

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Posted in: Left behind See in context

The point is, is that he cannot compete against such superior world class runners BUT he put in the old collage try!

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Posted in: Israeli official suspended for Facebook posts on Hiroshima, Nagasaki victims See in context

Mr. Aso's dumb comments started this whole mess

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Posted in: S Korea urges Japan to face history; China summons Japan envoy See in context


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Posted in: Abe skips reference to WWII remorse in his speech See in context

Shameful! He does wrong for the country and he will pay the price soon. A short lived premiership!

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Posted in: Aging hikikomori children's lifelong dependency on parents See in context

Totally pathetic sociologically!

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Posted in: Ex-sex slave, supporters demand justice from Japan See in context

A major historical tragedy that's not taken too seriously here. Quite sad...

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Posted in: Education ministry shocked by scale of corporal punishment See in context

Educational reform as well as cultural reform must be recognized as important to seriously change the way of thinking here.

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Posted in: IAEA says it's monitoring Fukushima and ready to help See in context

Ohhh boy...not reassuring news I'm afraid. IAEA burden with bureaucracy and a snail's pace on action organization. Let's pray a more serious approach will take place this time round.

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Posted in: Japan summons China envoy over ships near disputed isles See in context

Don't think that's going to have any real effect....

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Posted in: Fishermen, Greenpeace rap TEPCO over toxic water leak See in context

I suspect by now the seafood is already contaminated in Hokkaido. So it's probably too late there....

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Posted in: Gov't says Fukushima plant leaking 300 tons of toxic water into sea daily See in context

40 years at a cost of 11 billion! Yeah right, try 40 years at a cost 200 billion!!

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Posted in: Watchdog says radioactive water at Fukushima an emergency See in context

Expect a lot worse to come folks...

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Posted in: Oliver Stone visits Peace Memorial Park in Hiroshima See in context

Would have been a lot more appropriate if Mr. Stone was led through sites by a Japanese historian instead of a Boston professor. Anyways, this story is not worth the print!

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Posted in: 10% of all high school students can't live without Internet: survey See in context

What 10% only? That's awful! A good education in today's world would require a good 80 to 95% usage of the net.

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Posted in: Toyota's profit soars 93% for April-June quarter See in context

Good stuff, now put some of that profit money into some practical energy technologies like solar, wind, thermal etc. technologies that the country of Japan so desperately needs!

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Posted in: Aso says he won't resign over Nazi comments See in context

No no no, please resign asap!

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Posted in: Abe hosts 'iftar' dinner for Islamic ambassadors See in context

Only 3 letters: OIL

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Posted in: Foreign nuclear experts blast TEPCO over lack of transparency See in context

Yes, failure to the highest degree in transparency in this bureacratic no-reform corporate culture country.

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Posted in: Japan welcomes Kennedy nomination as ambassador See in context

Exactly 'globalwatcher'! CK is the American Princess for all those old folks like myself who grew up with the Kennedys. She's one of the few survivors and only in her immediate family. Wonderful that Caroline will be here with us all in Japan! This is nice news.

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Posted in: More steam seen coming for Fukushima No. 3 reactor building See in context

The sign is a kaaaaboooom coming!

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Posted in: U.S. hopes for Japan reforms, better ties with neighbors See in context

Haaaa, you gotta laugh a bit! Wishful thinking here...

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Posted in: TEPCO admits radioactive water leaked into sea at Fukushima See in context

Yes,, yes this story is not new. Most people know the reality, but what's amazing that if your not from the Fukushima area this story is just another tidbit news on the back burner for most people. Quite sad...

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Posted in: Thyroid cancer risk for 2,000 Fukushima workers: TEPCO See in context

Children in the Fukushima area ARE getting thyroid cancer NOW.

Source, please???

The sources you ask for are just too numerous to list Shankun! Just go on-line and type on to your browser 'Fukushima'.

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Posted in: Lawson store closed after employee puts photo of himself in freezer on Facebook See in context

Yes, a prank gone wrong BUT closing down the store & taking away the guy's license for this is a bit too harsh in my opinion. Sad story for the store owner...

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Posted in: Fukushima radioactive groundwater readings rocket See in context

It will take many many cancer illnesses & perhaps deaths before any real debate on whether nuclear power start-ups should begin...I'm afraid..

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Posted in: TEPCO hires nuclear safety advocate See in context

ohhhh, I can smell another woodford scandal coming....

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Posted in: Suspended jail for ex-Olympus execs in Japan cover-up See in context

Definitely jail time would be some justice here, but suspended sentences? A total joke! A real bad joke!

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Posted in: Employee flushes 40 liters of soap; bubbly carnage ensues See in context

Soap land never smelled so attractive before!

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