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Yoshiteru Yanagita comments

Posted in: Obuchi resigns over misuse of political funds; justice minister also resigns See in context

Oh~~~~~! This sounds as if Japanese politicians are enjoying their "道楽" (・・・just a moment. Let me refer to a dictionary...Yes, the translation of 道楽 is debauchery or indulgence ! ! !) while they can make living with their own people's tax. They must be called fraudsters or, just "parasites" of Japanese people !

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Posted in: Japan to resume Fukushima rice exports See in context

This is a very congratulatory news for Fukushima and Tohoku region. The restoration efforts seem to be fruitful even though it's not so speedy as most Japanese will expect. I also wish the region's restoration to be conducted more and more.

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Posted in: Japan to propose 50% cut in young tuna catch See in context

Tuna is one of my most favorite sushi menus, so this movement is quite necessary in the long run if we want tunas never to be extinct.

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Posted in: Kamikaze pilots say war horrors lost on young See in context

Japan should stick to its pacifism and its pacifist constitution that abolished "Kousen-ken"(right of belligerence) absolutely stubbornly. I still wonder if those who propose collective defense forgot the miserable experience of Japan several decades ago. Such a miserable history must never be repeated.

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Posted in: Shabu-shabu restaurant mislabels beef on menu at 3 locations See in context

If even a very tiny fraudulence is permitted, it will lead to permitting a very big fraudulence in the end. There is a proverb in Japan, "Senjou-no Tsutsumi-mo Ari-no Ikketsu-kara", which means even a big, big strong wall can collapse due to a very small hole which an ant dug. If this kind of fraudulence is permitted, it can lead to a very big problem of the whole industry. They must never ridicule consumers with such fraudulence !

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Posted in: Abe pledges Japan's commitment to world peace See in context

I have a concern that Japan will be regarded just as an amiable country in the future from the global society. Japan is only one country which experienced two atomic bombs, isn't it ? Japan has been only one country which declared abolition of the right of waging any war in its constitution, hasn't it ? Personally, I never hope to join a war, which can ultimately lead to a nuclear war. I never hope this country to wage a war in the future.

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Posted in: Disgraced Japan stem cell scientist dead in apparent suicide See in context

First of all, why has Miss Obokata been picked up by television so long and so persistently ? Is it only because her thesis was so epoc-making ? Please imagine that if she is not so cute nor beautiful and if she is not just a beautiful woman, has almost all television companies in Japan come near to her so curiously ? This is definitely an academic issue, which makes me wonder why she has been on television so much.

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Posted in: No. of accidents involving people using phones while walking increases See in context

As a Japanese, I'd like to give to such young guys an advice that it's much, much cooler not to watch the screen of cellphones while walking ! When you walk, you should walk while seeing the direction which you're heading for. True adults know what they should and have to do when they are doing something. Japanese youngsters must be much cooler and more adult.

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Posted in: Airbus descends to 75 meters above water on approach to Naha airport See in context

Personally, if i have a chance to take an airplane, I'll never take LCC. Simply, the lowered cost leads to lower salary of crew members and engineers, and therefore lower service and maintenance, In addition, how the atmosphere of such aviation companies will be, of course, can be imagined very easily, I never hope the worst scenario will occur in the aviation industry.

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Posted in: No. of elderly people living alone predicted to be 37% of population by 2035 See in context

This is a terrible news for Japan. The power of economic growth is fading now, and the demographic structure is getting worse for its economic growth..My opinion is that Japan shouldn't depend only on monetary easing policy, which will ultimately lead to mere inflation. Inflation without economic growth and wage increase is harmful for individuals. Japan should try again to re-structure its system of economic growth, which has been matured and is different from that of 1960s and 70s.

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Posted in: Flying around See in context

Is he Mr.Satoru Sayama, who was the very first Tiger Mask in Japan i 70s and 80s, or one of his disciples? I loved his wrestling style, which was (and is) very logical and understandable. He was really a genius wrestler.

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