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Judging by the state of affairs and how easily the general masses of all countries get shook so easily, you have to be some next level simple to believe anything the governments or media say. But hey, I am sure most of you are safe and vaccinated, right!

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New Zealands success to Corona is very rudimentary. They TURNED DOWN the amplification of their PCR testing from 40 cycles to around 25!

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You DO NOT start vaccinations in the middle of a pandemic! It is unscientific! Suicidal! The virus WILL mutate and become more deadly! This has been known for a very long time. Just wait until this winter! Better go collect your acorns while you can!

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Ha! That's rich! Just give it a couple months when they figured out how badly duped they were.... Think they're mad now? I'd be extra nervous working in the media!

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If this were to be a conspiracy, how utterly clever!

First, it solves the problem of over inflated, debt riddled economies by placing the blame of their fall squarely on the man made virus.

Second, it eliminates the weakest members of society who contribute the least or only take, ex. pensions, wealth fare, mental disorders, disabilities

Third, it celebrates decisive authoritarianism for complete government control over every facet of its citizenry. The world will use China as a role model.

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Lets have a vote. Who here trust the Chinese government, and their data?

Thumbs up for yes, Thumbs down for no.

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Japanese are not a race, go learn the English language. The whole world is not as PC crazy as young Americans. And yes, hygienically, Japanese are pretty disgusting about washing hands and sneezing. Nobody is perfect.

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