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Posted in: BYD to launch new EV in Japan yearly through 2026 to gain foothold See in context

It's over already. EVs are nonsensical and should never have been shoved down our throats. Toyota knows.

From Wikipedia:

The Toyota bZ4X, also marketed in Japan, US, Canada, Europe, and China as the Subaru Solterra, is a battery electric compact crossover SUV manufactured by Toyota. The vehicle debuted in April 2021 as the "bZ4X Concept". It is the first vehicle to be based on the e-TNGA platform co-developed by Toyota and Subaru,[11] and the brand's first model to be part of their Toyota bZ ("beyond Zero") series of zero-emissions vehicles

From the internet:

Toyota reveals two new EV concepts as it plods along on its path to electrification / Toyota’s wait-and-see approach to EVs may be loosening, with the automaker preparing six battery electric cars for Europe by 2026.

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Posted in: Leap year glitch disrupts driver license issuance in parts of Japan See in context

I kinda LMAO this morning when I heard on radio what happened in New Zealand:

Leap year glitch' shuts some New Zealand fuel pumps

By Lucy Craymer

February 29, 20241:10 PM GMT+10Updated 5 hours ago

WELLINGTON, Feb 29 (Reuters) - A number of New Zealand petrol pumps stopped working on Thursday due to a "leap year glitch" in payment software, fuel stations and the payment service provider said.

It is 2024. 24 years after the infamous Y2K bug and these still happens.

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Posted in: Lionel Messi's global tour with Inter Miami has been very messy and a PR nightmare See in context

A big scam if you are going to advertise a game with Messi as front and center yet doesn't play. Why would someone pay ¥10000+ to watch this without him or any MLS club for that matter?

Tickets in Hong Kong are double the prices of the upcoming match in Japan. The most expensive ticket in Hong Kong for the match is around HKD$4,000 which is equal to around ¥76,000.

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Posted in: Japan to allow longer stays for digital nomads to boost consumption See in context

One time ABC (Australia) did a news piece about these so called digital nomads. However, the Aussies go to Bali, Indonesia.

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Posted in: DNA tests show dead man likely 1970s bombing fugitive in Japan See in context

ABC (Australia) posted an online news article about this case yesterday. They interviewed one of his drinking buddy who met the guy 36 years ago. There are few interesting things mentioned in the article:

The pair met at a pub 36 years ago and became regular drinking buddies, frequenting the pub to see local rock bands.

Kirishima's drinking buddy, Takeshi, did not want to be identified, but told the ABC he's stunned by the news. (ABC News: Yumi Asada)

They also often went to the local bathhouse since Satoshi Kirishima's home lacked a bath.

"When I asked him, 'Why did you come here?' he said, 'I followed a friend from university and came to the city,'" Takeshi Ito said. 

"He told me that his family owned a fish shop. He said he was from Okayama. But when he got drunk, he spoke in Hiroshima dialect."

I do not speak Japanese but I do know Kanto and Kansai accent. But I did not know there is other regional accent in Japan.

Takeshi Ito is struggling to come to terms that his friend was a wanted terrorist.

"Even during those rebellious times when he was a student, he probably followed those people because he got drunk. He wasn't a leader type," he said. 

"I feel sorry for him."

Very interesting point but even it is true I do not think telling the judge I got drunk and became a terrorist would work well in court.

The family of Satoshi Kirishima are refusing to take his body.

So, the final farewells will fall to his mates.

"When things settle down, we'd like to have a farewell party for him," Takeshi Ito said.

If it really happens, good on him for doing it for his mate.

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Posted in: China overtook Japan as world's top vehicle exporter in 2023 See in context

Unlike their Chinese counterparts, Japanese automakers including Toyota -- reconfirmed on Tuesday as the world's largest company by unit sales -- also make huge volumes of vehicles in other countries.

In 2022, vehicle production in Japan excluding motorcycles totalled 7.84 million units, but overseas production was almost 17 million units

Mitsubishi, Mazda and Honda have factories in other countries, too. Their cars sold here down under are all manufactured in Thailand. Japan still is kinda no. 1.

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Posted in: Record 87% of Japanese 'do not feel friendly' toward China: survey See in context

The mail-in survey of 3,000 Japanese nationals aged 18 or older living in the country, received valid responses from 1,649, or 55.0 percent. The government started conducting similar polls in 1975 to help formulate its foreign policy.

Only 1,649 valid responses. I would say it is only enough data for a study in a perferture.

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Posted in: ‘I never lost a fight against a man’: The story of the only woman to join Japan’s notorious yakuza See in context

Why is this article congratulating this evil woman ?

Its supporting illegal gang idolization

I do not think this article is congratulating this woman. It just tells her story. Well, readers can have different opinions after reading it.

