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Since what they did to Djokovic I don't watch Australia Open, and I don't recommend it to the others who support freedom.

I cant wait to see Bejing Winter Olympics! It is going to be a great spectacle!

I know they can handle the virus situation soomthly!

Are you being sarcastic, Larry Flint? Millions of people have lost their freedom because of Chinese government's zero-covid policy?

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At least they know to use the phase "under construction" Not something like "Erection in progress.".

Since the Engrish.com site folded, there have been few places to go for examples of language boners. 

Just google image of "Engrish signs" you will get lots of laughs.

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@Yoshisan88, correct! I was just pointing out a high vaccination rate does not correlate with the number of cases. Japan is capable of reaching new records with this wave just as Australia has. Vaccination rates will indeed keep people from dying, but not catching it.

I may have mis-interpret your comment. Sorry, mate.

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If Omicon is really the one that ends the pandemic. That is good! I really want to visit Japan again. However, is it mild enough to be spread through the population and the small number of people who need hospitalized does not strained the medical system? Let's say 1 in 10,000 people infected with Omicon needs hospitalized then in a country of 125.8 millions is 12,580. Is the medical system good enough to handle it in a short period of time?

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Yes totally realize it when everyone who is missing from our work is vaccinated people who are in hospitals.

The vaccine cannot 100% protect you from hospitalisation. It reduces your chance of hospitalisation if you are unlucky enough to catch the virus. It is like wearing a helmet while riding a bike cannot 100% protect you from having a accident and suffer serious injuries and even die from it but it reduces you chance of this happening.

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Caught covid and now is stuck in the UK. Vaccinations seem to be ineffective and people are starting to see it.

Oh, my god. Please stop this stupid comment. Covid vaccination does not stop you getting covid but it reduces your chance of getting seriously sick and die from it. It is like HBJ says "Just like seatbelts are useless when you don’t have a crash?? What utter nonsense.".

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FYI. Below is a extract from other online source:

On Monday afternoon, Judge Anthony Kelly read out a minute agreed to by both Djokovic and the government, which ordered the government to pay Djokovic’s costs and release him from detention within 30 minutes.

Djokovic’s passport and personal effects must be returned to him.

The government acknowledged it had not given Djokovic enough time to make his case while he was being held after arriving in the country.

The decision to revoke his visa under Section 116 of the **Migration Act was “unreasonable”, because Djokovic had been told, at 5:20am on the morning of January 6, that he could have until 8:30am to respond to officials.**

The call to cancel the visa happened before that deadline, at 7.42am, robbing Djokovic of time he could have used to “consult others” and make further submissions on his own behalf.

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Monty you wrote these

Jan. 3  08:58 am JSTPosted in: Do you think the world will be rid of COVID and all its variants this year?  See in context

This thing will never ends.

But soon people are getting tired of it, and it will be forgotten.

But the media and the vaccine industry will keep this thing alive as long as possible to keep their business running.

I bet the US force there have the similar views. They are really tired of covid and are doing their best to forget it. They know the bloody media and the vaccine industry are evil. I believe you should back them up. Don't you agree?

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Lock down the US bases.

Don't let them out!

Thanks to the US army, Okinawa is now in a big mess and the population of Okinawa are struggling now with the consequences of the bad behaviour of the US army.

Monty. You are so against governments implementing lockdowns, especially down under here. Yet you wants the US bases in Japan to be put under lockdown? Why?

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Australian media reported that Djokovic’s team had applied for the wrong type of visa for a person with a medical exemption.

He could have passed through but his team stuff it up.

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LOL. Is that some kind of advanced PPE invented in Japan?

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For a disease that kills less than 1% it infects.

For god's sake. Two years and there is people who still do not understand. The biggest problem is the overwhelming number of people who gets sick and cripple the medical systems in many countries. That is why we have vaccines for the seasonal flu which is even far less deadly than covid.

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We keep hearing about these kind of such studies but never actually see data from them..............


There is something called "Google".

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May all the readers and staff of JT have a Merry X'mas.

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People need to get vaccinated, mask, and avoid close contact with others.

Until all of that is followed [by everyone] then we will be in this never-ending-cycle of new variants, spikes, deaths, and lockdowns.

Very true but we all know it is not gonna happen.

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K-pop band TWICE basking in global popularity; plans U.S. tour

Twice is quite popular in Asia but the world? Even Blackpink does not say they are basking in global popularity.

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People always forget one thing. It is true that electric cars do not produce co2 like the petrol cars. However, where are the electricity from? If the electricity they use are generated from non-renewable energies then they are not as green as you think.

