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Yooki Imada comments

Posted in: Trump tax revelations spark outrage among some, but supporters defend president See in context

Show me a liar and I'll show you a cheat.

Libs just can't get over someone smarter than them.......

oh wait...someone who is a stable genius.

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Posted in: Trump tax revelations spark outrage among some, but supporters defend president See in context

Just how can a moron or an idiot, or failed-businessman.... (like so many here love to call Trump).........manage to get around the tax laws... just like any businessmen and successful money makers do.

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Posted in: Trump tax revelations spark outrage among some, but supporters defend president See in context

@bob....true that.

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Posted in: New York Times: Trump paid no federal income taxes in 10 of past 15 years See in context

Easy, the last admin. was too busy weaponizing the IRS back in 2012 to take out conservative donors many of them were being audited to take them out of the election cycle, so Lois Lerner did her party and took it very seriously and it took a monumental effort to get that done and it worked for the Dems and around that time, Trump was a Democrat so he was off the hook whatever he did in those days and now how things have changed once he became a conservative. Imagine all the other Dems if they were to come out and support Trump we would be having a field day with the tax issue. lol

Try again.....

Trump became a Republican in 2016.....Why is there still no IRS court case against him today?

The IRS will pursue whoever to the ends of the earth....immediately... if taxes were never paid. They never fail.... or I must be overestimating the IRS.

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Posted in: New York Times: Trump paid no federal income taxes in 10 of past 15 years See in context

If this were true......can anyone explain why the IRS did not bring him to court or levy/confiscate his assets for the last 10-15 years.

Is the IRS asleep at the wheel or they are just grossly incompetent.... and only goes after the small fry?

NYT also claimed they had evidence on him colluding with Putin way back in 2017..... amazing.

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Posted in: Japanese actress Yuko Takeuchi, 40, found dead at home in apparent suicide See in context

As the song goes...

That game of life is hard to play

I'm gonna lose it anyway

The losing card I'll someday lay

So this is all I have to say

Suicide is painless

It brings on many changes

And I can take or leave it if I please


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Posted in: Trump nominates conservative Amy Coney Barrett for court See in context

No, the Lehman shock happened in 2008, not in 2016. Obama inherited a mess and quickly turned that mess around. In Obama's eight years, there has never been a recession. Two consecutive quarters of negative growth counts as a recession. There never was that in Obama's tenure. So, it is false.

Record unemployment all 8 years.

Stock Market/Dow stayed below 20K all 8 years.

Interest rates zero (0.0).... all 8 years....nothing earned on savings.

Food Stamp recipient record high all 8 years.

Importing oil from ME.....and Gas prices --- record high all 8 years.

The picture of the economy of the great nobel laureate.... that was his magic wand.

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Posted in: Trump says he thinks 2020 election will end up at Supreme Court See in context

What is the justification for a widespread mail-in-ballot.... laziness or have the means to cheat...no?

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Posted in: Suga hopes for 'forward-looking' ties in letter to S Korea's Moon See in context

Waiting for the whistleblower leak on items covered in their phone conversation.

There must something illegal in there somewhere.

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Posted in: Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg dies at 87 See in context

Her dying wish was that she not be replaced until a new president is installed.

She was just delirious and not in full control of her failing faculties when she said that.

It doesn't mean anything. Move on.

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Posted in: Europe imposes fresh restrictions as global coronavirus cases top 30 million See in context

Likewise, in the US, the figures for states vary widely. Almost all the deaths are in NY, Connecticut and Massachusets. Take those out, and the US death rate is actually very low. Using continent-wide averages is extremely misleading.

These are the Blue states crying wolf the loudest.... Trump's fault. As early as March... Trump has trumpeted HCQ for early use....but these Dem Govs, playing the deadly political game.... banned them point blank.

Even worse ---- Coumo quietly sent covid-positive sick people to Aged Care homes where the D rate is highest. :)(:

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Posted in: Trump downplays legacy of slavery in appeal to white voters See in context

Literally no-one is contesting Trump's victory in 2016.

Sounds like ABC, CBS, CNN and MSNBC...NY Times, WP..... have lost a die-hard follower.

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Posted in: Trump downplays legacy of slavery in appeal to white voters See in context

if the "Trump is a racist" line of attack actually were true- he would have lost last time, right?

The sore losers are still contesting that win to this day......he is a racist.....he cheated.... Electoral college must be dismantled.

