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Posted in: Jagger-Richards spat: It's all over now See in context

A rolling stone gathers no natto

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Posted in: Don't break the bank: Japan's superb cheap eats See in context

There are always budget kaiten sushi-go-round joints. But you’re never sure how long that item you’ve been eying has been chugging around the conveyor belt.

You have to be stupid to not know what is fresh and what is not.

Plus you can wait for the chefs to place new stuff...

But learn the language and order it fresh. They will not take one off the trolley and give it to you but make it fresh instead.

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Posted in: Hosono takes to street to seek support for tsunami debris disposal See in context

Um....isn't there a huge wasteland near daiichI.. Dump it there.

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Posted in: School bullying survey scrapped due to student concerns See in context

Well that is a given. Why would anyone put their name on it...only to be harassed by admin

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Posted in: Kyocera, Softbank to build mega-solar project in Kyoto See in context

This is great. Son knows what he is doing. Brilliant man and worth every cent of the 9 billion he has.

Imagine making 1000 million nine times. That is amazing.

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Posted in: Japan wants cuisine listed as UNESCO heritage See in context

I say Japanese food is the best...but Japanese rice is the pits.

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Posted in: 50 reasons Tokyo is the world's greatest city See in context

I love Tokyo, and most of what I read, but it took me a half hour to read it.

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Posted in: Apple unveils new iPad, Apple TV box See in context

I just found out today that I can print wireless with my iPad 2. When I get home I will have to check out if my older printer can do it. I do not want to buy a new one.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for abandoning 12 dogs in house See in context

Those dogs easily sell for 10 man en. Where did she get the money?

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Posted in: Guam's economy suffers as it waits for U.S. Marines from Okinawa See in context


Guam is American.

I would like to know why a South Korean company was doing all this construction and not and American company.

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Posted in: Himeji bar owner killed in arson attack See in context

So crazy. RIP

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Posted in: YouTube video has girls asking: Am I pretty? See in context

I was going to search for the link, sign up and give her positive feed back. I decided it is not worth getting hate notes to me for doing so.

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Posted in: Tsunami forced manufacturers to rethink globalized production See in context

Japan will come back with a roar.

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Posted in: Say cheese – with Lotteria’s new burgers See in context

NetNinja,,,I am going to go to the Motomachi place. That looks great. I want to see if it is better than my own cooking. Thanks for the link.

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Posted in: Afghan clerics demand public trial for Koran burners See in context

I think it is not the physical book itself, but the real ideas within the pages that should be of concern. The thoughts within the pages seem to be bent based on the people that use it as a war document rather than one of peace. I have not read it, so I cannot judge it myself, so maybe it is time to do so.

Shinto is so much more simple.

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Posted in: Melanoma drug nearly doubles survival time See in context

Sorry to hear of your loss Nicky. I lost a sister last year.

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Posted in: N Korea nuclear deal no model for Iran See in context

Both situations are totally different. I really do not know what Iran's intentions are. They would have to be fools to attack Israel. Israel would blow them away.

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Posted in: Experts discuss how to improve bike riding etiquette in Tokyo See in context

In Kanagawa where I live, I find that cars try to get as close to me as possible at times to intimidate me. It is cruel and dangerous. There are so few sidewalks, that one must ride in the street. There are also a lot of one way streets, and I am not going to take the long route around if I can take a much shorter ride going in the wrong direction on the street. What about people riding with an umbrella? That has been illegal for a long time, but I have never seen it enforced.

One thing I feel is racists is that I have a Gaijin last name and it is written on my bike. Why is my bike singled out illegally parked with hundreds of other bikes and taken away by the bike patrol truck? Then they put a piece of paper on the ground and has written on it ichidai removed!!!!! It has happened more than once and I have to pay to get my bike back.

Also, in my town, I can park my bike outside an atm machine, go in and use it and come out, and some old man has just put a ticket on it. Get a clue!!!

I am sorry I am ranting about bikes, but it makes me angry.

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Posted in: 19-year-old commits drive-by purse snatching with 12-yr-old accomplice See in context

The young one just wanted to try to be big like the 19 year old.

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Posted in: Get rid of money-wasting foundations, 'amakudari' before hiking taxes See in context

Seems so sad with all the wasted money yet they want to raise taxes on us. I already pay about the equivalent of $20,000 a year here in Japan, but the American IRS wants more. I do not like it.

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Posted in: Then and now See in context

I wish there was a third picture showing it before the tsunami. Someone must have one from that view point.

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Posted in: Gov't to set up new child care facilities to support working mothers See in context

The interviews with the young graduates both guys and girls was interesting. For you people starting out with such low pay would not be bad if there was a chance that the salary would go up but it will not.

What these young people should do is pull their resources together, and try to open up their own places. I have seen three new ones open in my neighborhood, and from the looks of it, the overhead is minimal.

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Posted in: Android app takes pictures not only when shutter clicks, but also before and after See in context

Will it be required to make noise in Japan?

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Posted in: NTV outlines behavior rules for AKB48, Johnny's Jr cast of TV drama See in context

Will they post guards outside the bedroom doors? Kids are good for sneaking out and having fun while parents are asleep.

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Posted in: Universal charger tantalisingly close for mobiles See in context

Elven-san, My iPhone and iPad both came with chargers in the package.

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Posted in: Reaching for the sky See in context

I really want to go up that tower when my brother visits this summer.

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Posted in: Fukushima gov't rounding up stray pets from no-go zone See in context

I too am wondering how to decontaminate an animal yet alone a human being....want to learn.

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