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You should not be driving when you are fatigue or drunk. If you are unhealthy and may suffer a medical episode anytime, why would you be driving in the first place!

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Two words. Population control. It is just that simple.

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I have not gone to a polling booth on election days for over 10 years. This is in Australia there is something called postal votes! You can apply it online (it takes a bit of efforts but it is not rocket science) and the voting papers will be sent to you with a prepaid return envelope.

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Congratulations to all! Amazing news!

Would love to live to around 110-120 years old too. Following a Japanese diet of tons of vegetables, good rice, miso, fish and very little red meat will hopefully help. The rest of the world should be eating Japanese cuisine as much as possible, so lifespans can increase everywhere.

According to world meters, the top 10 countries with the longest life expectancy of both sexes are

Hong Kong 85.29

Japan 85.03

Macao 84.68

Switzerland 84.25

Singapore 84.07

Italy 84.01

Spain 83.99

Australia 83.94

Channel Islands 83.60

Iceland 83.52

The difference between each one is very small. However, Japan is not no. 1. Maybe the world should be eating Hong Kong cuisine as much as possible, too.

Don't get me wrong. I super love Japanese food. But these are the facts.

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They need herd immunity, not lockdowns.

Please read the whole article first.

On Saturday, India reported 401,078 confirmed cases, including a record high of 4,187 deaths

Herd immunity with thousands death per day. What kind of logic is it?

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Still no herd immunity in New Zealand and Australia. Big trouble for them in the future because of their misguided lockdowns.

The only right way to achieve herd immunity is through vaccinations. Not by infesting the whole population which risks killing thousands of people. Unless you think those at risk of dying are ependable.

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Hang in there, mate. We are all in this together.

However, I do hope our quarantine can hold its own.

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Wait until it gets to winter in Australia and New Zealand when the 'flu' season restarts like every winter

That is why many states in Australia have strict covid restrictions in summer because if we can keep the virus at bay in summer. We have a better chance against it in winter.

Hey next time you complain about living in Japan, thank your lucky stars you don’t live in Australia!

Usually I want to be nice but your comment really is too mean. People do not need to wear a mask when going out here in Brisbane. Restaurants are all at full capacities. People are traveling without fear. Old people are feeling safe here. Things are looking normal here. Yeah I wish I were in Tokyo welcoming the upcoming 3 week SOE.

By the way, Japan is my favorite country. 7 times there in the past 10 years. I sincerely feel sorry for Japanese hurt in this pandamic, especially those in the tourism industry. I wish Japan best of lucky in this turbulent time.

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When the decision to postpone the Olympic was announced last year, a top brass from the IOC said the Olympic in 2021 would be the event to celebrate human's victory over the virus. We are yet to know how it will turn out to be but I guess victory is not one of them.

How can the Olympic rekindle hope to humanity in its battle against COVID-19 when you cannot even allow overseas tourist into Japan to attend it?

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This is really a big surprise. Maybe this is because the Chinese government is worried if restrictions in other countries who use the Chinese vaccines are easing and there is still a substantial amount of people get sick with covid. They can say "I did tell you that the vaccine does not have a very high protection rate."

Unfortunately for those countries, the Chinese vaccine is their only option. A vaccine with low protection is still better than no protection.

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Public health authorities define a significant exposure to Covid-19 as face-to-face contact within 6 feet with a patient with symptomatic Covid-19 that is sustained for at least a few minutes (and some say more than 10 minutes or even 30 minutes). The chance of catching Covid-19 from a passing interaction in a public space is therefore minimal. 

Did they test if a symptomatic covid-19 patient coughing or sneezing in a public space without a mask is safe for people surrounding him? Did they test if people wipe their noses with their fingers and touch things in public places and then it is safe when others touchs those things?

If you drive without fastening a seatbelt is fine until you are involved in an accident. The wearing of the seatbelt make the whole difference if you comes out of it alive or not.

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FYI, below is from another Australuan news article:

Mr Morrison pointed out that the risk of the blood clots was only about four to six in a million.

This is far lower than the risk of clots among people taking the contraceptive pill (one in 2,000) or travelling on planes (one in 4,656 flights lasting over four hours). In fact, up to 30% of people who have COVID-19 will get thrombocytopenia, making the risk from the virus much higher, Professor Munir Pirmohamed, chair of the UK’s Committee of Human Medicines, told Sky News.

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NZ domestic tourism is just not big enough to support its tourism industry. According to ABC News Australians accounts for 40% of NZ's international tourist pre-covid. However, people on both sides are aware that the bubble can burst when there is a new outbreak and tourists will be stranded.

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