The crying just never ends.

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Posted in: Trump downplays legacy of slavery in appeal to white voters See in context

Just to put things in context.

Segregationist South (White Slave Owners) .... were the forerunners of the Democratic Party.

The Ku Kux Klan is the para-military arm of the Democratic Party.

US Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia served in the senate for 51 years among the brightest Democratic star in the Senate.... like old Joe who served for 47 years.

He was a grand duke of the Ku Kux Klan.

He was never called a racist because he was a Dem. .......what? wait a second.

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Posted in: Trump downplays legacy of slavery in appeal to white voters See in context

Why the need.... when .5 Million American whites died to end Slavery. Not enough? No? More reparation money for the nth time..... and affirmative action. Not enough a black person was elected president (who cannot win by just black votes alone).... and many more in positions of power in public office.....Govs, Mayors, Police chiefs (male or female). There are black billionaires like Oprah, Jordan and highest paid athletes. Where is the racism there?

Yet some strange outcry erupts.... when a group of people hits maturity (every new generation).... demanding an apology and compensation about some Historical event about....sex slavery, force labor, colonization etc...... which has gone on forever like an annoying long-playing-broken record..... in perpetuity.

What is today's generation have anything to do with it..... and ought to be unjustly penalized?

Of course it will never end..... for people who must exploit it for political, monetary gain......and of course to hold on to power and control. So blatantly obvious.

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Posted in: Survey: U.S. international reputation takes a hit over handling of coronavirus See in context

I don't think the study is correct: once Trump was elected, US already hit the bottom of the reputation barrel.

If the reputation is so bad ...then why thousands of people are dying to cross the border, or sneak in .... who can't wait to get to the welfare line?

If the reputation tanks even more..... then this could only benefit the US.... as people (pretenders and hypocrites) .... will be discouraged from sneaking in, overstay their visas and then live in the US permanently.

Of course! And they've had their voice and representation for four years now, and see where it's got you.

Well... let's see.... the Southern Wall is up.....and the Stock Market is even higher. More jobs, more choices and brighter economic outlook.... unlike the previous clueless one..... who said: "If you want your plan you can keep your plan....if you want your doctor you can keep your doctor" and it will save families $2500/year, which was all a big fat lie.

What I'm saying is that it's time for those US citizens who don't fall into those, or any other Trump-supporting category, to reassert their own voices and vote this malign world presence out of office.

Vote him out? No way, now that the US is energy independent and gas prices have gone down ....less Fed taxes and more money in people's pockets..... so quite unlike the term of the clueless one...... Oh wait! unless you live in a Dem controlled state where taxes are unbearable... to pay for Union benefits; free healthcare and freebees for those on welfare.... and pay for services cleaning the poop of homeless Dem-supporters in city streets.

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Posted in: Trump and Biden clash over cause of wildfires as blazes become election issue See in context

The dels master plan was to make mayors and governors more powerful than the president, and they succeeded? That’s quite impressive of the dems.

Yeah ..sure.

Quest for power over every Citizen ...legal and illegal is every Dem's never ending dream...like Pelosi.

Let Dem Cities and States burn, baby....let it burn.

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Posted in: Trump and Biden clash over cause of wildfires as blazes become election issue See in context

This statement implies that the president is weaker than governors and mayors. Makes perfect sense.

Which was Dems masterplan.... a product of a stale mind.

So obvious since 2016 from Russia/Ukraine Impeachment to COVID and HCQ ban. Of course the looting, burning and Dems 50-year promise of racial justice.

Envy and hatred of MAGA is clear as day....even Stevie Wonder can see it in living color.

Btw....the Wall is up. What say you...Dems?

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Posted in: South Korean sex slave campaigner charged with embezzlement See in context

To think their demand for an apology and compensation for "Sex Slavery" was the root cause of their unending anti-Japanese rage/hatred..... which is outrageous.

Even more hideous is the bashing their millennials inflicted upon a US-born-Filipinx whose Tik-Tok post revealed a tattoo of the "Rising Sun (in red ink)" hidden in her arm.... to which the poster apologized and promised to remove the dreaded tattoo. It turned out the tattoo was in honor of a Japanese friend. Nonetheless... S.Korean nasty posts piled on ....even disparaging the entire country (PI)... all because the Tik-Tok poster, a millennial herself.... knew nothing about history.

