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Just curious. Do workers in Japan get compassionate and bereavement leave or long service leave?

In where I live employees are entitled to eight and two thirds weeks of long service leave upon the completion of at least 10 years of continuous employment with their employer. On top of this, they are entitled to four and one third weeks for each additional five years of service after the initial 10 years.

My wife has worked for the same company for over 20 years. She can take a very long 4 month holiday (if approved by her boss) when she use all her annual leave and long service leave together!

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Just curious. Do people still need to go to work or schools? In some countries, eg Hong Kong, schools and offices are closed and people are not required to attend or if they are already there they are sent home when a typhoon has caused severe disruption (this is determined by what warning signal the weather bureau has put up). How about in Japan?

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The people with their heads in the sand are the ones that read about one nutcase on JT and think that represents the average citizen.

You are right. So are those who sees the thriving of Korean district in Japan and brags about how Japanese has high tolerance for foreigners. If so why the immigration intake of Japan is so low for fear of high intake of immigrants can cause social problem.

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low crime levels (both violent and petty), infrastructure designed to withstand natural shocks and low risk of computer malware."

By category, Tokyo saw the strongest performance in digital security, coming in first. But it came in second, behind Osaka, in health security, fourth for infrastructure security and also fourth for personal security, with the report pointing out that the city is still plagued by corruption and organized crime.

People really need to read the whole article before making comments. There are other categories like infrastructure design, digital security etc that determines the ranking, not just crime rate. By the way Tokyo comes in fourth for personal security, it says the city is still plagued by corruption and organized crime. However, Tokyo is a relatively safe compared to many other major cities over the world.

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Isn't it just blowing hot and humid air in your face?

Maybe if it had some small cooler or ice compartment, maybe.

You are right. Some do have small compartment where you can put icy water it blows cold mist on you.

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Eh? Wouldn't this be the perfect opportunity to use non single use traditional Japanese fans and encourage eco ?

Unfortunately those fans are powered by swinging human hands which have very short life span.

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These fans have been around for a very long time. However, the newer ones come with rechargeable lithium battery and better motors which gives longer battery life and better air flow. It maybe not a heat beaker but it is better than nothing.

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For years I have been suggesting that countries, not cities, host these types of games

Although not a country, the IOC is going to let a region or a state to host an Olympic in the future. It was on my local news because my city is considering bidding for the Olympic. It said the change can make it more attractive to those people who worries about the cost.

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These people will need a holiday to get over their holiday.

LOL. I wonder if their bosses will buy this.

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You do not need to write an essay or write a lot to explain it. People simply just do not like others digging up the past. Especially when it is a shameful one.

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It added that it was important in such public places to be recognized and seen, which besides the burqa, also bans a face-covering helmet or hood. A person could be fined 150 euros ($165).

Looks like cosplayers in the Netherlands will need to be very careful now. So are those people dressing up as mascots for events. All can now only be done in privates.

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 Is this what they teach in Ethics class at high school?

However, the great University of Society also teaches people that when business is hard to come by and you need money, ethics can go to hell.

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Johnson insisted that while he wanted a deal, it could only happen if the EU budged, especially on an insurance policy for the Irish border that has been rejected by UK lawmakers.

He already said it. Unless EU budged there will be no deal. EU will not do that. So what is he going to do? Threaten to go to war? Do something super annoying?

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If the headline read "Foreign tourists and Japanese citizens warned not to fly drones during Sumida River Fireworks Festival". I'd be.... nice, they included the Japanese too and didn't single out foreigners.

The article says 'The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department has issued a notice in English to remind foreign tourists that operating drones in the area during the festival is prohibited.' because 'Many tourists who have been reprimand for operating unauthorized drones in Tokyo claim that they were unaware of the city’s strict regulations.' It is not singleing out foreigners. Good on the Tokyo Police doing something to solve this problem!

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China started this kind of protest. One time the Chinese authority took aim at Uniqlo, saying the map on the back of its catalogue ,which show the no. if it's stores in each Asian country, did not put Taiwan as part of China. Uniqlo apologized and withdrew the catalogue. It is just a bloody catalogue! A while ago Russia was at the kind of thing. Now it is Korea's turn. This childish protesting is spreading

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BORING! The communist Chinese government has been saying this since 1949. Maybe they forget they said it a while ago. Someone should just tell them we all knows and please try something new.

