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yomuri comments

Posted in: Keisuke Kuwata to release greatest hits album See in context


Why is there always someone who thinks they r funny by posting "who" in an article about a Japanese musician.

This is a Japanese news site. Keisuke Kuwata is massively famous in Japan. The Southern All Stars were one of the biggest groups of all time.

How many number 1 singles and albums have you had?

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Posted in: Australia, Japan draw 1-1 in World Cup qualifier See in context

Oh, and the refereeing in this game is some of the worst I've ever seen. And that's a lot of football matches watched.

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Posted in: SMAP broadcasts 79-minute live earthquake special See in context

From Johnny's Entertainment, the company that SMAP belongs to.

March 15th, entertainment agency Johnny & Associates announced that all planned domestic concerts by their artists in March have been cancelled. Instead, the transport and power unit trucks normally used for these live performances will be lent to disaster-stricken areas in Japan, free of charge.

anyone else here lent huge trucks and power supplying units?

Just because they aren't twitting and blogging about it every second doesn't mean they haven't done something.

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Posted in: Ayumi Hamasaki 1st artist to achieve 13 consecutive years of No. 1 albums See in context

no post about her getting married yesterday??

To some guy from one of her music videos

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Posted in: New Orleans rocker Myself launches new album in Japan See in context


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Posted in: Ghana, Uruguay reach quarterfinals See in context

USA lol

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Posted in: Are you being served? See in context

Obviously has too much of mummy and daddy,s money to know what to do with it....

where does it say it's her parents money?

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Posted in: Tokyo Anime Fair See in context

Yes, very Japanese indeed. Why is it gaining popularity in France, the UK, the US .... ?

its been popular in those countries for 20 years

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Posted in: U.S. needs Toyota more than Toyota needs U.S. See in context

oops, looks like Toyota lied about it not being electronics after all: http://www.cnn.com/2010/US/03/22/toyota.throttle.warning/index.html?hpt=T2

oops, looks like some Americans have been lying about their accidents


the 3rd one ive read about

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Posted in: Train shame See in context

I pre-empt interaction by glaring at everyone first.

usually gets me a seat on the train :)

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Posted in: Gackt to hold concert just for men See in context

I just have one question: Who the hell is Gackt?

he is a very famous Japanese musician.

How have you not come across him since you moved to Japan?

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Posted in: Up in the Air See in context

Japanese say fingers for toes

I've not met one English speaking Japanese person that calls them toes

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Posted in: Tuna sale See in context

This picture is grotesque and creepy. Why show a picture of some guy foot stepping on the tuna? I don't eat tuna.

he's not stepping on the tuna, he's walking past them

I eat Tuna. lots and lots of Tuna.

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Posted in: KinKi Kids return to Tokyo Dome for year-end show See in context

they were kids when they started

they have just been going for a long time

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Posted in: Buying a camera in Japan? Think again See in context

lol at people buying things in Japan and complaining its not in English!

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Posted in: Namie Amuro breaks free with release of 'PAST < FUTURE' See in context

If she's "woman" enough to bare it all for a "Gentleman's" rag, she should be grown-up enough not to have a tantrum (and a lawsuit) against a photographer who merely took a snap of her and her son coming out of a public place.

what "bare it all" article are u talking about? She hasnt done any nude photos?

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Posted in: Namie Amuro breaks free with release of 'PAST < FUTURE' See in context

Overrated and pompous. Can't stand a hypocritical celeb who will bear it all for a "Gentleman's" magazine, yet go ballistic when a private citizen snaps a photo of her with her son at a convenience store.

it was more about someone taking pics of her son than of her

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Posted in: Pitt and Tarantino to be guests on 'Bistro SMAP' See in context

SMAP = Epic Fail

some of the riches, most powerful men in the Japanese entertainment industry? oh yes, Epic Fail it is......

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Posted in: Tattoos See in context

a beau with tatts inked wildly on his let me say his, neck

thats instantly going to make them an a**hole is it?

way to read a book by its cover

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Posted in: Bullying blamed after two 13-yr-old girls jump to their deaths See in context

Parents complain that the teachers shouldn't correct their kids, even if they're behaving bad. After all "we're paying their salary, so we decide".

Then after an event like this parents complain that the teachers didn't do anything. Missing the part about teaching ones own kid(s) about bullying.

this ^^

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Posted in: Marie gives the lowdown on being 'half' See in context

halfu, pure blood, westerner


she still looks like a nu-half to me

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Posted in: JR West driver took photos of 2 women passengers while operating train at 120 kph See in context

Japanese guys have some serious sexual issues

this is a rather sweeping statement.

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Posted in: Jero performs new single 'Tsumeato' before crowd of 4,500 in Kobe See in context


now i think about it, it was usually the western press that always referred to him as "African American Enka singer Jero".

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Posted in: Marathon man See in context

if u knew anything about this guy, ud know that he came last (74th or something) in the Olympics marathon, so coming 6th in Berlin is a huge achievement.

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Posted in: Jero performs new single 'Tsumeato' before crowd of 4,500 in Kobe See in context

all this talk about what he wears?

does anyone actually think that 90% of singers here dont have a stylist telling them what to wear?

also, im glad the article refers to him as "Enka singer Jero" and not African American Enka singer Jero" good work

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Posted in: British film board bans sale of Japanese horror movie See in context


time to buy a few and stick them on ebay :D

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Posted in: Japan baseball, softball officials disappointed over 2016 Games vote See in context

golf in the olympics?


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Posted in: Tokyo Bay booze cruise with miniskirted bar girls See in context

article is useless with out pictures

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Posted in: Cosplay See in context

joey deacon


this was the last place i thought id see someone type joey deacon hahahahahaha


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Posted in: Cosplay See in context

That's pretty funny that someone dressed up as the Navitime dude.

lol yeah, the guy was hilarious though

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