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There is a petition to have international observers monitor the election for vote fraud, I hope they can stop Clinton fixing it.

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Too scared of sarin gas attacks Patricia.

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Posted in: Would you like to see Donald Trump become the next U.S. president? See in context

Trump says he is a good businessman. Read Forbes Magazine. He has several business going bankrupt regularly. One of latest is trump Hotel in Puerto Rico. If he had invested the money given to him by his father in the S and P 500 average index his wealth would be 3 times what it is now. He could have spent the time learning about international relations, the Constitution and more!

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Japan government must think that whale killing is important. It is doing a lot of damage to our reputation around the world. I hope it is worth it. I often see the whale meat in my supermarket but usually at half price I do not think many people buy it. It is full of mercury like tuna. This is why it was removed from the school lunches. I wonder what would be said if there was a national referendum on the subject.

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