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Posted in: Abe's support dives in wake of school scandal: online poll See in context

an online survey by Japan’s Nikkei business daily found that Abe’s support fell to 36.1% in a survey conducted from March 4 to 7 from 63.7% in the previous week.

This is the best news I've heard in quite a while.

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Posted in: Abe has shot at extended PM run See in context

We've already had too much of Abe and his like. Enough is enough.

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Posted in: With golf and gifts, Abe cuts own path with Trump See in context

I totally agree with Makoto Koga when he says the following.

“Frankly, I have doubts about the idea of him playing golf,” Makoto Koga, a retired lawmaker from Abe’s party, said on a weekly TV political talk show last weekend. “It may not be necessarily a good idea to get too close or friendly with someone like Mr Trump, who seems to be impulsive or simple-minded.”

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Posted in: Russia sends missiles to Pacific islands claimed by Japan See in context

Moscow has deployed new anti-ship missiles on Pacific islands that are controlled by Russia but also claimed by Japan.

This just shows Putin is not thinking the way Abe is thinking. Is there still any point in Putin visiting Japan next month? Or is Abe just interested in economic cooperation with Russia for the sake of his supporters from business sector and not interested in getting back the northern terrritory?

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Posted in: Trump agrees to $25 mil settlement to resolve Trump University lawsuits See in context

They could and should have settled for a lot more so that they would get back all their money and at least some for the damage the plaintiffs must have had to endure through all this. Trump sure got away with this fraud of his far more easily than he ought to have.

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Posted in: Trump wins White House; Clinton concedes defeat See in context

I'm so disappointed, frustrated, sad and angry that I feel like it's the end of the world. Is there any way to stop Trump from becoming the next President or kick him out of the White House when he does become President?

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Posted in: Clinton, Trump warn of dire consequences if rival wins See in context

I don't understand why so many people still support Donald Trump. He shouldn't have been running for any kind of public office in the first place. I'm now really, really scared at the increasing possibilty of Donald Trump winning the election. I'd be very ashamed of my country if someone like Trump would ever lead my country. Come on, wake up, American people!

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Posted in: Philippine leader Duterte says God told him to stop cursing See in context

He will soon forget his promise and start cursing just like before, but don't worry because very few people are now taking his words seriously anyway.

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Posted in: Supporters defend Trump in wake of tax revelations See in context

Trump admits he didn't pay (or hasn't paid) Federal income tax for many years and he is proud of it and boasting his smartness. Then why does he still not release his tax return like every other candidate? I think he is trying hide something really really bad, which is other than the fact that he paid no Federal income tax for many years. What's he afraid of?

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Posted in: How Trump broke the rules of modern politics, and won anyway See in context

We've been seeing the worst posiible form of populism since Trump started his campaign. I'm super glad we don't have a presidential system here in this country.

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Posted in: Abe aims for constitutional revision with help from opposition See in context

Abe has increasingly been showing his true color lately, even while a lot of people are still trying to make ends meet.

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Posted in: Abe urges higher wages; businesses give muted support See in context

Just urging companies to raise the wages of their employees is not going to make it actually happen, even when this comes from Prime Minister. It looks like Abe is just trying to please people with his empty words. If he is serious about it, there has to be some concrete law to make it really happen.

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Posted in: 'Kirakira' names still excite strong passions See in context

Your name isn't just something personal or private. People use it to call you or refer to you and this happens all the time throughout your entire lifetime. Parents should not really give their child a name most people don't know how to read. I'm saying this from my own often unpleasant experiences of having my name read mistakenly for countless times in places like schools, hospitals, banks, and whatnot.

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Posted in: South Korean student in Japan hopes to improve international relations with free hugs See in context

The idea is absolutely fantastic. Hurray for the lady! I simply couldn't admire her more.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic committee scraps controversial logo See in context

Too late. They should've done it last Friday at the latest. I bet no one is now going to take responsibility for this fiasco.

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Posted in: Tongan coronation See in context

Congratulations to the Tongan people. I'm also happy to see Princess Masako smiling.beautifully. She needs to have a time like this more often, when she can really smile.

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Posted in: Japan's population marks steepest decline ever See in context

"a decrease of 266,757 from a year earlier,"

This means the country is losing the whole population of a sizable city every year. Depressing!

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Posted in: Abe heckled at ceremony in Okinawa on 70th anniversary of battle See in context

Hurray for the hecklers! I'm very happy to know most of the people who posted their comments support the hecklers. Abe should get heckled more often and more loudly, so that he will get another bout of stomachache and step down from his office.

