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Posted in: Japan eyes exempting short-term business travelers from quarantine See in context

The one thing I would commend the government for is not engaging in the ridiculous total lockdown strategies that other countries have used.

If peopl

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Posted in: Japan eyes exempting short-term business travelers from quarantine See in context

stay from the country's quarantine requirements provided they follow certain COVID-19 precautions, 

Countries like China, South Korea, Singapore , Vietnam, Hong Kong have successfully contained covid-19. With certain covid-19 precautions in place as mentioned in the article, it is relatively safe to bring in those travellers to resume international business activities. However, some readers has also said that unless the countries they are from agree to exempt them from 2 week quarantine when they return home, not many business people will come.

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Posted in: Japan eyes exempting short-term business travelers from quarantine See in context

Really, what numbers are you looking. I'm looking at number of deaths. Japan Roughly 1600, the lowest in the world.

I agree that Japan has done a pretty good job containing covid-19 but number of deaths is lowest in the world. Really, what numbers are you looking at? https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/#countries

Japan covid death per 1 million population is 13. South Korea is 9. Singapore is 5. Taiwan is 0.3. Many countries has a lower death per 1 million population than Japan.

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Posted in: Japanese elementary teacher busted for hiding students’ shoes; writing 'die' on their belongings See in context

He must really, really, really hate some of his students.

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Posted in: Why blonde-haired, blue-eyed Sailor Moon is neither white nor Japanese See in context

It is OK to have some light hearted discussion but backlash? Do they discuss what race have gigantic eyes and unportiontionly long arms and legs like those anime characters? It is anime. Do not mix it with reality.

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Posted in: New Zealand's Ardern credits virus response for election win See in context

In my culture, there is a saying "circumstance makes one to become a hero". Covid-19 had given J.A. the prefect opportunity to boost her popularity.

Not to take away anything from her victory, but it is far easier to control the virus in a country with less than 5 million people.

I cannot agree more. I have been saying this for many months that J.A. has done the right things to contain the virus but she has some winning factors like 5 million population in a country the size of Japan, relatively low population density in cities etc to help her. Therefore it is not fair to compare NZ to other countries like Japan, UK etc.

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Posted in: Japan unveils 3,000-ton new submarine See in context

The 70-crew member submarine has a stealth-like design and is equipped with lithium-ion batteries so that it can remain underwater longer than previous models, it also said.

Still not as good as nuclear submarine which can remain underwater for months. It only needs to resurface to restock food or other consumables.

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Posted in: Japan unveils 3,000-ton new submarine See in context

The 70-crew member submarine has a stealth-like design and is equipped with lithium-ion batteries so that it can remain underwater lon

Still not as good as the nuvlea

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Posted in: 2 brothers arrested after keeping father’s corpse in house for 9 months See in context

I wonder how they preserved the corpse. I do not think an ordinary fridge is big enough or cold enough to store a human body. Therefore a not too small freezer is needed to do the job. Or can be in some kind of liquid preservatives or salt water in the bathroom tub?

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Posted in: Who pays for the extra toilet paper? The big questions of the work-from-home era See in context

Here in Australia you can claim a deduction of 80 cents for each hour you worked from home in the 2019–20 income year during the period 1 March to 30 June 2020 as long as you: were working from home to fulfil your employment duties and not just carrying out minimal tasks such as occasionally checking emails or taking calls.

It may not be s lot but it is still something.

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Posted in: Needle found in pastry item in convenience store See in context

I remember an instance of this decades ago in the US, and other similar acts.

Similar things happened to Strawberries grown in Queensland, Australia in 2018. Luckily no one was hurt. However, tons of strawberries were dumped and some farms had installed metal detectors for safety measures.

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Posted in: Japan's 'yuru-kyara' mascot competition to end after 9 years See in context

In recent years, however, the competition has come in for criticism over "organized votes" and overheated campaigns to choose the winner.

I think this happens because winners like Kumamon and Funassyi have become popular and people sees the opportunity to make big money if their mascot wins the competition. The competition is full of fun. Apart from the cute mascots there are some you would ask "Who would come up with the idea to make a mascot like this?". It is s pity that it has to end.

