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Posted in: Keeping up with China: Kim Kardashian woos Chinese market See in context

The reason why she is not huge in China is because most Chinese do not like Kim's look. Big bxxx and back side girls are not considered hot in China. K-pop idols are their cup of tea.

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Posted in: Canada defends arrest of Huawei exec as markets wobble See in context

According to news on other web sites. She was using a Canadian passport and she is a Canadian citizen. Some says that Canadian police cannot arrest her if she is holding a foreign passport. Many online comments in China says it is not uncommon for top officals of big Chinese companys holding dual citizenships.

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Posted in: Japan considers transforming helicopter destroyer into aircraft carrier See in context

China has today confirmed it is build ing its 3rd aircraft carrier. It will be bigger than the previous 2 and may be equipped with the Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System (only USS Gerald R. Ford has it now). It also says in the future it will develop nuclear powered carrier. Aircraft carriers are offensive weapons. Japan's reaction, which may not be a good one, is justified.

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Posted in: Dolce & Gabbana fiasco shows importance, risks of China market See in context

According to other comments online, the promotional video has been running since August. It was not big news until an Vietnanese girl living in London message the D&G designer on IG saying the video is offensive. They had a heated exchange of words and the designer wrote 'China is a country of shxt, shxt, shxt'. The girl screen captured it and reposted it elsewhere online. That was when things blowed up. Then D&G said his account was hacked and he did not write those comments. No one buys it. So they had to make a video and apologised.

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Posted in: Passengers to be banned from carrying knives onto all trains in Japan from April See in context

High speed trains and many other trains in China have airport style security check. So it can be done but it will cause inconvenience to passengers.

Just depoly more security guards and police patrolling those trains. Simple but effective.

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Australians wise enough to object to their towns being overrun by refugees, can be immediately shamed, 

No town in Australia is being overrun by refugees. Australia is not as like Germany. We accept far less refugees than some others countries.

Put these "migrants" in the remotest part of the country.

Typical xenophobia. Australia is not generous in acception migrants anymore. Therefore, these "migrants" are with skills Australia needs or cashed-up. By the way, England is still among the top 5 countries where migrants are from. I wonder if they will be happy if you force them to live in the remotest part of the country.

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Posted in: 65 injured as typhoon hits Japan's mainland See in context

So do people still need to go to schools and work today?

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I would say the design is not bad. However, it does take a bit of work to remove the straps.

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Posted in: Pliskova beats Osaka to win Pan Pacific Open See in context

Below is a very good news article:

Warning to Naomi Osaka: Playing for Japan can seriously shorten your career


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Posted in: Pricey new iPhones make debut in Japan See in context

It is their money so they can spend them on whatever they want. However, I strongly suggest them to buy a tough case for their iPhones. People have butter fingers. By the way, the girl in the photo looks so hilarious. I think she is not wearing a hat, it is some sort of promotional item in store. And the staff allows her to put it on her head!

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Posted in: Osaka dominant on return to action in Japan See in context

The article is about a tennis game but all the above nonsense kept alive on this site says something about the level of some posters :)

The following is from the article:

Osaka was born in Japan to a Haitian father and Japanese mother. They were both in attendance Wednesday.

The shy 20-year-old Osaka, who has spent most of her life in the United States and lives in Florida, has been in the spotlight both on and off the court since return in Japan last Thursday.

The article does say something about her ethnicity and nationalities. Next time read the WHOLE piece before writing any comment.

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Posted in: Serena cartoon fuels debate about 'racist' Australia See in context

Australia WAS a racist country in the past, the infamous White Australia Policy and its treatment of the aboriginal people. However, it has changed and now is one of the world's most successful multicultural societies.

I am an asian who has been living in Australia for 26 years. Have I been subjected to racial abuse? Yes. How may times? Once!

I am not that naive to believe that all Australian are not racist. At the same time I am also not that hateful to say Australian are racist.

If you want to know more fact that supports my view, Google "Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act 1975 Australia". It takes too many words to explain it here.

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Posted in: Osaka's U.S. Open win re-opens cultural discussion in Japan See in context

Instead of saying Naomi is the first Japanese tennis player winning a grand slam title, it may be better to say Naomi is the first tennis player representing Japan winning a grand slam title.

It is rare but there are rugby players in Australia, NZ and those Pacific island nations that choose to represent the country which is not their country of birth or grow up in. I think it happans to some European soccer players, too.

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Bowing is also common in Canada and Australian airports.

I do not know if it is common in Canada. But I do not think bowing is common in Australia (26 years living down under). The other countries I can think of where bowing is common are Korea and China.

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Maybe, they are thanking the thousands of customers that used their services to get to Kansai from Tokyo recently....

A few years ago when I was in Tokyo I went to the Seibu Department store in Ikebukuro. I entered the store when it had just started trading in the morning. Their female staff all stood near their counter and bowed to the customers. I believe the ANA staff are bowing cause the airline has just reopened its check-in counters.

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Posted in: Osaka's tourism industry hit hard by typhoon See in context

You are assuming that I’m a foreigner. Actually I am a citizen.

You kinda lost me now. But anyway sorry for any offence caused.