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Posted in: Disney debuts deaf Native superhero as 'woke' debate swirls See in context

But the series comes at a delicate time for Disney, whose Marvel superhero films have struggled recently at the box office after over a decade of global domination.

There are a few factors. However, I am no Marvel or superhero fan but I think the major reason this is because they retired those popular ones like Ironman, Captain America, Blackwidow etc. Antman, Captain Marvel etc are really not that popular.

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Posted in: Disney's 100th-anniversary work 'Wish' challenges status quo See in context

While Disney's tales of beautiful young princesses uniting with their "Prince Charming" have garnered tremendous support over the years, they have also been criticized for reinforcing the patriarchal stereotype of male domination and female exploitation.

Reinforcing male domination and female exploitation? Seriously? They are movies for kids.

Furthermore, he says, Magnifico, in managing wishes, mirrors the giant tech companies of today that store people's information away to use as they please. "It shows pretty good foresight into the dangers of our information society," he said.

Well everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I seriously think this guy is thinking too much.

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Posted in: China's BYD overtakes Tesla for most EV sales See in context

How much was stolen from Tesla?

From 2 different online news article:

The first Tesla Model equipped with BYD’s LFP battery rolled off the production line in Berlin, Germany. It is the first time when Berlin Gigafactory manufactures vehicle with a battery from a Chinese brand. Moreover, the Model Y with BYD’s battery showed surprising charging efficiency by adding 60% of the charge in 15 minutes.

Notably, Tesla has started using BYD Blade Batteries for its Tesla Y cars produced in the Berlin Gigafactory. While the usage of Blade Batteries has been limited to this facility for now, it is highly likely that Tesla will expand their application to other Gigafactories.

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Posted in: China's BYD overtakes Tesla for most EV sales See in context

Well, they can - they just need time to steal designs from other countries.

Google "Blade Battery".

Also have a look at the following.:


Looks at the 3 pictures that someone put together those Japanese copycat products.

It happened in the 60's to the 80's.

Then Japan started innovate and invented lots of awesome products.

I remember the Walkman, CD player and the awesome MD player.

Why can't China do it?

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Posted in: China's BYD overtakes Tesla for most EV sales See in context

I was too young when Japanese cars started to rise. However, my Dad one time told me they used to call Japan made cars "Kerosene tin cars".

One time I got inside a Hyundai Excel more than 20 years ago and was kinda shocked by how crappy it is inside. I still remember there was no enclosure for its handbrake handle. It was coming out straight from a hole on the floor of the car.

Nowadays Japan and Korea make good quality cars.

If Japan and Korea can do it. Why can't China?

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Posted in: China's BYD overtakes Tesla for most EV sales See in context

Do these numbers include the cars produced only to sit in an empty field and never driven?

I am no fan the CPP. From some other online news article:

The field of cars was explored by Inside China Auto on YouTube, who translated the markings on the cars to explain their origins. The site is widely purported to contain up to 10,000 unsold new EVs, for the reasons outlined above.

However, a closer look reveals the opposite to be true: These are **not new EV**s, and they only number in the hundreds. Most are five to six years old and have seen significant use, with aftermarket accessories, trash in their interiors, and other signs of wear. That's because you're looking at a fleet of retired rideshare cars that were once operated in large cities in China.

The way Inside China Auto tells it, there was an e-bike sharing bubble in 2016 that was rapidly copied by services offering short-range EV rentals. But just like in the United States, these ventures struggled, as they were far more expensive to start and maintain than bike sharing. 

Those cars are the result of failed EV car sharing business.

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Posted in: Mickey Mouse horror films announced as Disney copyright expires See in context

From another online news article:

Steamboat Willie (Mickey Mouse’s first appearance) is now in the public domain, and game devs have wasted no time turning the classic character into the antagonist of a horror game with the announcement of Infestation 88

A PC game is in development, too.

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Posted in: Happy New Year See in context

Happy New Year! May 2024 be a better year.

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Posted in: Australia braces for 45-degree temperatures, thunderstorms for New Year weekend See in context

Lindsay, U r absolutely correct.

Right now here in Brisbane it is 29℃. In Melbourne it is 18℃ and in Sydney it is 23℃. Big difference in different states.

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Posted in: Season's greetings See in context

Merry Christmas to all JT readers and staff. I sincerely wish everyone better times in 2024.

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Posted in: Kishida pitches Japan scallops at ASEAN dinner to counter China import ban See in context

Japanese scallops are delicious. However, their prices are high. Not everyone can afford to eat them.

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Posted in: The Napoleon that Ridley Scott and Hollywood won’t let you see See in context

It is a movie. It is not a documentary. Somebody really likes to take things too seriously.

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Posted in: Australia plans to halve migrant intake, tighten student visa rules See in context

If they are university students, they'll be big spenders, and not the drain on society immigrants are often protrayed as.