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Posted in: Cameron, Scorsese, Eastwood say U.S. movie theaters may not survive pandemic See in context

Many of those Hollywood actors and actresses makes millions in one movie. They sure have some spare cash in their banks. Maybe instead of asking the government those in the movie industry should find some ways to help themselves. Government money should go to other industries that needs more urgent help.

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Posted in: Trump and first lady test positive for COVID-19 See in context

He is going to be fine. I do not think the virus can put up with his arrogance for very long and will leave him.

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Posted in: Full moon See in context

Yesterday was Chinese Moon Festival or Mid Autumn Festival. I read an article that in Japan it was celebrated in the past but now the tradition had somehow faded. Also what people eat and how it is celebrated is quite different in the two countries.

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Posted in: Video of giant Gundam robot moving in Yokohama draws millions on Twitter See in context

It looks really cool! I will definitely go and see it next time in Tokyo. However, I really would like to see a real size Char's Zaku II.

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Posted in: October to bring various price changes for Japan residents See in context

Of Japan's 47 prefectures, 40 -- not including Hokkaido, Tokyo, Shizuoka, Kyoto, Osaka, Hiroshima and Yamaguchi -- will raise minimum wages by between 1 yen and 3 yen, in steps.

LOL. I believe it is per hour rate, right. So a person who works 40 hrs per week will get between 40 yen and 120 yen more. It also says it will be done in steps. So that means first is 1 yen more, then is any 1 yen more etc. I think a store clerk in Japan usually gets around 1000 yen per hour. This means between 0.1% and 0.3% pay rise. Seriously this looks more like an insult than bonus to me.

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Posted in: JAL ditches 'ladies and gentlemen' for gender-neutral greetings See in context

I am confused by all the comments, who cares about gendered greetings, what the issue with just saying good morning or good evening ?!

Usually people will not give a damn about saying "L and G" or "Good morning" but because JAL is saying they are doing it to not offense the LGBT people so they are all worked up to say this is PC gone crazy or I am offended I am not addressed correctly or even write a ridiculous long comment to ridicule the move.

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Posted in: JAL ditches 'ladies and gentlemen' for gender-neutral greetings See in context

I do not think they need to change it. However, I am also not against changing it. It is JAL's decision. Look at all the nasty comments. People get worked up so easily.

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Posted in: Japanese actress Yuko Takeuchi, 40, found dead at home in apparent suicide See in context

You have a point. But it's also easy to explain away a selfish act this way. Most people with a brain have felt suicidal at times when things go wrong. 

No. When a normal person with a right mind would quit and move on when things go wrong. A normal human being will try to stay alive rather than die. Feeling suicidal is aleady a sign a person is suffering mental illness.

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Posted in: Japanese actress Yuko Takeuchi, 40, found dead at home in apparent suicide See in context

commanteer. Below is something about "Mental illnesses" found online:

Mental illnesses are health conditions involving changes in emotion, thinking or behavior (or a combination of these). Mental illnesses are associated with distress and/or problems functioning in social, work or family activities. Mental illness is common.

Mental illness itself occurs from the interaction of multiple genes and other factors -- such as stress, abuse, or a traumatic event -- which can influence, or trigger, an illness in a person who has an inherited susceptibility to it.

If she had cancer and died from it then I bet nobody would criticise her. But when she dies of suicide due to an illness that attacks her mind then people says she is a coward. Mental illness is a disease caused by stress or other things that attack a person's sanity. It is just like other diseases that caused by a bacteria or virus infections that attacks a person's body. If she was in her right mind and felt sick of looking after her kids and decided to quit she could just leave them and started another life. Instead she decided to kill herself! This means she could not think properly because of the illness she was suffering.

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Posted in: Japanese actress Yuko Takeuchi, 40, found dead at home in apparent suicide See in context

I am not a big fan of Japanese TV dramas or movies but I have read many news about her in the past and know she was very famous. She had many oversea fans and they are now mourning her death.

She had a young baby. I wonder if she was dealing with postpartum depression.

Some news reports in Hong Kong have indeed claimed a Japanese movie director has said she was dealing with postpartum depression.

