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Posted in: 'City Hunter' returns to the big screen See in context

Wonderful animated series that has action and was a bit fun and humorous at the same time^^

Many fans like myself are very happy to here about the new movie and special feature

Blu-Rays that will be coming out as well. So glad they were able to gather the original

character voices together,which is like a who's who in Japanese drama and anime !

Hooray for *City Hunter the Movie Shinjuku Private Eyes !!*

Kudos ^^

Yoshiki Tokushu

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Posted in: Half-Indian elephant trainer crowned Miss Japan See in context

She is a legitimate beautiful Japanese woman who won a legitimate and honorable title by votes cast by honorable and legitimate Nihonjin. Right ? Does she have a good chance of winning a Miss Universe title ,and will she represent Japan honorably ? Yes, because beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This is not the Hitler homogeneous beauty pageant,yet. They can flood us with all of the AKB-48 ideals of women in Japan, but the truth of ethno-diversity in this shrinking population will still ring self evident. Kudos & love ,to Japan for representing a more truthful and honest beauty pageant than China or Korea, who both (by the way) have legit native ancestry lines from other origins yet hide them until Olympics time. ^^

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Posted in: Michelin-star sushi restaurant in Tokyo defends foreigner rules See in context

As progressive as Japan may seem to the outside world,It is quite set in it's old ways and thinking. A Japanese national told me that "such a restaurant...still pools tips for it's waitresses inspiring lack-luster service from some while others loose incentive to serve with finesse". Japan is not culturally nor business-wise ready for the Olympics in 2020. They welcome "guaranteed money" anytime, such as any smart business, but even the ATM & credit system is far from adequate to serve the needs of many people from many different places who depend on electronic banking and access to their accounts from overseas."All dressed up and no where to spend it "scenario.Literally the saying "Your money is no good here" has a new meaning from the Japanese perspective. Credit card & gateway incompatibility plague both business entity & tourist alike. Double foreigners Cc fee charge before you arrive would cause me to cancel any restaurants reservations on behalf of practicality as well.^^ However, "the restaurant above mentioned" is correct about the costly habit of foreigner reserving tables and not showing up.Yes, I have worked around that trade for many years. but in JApan they will "double book" reservations & take the CC money as well.^^ Not exactly the path to enlightenment folks. My solution: simply announce that it is a private dining club and the "everyone has to make their reservations in the same way". However, in a culture where a handshake seals a deal in a world of legal contracts,the owner would not want to risk alienating "old Japan money to do so". In fact better to alienate the foreigner. The tourist YEN. The J-Culture page says "Olympics 2020 welcome to OUR country". As if to remind you that this is indeed THEIR island world nation and shall never change. Please look for the made in CHINA logo on all of your Japanese souvenirs in 2020 ^^.McDonalds & Starbucks will accept your credit card with a smile & a high fee though^^.


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I have flown with Asiana & experienced some unusual things such as a nearly zero gravity "bouncing" sensation not created by thermals but likely someone playing around with the ailerons & elevators for 30 minutes while passengers were asleep. Also, a bone jarring steep 3 point landing at 3am in the morning in Korea.Customer service was actually very good at LAX ,though, I was overcharged by an xtra two thousand dollars on my cc & demanded a refund.

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Posted in: Multiracial Miss Japan hopes to change homeland's thinking on identity See in context

I live in Japan and yes there is a natural curiosity about origin & skin yet there is a fair amount of (ethno-diversity) among the many peoples of Japan who arrived to colonize these islands thousands of years ago. Wide noses & large lips are already present in the gene-pool. Not everyone looks like a European magazine cover model and frankly, I am glad of that. I attended (very homogenous) schools in America and you would have though that an alien had landed from outer-space. Japan is better in terms of getting along with people of different culture or appearance but has yet to accept it's own diversity of beauty among it people.

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