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Posted in: Osaka's tourism industry hit hard by typhoon See in context


First of all, do not get too worked up. Your comment looks like sarcasm to me. Also sorry that I missed you earlier comment.

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Posted in: Osaka's tourism industry hit hard by typhoon See in context

Hey the tourists clog up Namba through Umeda in Osaka. I no longer get to sit on trains, gotta walk around people constantly...but I appreciate them! Thank you and come again :)

You sounds like it is the tourists' fault that you do not get to sit on trains. Well then you should take your complaint to the train company for not running more trains. Or the Osaka city council for being so hard on promoting tourism. Or the Japanese people who make Japan so beautiful that it attracts so many tourists from all over the world. Not demonising the tourist!

While you are rejoicing the tourist are gone, there are people, JAPANESE people, who are worrying that they may lose their jobs or have to close down their businesses.

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Posted in: Osaka's tourism industry hit hard by typhoon See in context

As a local here in Kyoto, the lack of tourists is a HUGE breath of fresh air. I was able to drive to work in under 1 hour for the first time in 2 years. On top of that, parking lots aren't full, and you can actually walk down the street without tourists stopping mid-stride to take pictures of themselves.

Glad to hear that. By the way how are the business owners and their staff there feeling?

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The number of foreign visitors is low and passengers are few. We don't think we will recover easily

The summer school holiday in the Northern Hemisphere has ended so it is normal to see lower tourist number (compaire to August). International flights is not at full capacity yet so passengers are few. No need to worry. When the red leaf seeing season starts it will recover.

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Posted in: Osaka's tourism industry hit hard by typhoon See in context

I enjoyed walking through dotonbori for the first time in 3 years

Glad to hear that. By the way how are the business owners and their staff there feeling?

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With the Ump acting the he did, makes you wonder?

The ump did nothing wrong. Serena simple lost her cool and decided to agrue with the ump, calling him a thief. Then she smashed her racket. Why are people still defending her anf blaming the ump.

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Posted in: Japan rejoices in having first grand slam champion See in context

Osaka's win "will be an inspiration to not only Japanese female tennis players, but all kids of mixed race people in Japan who strive to show pride in their heritage."

Well said. Hopefully this will happen. However, the Japanese people may not be as supportive as you think.

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Now that she has reached the age of twenty she will have to decide if she wants to be Japanese or not,

It is actually 22. By law she need to decide between Japan and US citizenship. However, many people in Japan do not do this and still hold on to their dual citizenship. However, she is famous now and I do not think she can avoid the hard decision.

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Reminds me when Sharapova used to be the biggest earner, despite clearly not being anywhere the best player. Hell, you can go back to the days of Kournikova, who didn't even win one single WTA singles title.

Kournikova maybe right but seriously Sharapova? From wikipedia:

Grand Slam Singles results

Australian Open

W (2008)

French Open

W (2012, 2014)


W (2004)

US Open

W (2006)

Highest ranking

No. 1 (August 22, 2005)

Five grand slam titles, having won all four them, highest ranking number 1. How many female tennis player can achieve this? She maybe not the best of the best but sure she is one of the best.

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Posted in: Osaka to provide multilingual disaster information for foreigners See in context


I agree with what you say. According to comments from other JT readers, cell towers have backup batteries which should give enough time to boardcast the emergence message. Critical infrastructures should have some sort of emergence backups like diesel generators, batteries etc. Mobile generators can be used, too.

If the mobile network is really down. Then the good old landline phone system can be really useful (though I do not know if Japan's landline network has evolved or not). The good old radio is not dead yet.

Hotels are likely to be the place tourists ask for information and a hot line for them is a very good idea.

We are not living in the stone age. We have good old landland phone, fax, email, voice mail, skype, wireless telecom etc. I believe if you are serious about it. There is always a good way to do it.

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Posted in: Osaka to provide multilingual disaster information for foreigners See in context

Seriously, it is the year of 2018, we are living in the so called digital age. We have smart phones and Wifi and 4G almost everywhere. With these you still cannot find a way to translate information into other languages and get them out! This is just incompetent.

Last time I lost my bag in Kyoto JR station and had to go to a smaller station which had little tourist. The staff there spoke little English so they called someone and the lady over the phone help us to translate. A hot line can really help and I do not think it is difficult to set it up.

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Posted in: 9 dead, 33 missing after M6.7 quake hits Hokkaido, knocks out power See in context

Why are some people down-thumbing those who left comments that priase others for their work done or praying for others or just saying what they see? I seriously do not understand.

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Posted in: Australian prime minister survives leadership challenge by 48 votes to 35 See in context

For the record Tony Abbott won in a landslide before he got backstabbed by Malcolm Turnball

You do remember that happened after the backstabbings between the two labor PMs, right? So you are saying when Peter D. becomes PM. Labor will win in a landslide in the next election.

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Posted in: Australian prime minister survives leadership challenge by 48 votes to 35 See in context

She said that the worst racism she experienced was in Australia, where someone through a drink (like McDonalds) at her from a car, and told her to "go home ch#&$k".

I have been living in Australia for 26 years. Have I experienced racism? Yes! How many times? Once!

There are 2.5 million people in Australia. It is native to think that all are nice. It is also wrong to say that Australians are racist because of the action of some people.

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