It was repulsive to see how the their (SK) comfort-and-beauty-oriented-millennials exhibit the hatred on others ..... who does not hate Japan with the same intensity that they do. Their written History as well as their elders.... sure knows how to teach and spread the hatred to their succeeding generations.

BTW...there are other countries in Asia that had the same wartime experience, and now all is well that ends well. The current generation had nothing to do with the events in the past.

Time to grow up.....just saying.

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Posted in: Trump and Biden clash over cause of wildfires as blazes become election issue See in context

It is not the country under Trump that is burning.... only Dem Cities and States are.

Finally....the chickens have come home to roost.

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Posted in: As fires rage, Trump has head 'in the sand,' says LA mayor See in context

A) All three states affected, and particularly Oregon and Washington, have massing logging industries whose main business is removing "dead trees" so its obviously not prohibited.

Try harder.

Logging in Kalifornia is only allowed in the Sierra Nevada....nowhere near the ranging fires today. Green lobby and environmentalist groups are more concerned about protecting wildlife sanctuary for all sorts of birds (spotted owl..etc), insects and other endangered species that even brushes and vegetation cannot be cleared.

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Posted in: TikTok rejects Microsoft buyout offer; Oracle sole remaining bidder See in context

Just pack up and leave. Unwanted...just like anything else from China.... but wait that is ... unless you are a Dem.

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Posted in: As fires rage, Trump has head 'in the sand,' says LA mayor See in context

He is right, and who is in charge of that? Why the federal government is. That’s your department.

So tell the world. Is this admittance that the blaze is your fault Mr. President?


That are existing laws in these liberal states prohibiting the removal of "Dead Trees". ...... an Environmentalist's agenda.

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Posted in: As fires rage, Trump has head 'in the sand,' says LA mayor See in context

That was exactly the plan.

Set the Cities and Forest lands ablaze.

Shut down the economy.

Close schools.

Demand Mail-in ballots,

Stage the riots, looting and murders....and Defund the Police.

Then blame it on Trump.....nice plan.... or so they thought.

Not working Dems!

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Posted in: Chinese military calls U.S. biggest threat to world peace See in context

That's because only the US military have prevented them from completely owning the entire South China sea.....their 9-dash-line = no joy......unless Biden and the Dems are in power.

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Posted in: As wildfires rage, U.S. voters still divided on climate See in context

Hello.....BLM, Antifa, and people running Dem cities and states.

No one burned down Fed buildings, Cities and Forest lands when the great nobel laureate was in office. .... oh wait some cities were burned down due to that hands up, don't shoot in MI.... that street dweller in MD, and the peaceful hooded "unarmed" skittles kid in FL.

Must just be a natural phenomenon.

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Posted in: Steroids confirmed to help severely ill coronavirus patients See in context

Democrat Minnesota governor issued a state-ban on HCQ for COVID patients in March when Trump started promoting the cheap drug. Other Dem states followed the ban.

In mid-August the MN Governor quietly... and as silently like a thief in the night..... lifted the ban on HCQ as other states followed quietly as well ...like a news blackout.

Makes me wonder why.....hhmmmm.

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Posted in: 75th anniversary of end of WWII marked at Pearl Harbor See in context

NCIS RerunsToday 12:22 am JST

Mitsuo Fuchida, the pilot who led the air attack on Pearl Harbor from the carrier Akagi, also became a christian minister after the war.

And irony of ironies....He moved to the US, the country he swore to destroy....the racist country full of slaves and white privilege.... and became a full pledge US citizen in 1966.... and where he died in 1976.

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Posted in: Japan considers offering COVID-19 vaccines for free to all residents See in context

Whether it is a choice... or the science...or the aftereffects... isn't assuring to know that the community you belong, and the people you are with... have all been vaccinated?

Isn't the very daunting effort to develop this vaccine... all for the common good...and not purely for profit and/or the benefit of big pharma?

I would not even want to get 6ft-near someone (masked or not) who has not been vaccinated. Just pure selfishness to even think of opting out.

Otherwise, please put a sign out... on yourself... front and back.... to let other people know you have declined getting the vaccine.

Just saying.

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Posted in: Chinese envoy says Australia betrayed China for U.S. on virus See in context

Sounds like they were expecting to be rewarded... for unleashing their wicked virus; for inflicting untold pain and agony upon the whole wide world.

These people are... as sick and vitriolic as their deadly virus.

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