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Hey Kong, Just got caught up with your last podcasts. I hope you didn't get my last comment wrong: I was not referring to "drivel" being about talking about sex. I really don't mind that at all. It is more about keeping an interesting balance and different perspectives. And I enjoyed the program better the last couple times. Your recent guests, especially, Mary King, was very well spoken. Maybe I got you guys on the wrong day what with all the Wendy's buns talk and the windchime bra. Anyhooo... Still listening.

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I am desperate for an intelligent forum for current events and culture in Japan. This podcast could be so much more and, usually it is more, when you have at least one woman on the show. Otherwise there are so many comments going in the gutter and it kinda sucks, as a woman, to listen to the drivel. I am not giving up yet and am hoping for better things in the future.

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