If this was suicide, it is very selfish in her part given that she has an infant child born this January. Did she ever think of the impact this will have on her children? Awful.

It is alleged that she was suffering postpartum depression.

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Posted in: London police, protesters clash at COVID-19 demonstration See in context

I can understand people are upset if they are out of work or their businesses are hurt because of the restrictions. However, I still do not understand why many people refuse to wear a mask in public places. There are face masks that are comfortable to wear. I do not hear people complaining about they need to wear shorts or pants outside their houses.

Do I really need a mask to a take a walk in the park by myself.

I want to freely breathe the fresh clean air for my health and well being.

You guys are Orwellian extremists.

Nope. However, may I remind you that you breath through your nose, not your mouth. Just pull your mask down from your nose then you can freely breathe the fresh clean air. If you still insist on arguring over a bloody mask. You are a spoiler brat.

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Posted in: Health chief of Australia's Victoria state quits in fallout from quarantine probe See in context

People love the blame game and pointing fingers. This lady is very brave to take sole responsibility for an action against an unpredictable situation. I am sure her resignation will be a wake-up call for some.

Good on her to do this but I do not think the outbreak is an unpredictable situation. Australia has closed its international border and even restricted the movement of people between states to contain the spread of Covid-19. This means the whole international tourism industry and even parts of domestic tourism are sacrificed so Aussies can live a relatively Covid free lives. Therefore, the quarantine of returning traveller must be taken very seriously and the use of untrained private security guards is clearly a serious lapse of judgement. As usual when asked whose fault is it no one puts up his or her hand and just keeps saying "I don't know". People loves pointing fingers but sometimes someone needs to take responsibility.

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Posted in: JRFU rules certain Japan passport holders will be regarded as non-Japanes See in context

This reminds me of a story I read recently about Jeremy Lin. The Taiwanese American basketball player who generating a cultural phenomenon known as "Linsanity" in the 2011 NBA season. Jeremy has left NBA and joined the Beijing Ducks in China. It is reported that Jeremy has applied for Taiwanese Citizenship (He was born in the USA but his parents are from Taiwan). The reason is each team in the Chinese league has limited quotes for foreign players. However, Taiwanese players are regarded as local players. Therefore by getting Taiwanese citizenship Lin can become a local player and the management can recruit another foreign player to beef up the team.

The ruling by JRFU sounds unreasonable but it does kinda have a point.

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Posted in: Japanese artist creates ramen face mask to complement fogged glasses See in context

Great for being part of the uniforms for staff working at ramen shops to wear. It will sure generate lots of laughs. There are other ways to prevent glasses fogging up. Just Google it. Also there is something called contact lens. However, not all people feel comfortable wearing them.

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Posted in: Japanese sex business operator sues state over virus cash handout snub See in context

According to the lawyers, the plaintiff files income tax returns and operates her business in compliance with laws regulating the sex industry.

If she pays tax properly then there is good reason for her to be angry.

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Posted in: Do you think China made the coronavirus and released it either deliberately or by accident or it wasn't manmade? See in context

There is a conspiracy theory that people within the ruling CCP who are not happy with the current chairman's direction deliberately released the virus. There are factions in the CCP. The chairman used to be a 10 year term but now the rule has been changed that it can go beyond 10 years. Xi is trying to stay in power forever and this does upset a lot of people in power.

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Posted in: Japan newlyweds can receive up to ¥600,000 to start new life See in context

Off the mark. The ultimate goal should be to raise the overall number of newborns, not to support young married couples.

Agreed. Support should be provided in childcare or education or other expenses to help raise a newborn. Will there be any audit on how the money is spent? Can it be used to buy a Switch for the couple's future child?

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Posted in: Japan eases virus restrictions to allow more people at sports, movie venues See in context

Glad to see people stop paying attention to the fearmongering, and now even j-gov is supporting larger gatherings.

Not fear mongering, mate. Covid is bloody serious. It is almost impossible to eradicate it in a country like Japan. Therefore the right way is to surpass and contain it. Against all odds and with some luck, Japan has done it. It is reasonable to ease restrictions but precautional measures are still needed to prevent another wave.

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