Unfortunately here in Australia we are having a housing crisis. There are many reasons contributing to this crisis. However, high immigration is one of them. Since the majority of them wants to live in big cities.

By the way, many of these migrants could not come to Australia because the border was shut due to covid. Now they are all coming together. That is why the figure is so high.

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Posted in: Australia plans to halve migrant intake, tighten student visa rules See in context

Good. Here's a familiar story: immigrants have come to your country, fully supported in terms of social housing, social welfare, and practically free medical care and often never once hold down a legitimate job or contribute to society in any way shape or form.

LOL. Clearly you have no idea how exactly the situation is like here in Australia. There are refugees which likely need assistance. Then there are international students who wants to stay after finishing their studies. Some of them are definitely not short of money. Then we have the rich Chinese who have made their fortune in China and wants a better place for their kids to grow up. They buy their big houses in cash. Drives European cars or Teslas. House prices in some high end suburbs in big cities are reportly driven up by these migrants.

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Posted in: Australian woman charged with murder over mushroom meal deaths See in context

Quite fortuitous that she did not partake.

According to the police, her children were at the lunch but did not eat the meal.

Also according to news report her ex-husband almost died from a mystery stomach illness last year.

After the tragedy, supermarkets were telling their mushroom suppliers that sales had decreased by up to 10 per cent.

Breaking news

Erin Patterson has been charged with three counts of murder and five counts of attempted murder after a fatal mushroom lunch served at her home in Leongatha earlier this year.

Three of the five attempted murder charges relate to “three seperate incidents” in Victoria between 2021 and 2022, Victoria Police said.

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Posted in: Halloween weekend shootings across U.S. leave at least 11 dead, over 70 injured See in context

I am curious. Can someone enlighten me about the 2 cases in Texas? Guns were pulled. People got killed. The person who started firing first survived. But no arrest?

Does this mean if I get into an argument or fist fight in Texas and pull out a gun and start killing people. I would not be arrested. Is it about something about so called "stand your ground" (I can't remember correctly) where you believe you are threatened you can use lethal force?

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Posted in: Honda, GM driverless taxi JV to commence operation in 2026 in Tokyo See in context

Driverless taxi chaos in San Francisco erodes public trust in autonomous technology

Since 2022, Cruise a subsidiary of General Motors, has been incrementally rolling out driverless taxis in San Francisco.

In August, it received approval to operate in the city at all hours, including the more dangerous peak-traffic periods. 

Within two days, Cruise driverless taxis racked up three incidents: the one that failed to stop for the fire truck, another taxi that drove onto wet concrete at a construction site, and a third incident when 10 taxis lost connectivity due to a nearby music festival.

Well. Maybe the Honda one is better.

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Posted in: Your immune system makes its own antiviral drug − and it's likely one of the most ancient See in context

Natural immunity is the way to go.

Luckly people were much smarter or Smallpox would still exists today.

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Posted in: Mayor of Tokyo's Shibuya Ward again asks Halloween partygoers to stay away See in context

Yet Hasebe, shameful scare mongering, his insinuation that a SK tragedy that claimed the lives of 150 people, officially attributed to the district warren of severely steep sloping twisting alleyways on either side of a main road.

You are absolutely right on it. The streets and alleyways in Shibuya are much wider than those in Itaewon.

I was watching a YouTuber live streaming in Shibuya at Halloween last year. I do not feel the crowd is bigger than usual (I do not live in Japan but have been to Shibuya while holidaying in Japan a few times. It is Shibuya where the world famous scramble crossing locates. I believe its streets are usually packed with people.)

There are lots of police there. They will use their megaphone to move people on.

A few years ago, I was waiting for the new year count down and decided to watched the internet live streaming at the scramble crossing in Shibuya. I was shocked to see they have stopped the traffic and let a sea of people stood at the crossing for the count down. That was before the pandemic.

So New Year gathering is fine but Halloween is not?

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Posted in: Wales qualifies for quarterfinals by crushing Australia 40-6 See in context

But yes - rugby union is the 4th ranked football code in Australia and has none of the interest both by the people and media that AFL, Rugby League and Soccer attract.

Rugby Union used to be the no. 1. According to Wikipedia, Rugby union holds the match attendance record of any football code in New South Wales (109,874), Western Australia (61,241) and the Australian Capital Territory (28,753). But now it has been over taken by other codes.

Mate. I think you forgot to add cricket. So it should be the 5th.

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Posted in: Blockbuster movie scares Chinese tourists away from Thailand See in context

But since the start of 2023, only 2.3 million Chinese tourists have come, and last week the Thai government announced temporary visa-free travel for Chinese travellers in a bid to restart the flow.

Maybe this is because things in China now are not as rosy as before the pandemic. The Chinese just do not have the money. Every countries have seen less Chinese tourist then before.

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Posted in: How to be a K-pop fan in Tokyo See in context

One man's trash is another man's treasure.

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