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Posted in: If Hashimoto quits politics, Abe will lose powerful ally See in context

">Osaka Mayor Toru Hashimoto said late on Sunday that he would leave politics when his term as mayor expires in December."

Why doesn't he quit now? Why does he have to wait until December? He must have a very good reason for staying on. It could be because he needs time to analyze how the public and his party will react to his announcement, and if everything goes well for him, he will perhaps make some plausible excuse for running in a national election. This time around it's possible that he might run not on his party's ticket but on the LDP's ticket, if Abe is still in office then.

I just hope I will be proved wrong.

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Posted in: Hashimoto says he'll resign at end of term after referendum setback See in context

Good but not the best outcome. This plan to disband Osaka City and create 5 semi-autonomous wards should have been voted down a lot more thoroughly. Few can deny that Hashimoto is an exceptionally good orator and negotiator. And what he says (or more like how he says it) is often very convincing. But (and this is really, really, a big but) he is a liar through and through. Just to take one example, a few years ago when this plan was first proposed Hashimoto and his cohorts said they could generate 400 billion extra yen annually. After a lot of questions were thrown at the figure, that figure went down sharply and towards the end of their campaign they said they could create a total of 270 billion yen in the 17 years after the plan was carried out. From 400 billion yen a year to 270 billion yen in the 17 years! That figure of 270 billion is also very doubtful, according to may experts. I just hope he will keep his promise this one last time.

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Posted in: Gov't submits security bills to Diet See in context

"Oh please! Says a commie. A weak one at that, making the JCP and its supporters looking like Mr. Bean in political circles both here and abroad." by Wc626

The comment above is extremely derogatory and insulting to many people of this country. It also shows the writer's total ignorance of what JCP has actually been doing and what it stands for. Or could it be that Wc626 has been away from this part of the world for about half a dozen decades or so?

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Posted in: Hayao Miyazaki joins Okinawan anti-military base fund See in context

A great article. Hurray for Mr.Hayao Miyazaki!

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Posted in: 25 U.S. lawmakers urge Abe to reaffirm war apologies See in context

Some of the comments above seem to suggest that other countries (like the USA in Korea) have done something similar during wartime so why pick on Japan? This is a typical reasoning of irresponsible children--- "I'm not the only one, why pick on me?" In the world of responsible adults when you do a bad thing, you have to sincerely apologize again and again and try to make amends no matter if there are others who have done something similar.

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Posted in: Abe offers ritual gift to Yasukuni shrine See in context

The fact that Emperor, who has been trying very hard to visit so many places that are built in memory of the victims of war or disasters even including some in foreign lands, has never once visited the shrine tells us a lot about it. And the fact that the previous emperor had stopped visiting the shrine after he learned that it had decided to enshrine the war criminals only shows how dangerous Abe has been proving himself to be and how much this country needs to make him quit as soon as possible.

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Posted in: Japan must apologise for WWII until it is forgiven: Novelist Murakami See in context

"I think that is all Japan can do---apologise until the countries say: "We don't necessarily get over it completely, but you have apologised enough. Alright, let's leave it now."

I love the above comment. This country needs more people like Murakami, and what he says should get much, much more pubilicity.

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Posted in: Why more Japanese are staying home See in context

"Young people should be encouraged to travel abroad," he says. "In the future, when the Japanese economy becomes more globalised, they will need people who understand what is happening in the rest of the world."

The above sounds like something from more than half a century ago. Out of date and very stereotyped reasoning.

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Posted in: Edo Tokyo Museum renovated See in context

This place is really a must not just for people from abroad but for any visitors to Tokyo.

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Posted in: Hayashi countermands Okinawa governor's halt order on base work See in context

After all Hayashi is a Minister in Abe's Cabinet. What else did you expect?

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Posted in: Abe expected to skip China's Victory Day parade See in context

Earlier this month China's foreign minister said Abe would be welcome if he is "sincere", and that Japan should face up to its wartime past and not "lose its conscience"

With a comment like the above, the nationalist Abe had no choice but skip it altogether. China probably didn't really expect him to come any way. Don't get me wrong. I'm not trying to defend Abe at all. I'm just hoping China will come up with a subtler and better idea to have him see their points.

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Posted in: Lawmakers to submit casino legalisation bill by the end of March See in context

Without casinos, we already have more than enough gambling places in this country as it is. If they must build a casino, build one in their own constituency first.

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