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yomuri comments

Posted in: Cosplay See in context

there were plenty of cute Japanese cosplayers there.

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Posted in: Cosplay See in context

I went to this

it was fun but the usual "otaku men dressed up as maids" still scared me :)

u can check out my pics here


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Posted in: U.S. sailor gets life in prison for killing Japanese taxi driver See in context

ppl are confused about the "tougher punishment" thing

as far as im aware, any soldier that was caught committing a crime was usually dealt with internally by the army at the base. I think the call for "tougher punishment" was for the Japanese courts to be allowed to decide punishment.

please correct me if im wrong though :)

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Posted in: Speeding bullet See in context



i adjectives u drop the final i for negative

anyhoo, this train looks awesome imo

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Posted in: Oops See in context

Is it my imagination, or is she slightly cross-eyed?

couldnt tell you, ive never looked at her eyes

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Posted in: Marie, at AIDS awareness concert, says she has sex five times a day See in context

Marie is a nu-half, right?


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Posted in: Drink up kiddies See in context

All my pupils and even my wife thinks that Akina is Kawaii, and surely that is the market that the advertisers are aiming at, not the habitually complaining foreigner that seems to populate this site.

Id like to think that the Japanese advertisers know their market better than we do

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Posted in: Drink up kiddies See in context

Yes, all women in Japan are flat and horribly under weight

PLEASE do not come here as all the women are horrible, PLEASE stay in your own country and enjoy your "healthy" women.

Once again, ALL WOMEN IN JAPAN ARE FLAT AND TOO SKINNY. Do not waste your time coming here, you will hate it, and the women


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Posted in: Takarazuka star Kei Aran happy to wear dress for 1st time in decades See in context

Breaking news! You heard it here first! Fascinating stuff.

its the Entertainment section. what else would they report here?



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Posted in: Aichi police officer let suspicious man at scene of double murder get away See in context

I still reckon the surviving son is responsible

i said that the second i heard about this whole thing.

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Posted in: Uniqlo See in context

Are they live or manequins?

indeed, ppl are usually moving in photos, but these 2 are just stood there? odd?


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Posted in: Cruise has the Reich stuff See in context





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Posted in: 2,200 attend memorial service for Ai Iijima See in context

i thought she died of Pneumonia, why the money for the aids prevention foundation, R.I.P.

that was the charity she supported

besides, ive never heard of the Pneumonia Prevention Foundation?

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Posted in: AKB48 girls dress up as Chun-Li to promote new 'Streetfighter' movie See in context

no no, you are right, Capcom is wrong

they should have called the latest SF Street Fighter 9.

You should email them and let them know their mistake

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Posted in: AKB48 girls dress up as Chun-Li to promote new 'Streetfighter' movie See in context

Street Fighter 4 is technically the 4th Street Fighter game.

yes all of the other games have had different versions of them, but they r all based on whatever version the are extended from. SF3 W impact is still SF3, just a different version.

SF2 Hyper Fighting is still SF2, just a tweaked version of it

the article is correct

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Posted in: Koji Tamaki and Mariko Ishihara tie knot after 23 years See in context

so she chose to stay with a man that was married and he beat her for 4 years???

What a stupid woman

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Posted in: What did you think of the Beijing Olympic opening ceremony? See in context

it was fantastic, but im sure all the ppl that were forced out of their homes and arrested if they complained, so they could make the new stadiums, didnt enjoy it as much.

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