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Unless the man left and came back with it, I highly doubt he used a shotgun. Kind of a large weapon to be slinging around in public without someone saying something.

If it was a sawn-off shotgun then it would be much easier to conceal it. However, just like other said it was likely to be a handgun.

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Davd Varnes

I was being sarcastic.

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Rival gangs of local yakuza/chimpira, according to last night's TV news.

I would imagine the weapons of choice in the fight of 2 rival Yakuza gangs are Katanas. Shame on the one who pull out a gun! Where is your pride?

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Only in Japan! This will showcase the level of Robots and AI to the world, which will be a boost to tourism.

Very true. The Robot Restaurant in Kabukicho, Shinjuku,

Tokyo is very popular among foreigner tourist. Last time I was in Tokyo I want to check it out but the ticket price is around ¥8,000! Way beyond my means!

Furthermore, its safer if a Robot get hit by a discus or flying javelin in the stadium, than a human volunteer!

A very good point, from what I see in the picture it does not look like it can pick up javelins and discuses so I guess they are designing another robot to pick them up. I am sure they are not putting any human volunteer in the field.

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A country that can survive devastating quakes, tsunamis and atomic bombs with resolve, innovation and forward thinking can easily handle the Games.

If you said this before 2011 I would have agreed with you. But we all know what happened in 2011 and no one could predict that could happen.

However, I believe the problem of accommodation will turn out fine. OVERCROWDED TRANSPORTION is what they should worry about!

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They knew it all along but did nothing. Airbnb can easily solve this but they decide to tighten the regulation. All because not enough supplies means hotels can jack up their prices to even higher level. It is about whose pockets they want the money to go into.

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So nothing is gonna change in Japan. By the way, the little girl in the picture is so adorable!

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Just an angry rant. I drive everyday and the petrol price has gone crazy in recent years.

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The strait, between Iran and the Arabian peninsula, is the sole outlet for exports of most Middle Eastern oil, and the seizure sent oil prices sharply higher. 

I do not bloody care those senseless diplomatic conflicts between politicians of different countries. However, leave the bloody oil alone! Billions of motorists all over the world re not very happy now.!

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but Japan is home to most nobel prize winners 

Just like ifd66 points out Japan is 7th but if you mean most Nobel prize winning Asian country then it is true. However, the last 2 Japanese Noble prize winner are in 2016 and 2018, they won the Noble prize for medicine. Japan is top notch in the field of medicine. No doubt about it. The six Nonle prize categories are Literature, Economy. Physiology or Medicine, Physics, Chemistry and Peace. AI is Computer engineering (I think) so how us wining Noble prizes relevant to the development of AI.


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I often wonder how election results would swing if voting was made mandatory in japan.

It may not have a big impact as you think. In Australia voting is compulsory but you are not forced to vote for someone . There are people who just do not trust any politicians or want to stay neutual but do not want to pay the fine (Yes, you will be fined for repeat absent in voting at elections in Australia). They would do an 'informal vote' like leaving the voting paper blank, draw pictures or write things on it so their vote will not be counted.

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Why are people talking nonsense saying SK is walking backward, brainwashed, etc?

Because like some Koreans who have unrelenting hatred towards Japan, there are Japanese or foreigner living in Japan who have unrelenting hatred towards the Koreans.

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Japan to form such an opinion. The rhetoric here is about the superior Japanese people who helped Korea out of poverty only to be badgered and poked at by the ungrateful Koreans.

Thumb up to you, mate.

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Ridiculous. SK "beer-lovers" will be the ones who miss out in the long term, Kirin, Asahi etc will shift exports to other nations in the region. There is a huge boom in Japanese beer all around the world as beer lovers find out how amazing Japanese beer tastes. Now Korea beer drinkers must drink Hite... its awful lol!

Sorry, mate. Asahi and Sapporo beers sold in Australia are brewed in Australia. So what you say is not happening here. Good luck with other Asian countries.

By the way your patriotism of Japan as a foreigner really amazes me. Keep it up, mate. I look forward to your next patriotic post.

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