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@Michael O'Dereiter

That's definitely possible, in that hypothetical situation, but the excuse might not be limited to do translation itself but the semantics of "mild". I've had locals lament for all the poor "foreign" athletes who will be affected by this weather as though hot weather didn't exist elsewhere and didn't affect everyone.

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A quote from the bid:

“With many days of mild and sunny weather, this period provides an ideal climate for athletes to perform their best.”

I've mentioned this here before, but the IOC could have googled it, but I guess their views were obscured with all that cash flying around.

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The point is that we are not able to travel freely for quite a while even after we are double jabbed. Polio, typhoid, diphtheria, yellow fever, hepatitis B, Japanese encephalitis, tuberculosis... all far worse than COVID (and for which I have been jabbed), yet there are no travel restrictions regarding those diseases (for the jabbed).

There is no polio, typhoid, diphtheria etc. pandemic right now. That's the difference.

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Exactly. I also thought of the mayor of the host city's dubious attitude to the legacy of the Great Kanto Earthquake.

The IOC and JOC have no values or agenda. They just want to make money.

Japan has been extremely good at telling the world it's a futuristic paradise. Making fun of topics controversial in the West, on the other hand, can have negative financial repercussions. That's why Japan's contemporary genocide deniers get a free pass but comedians who made one terrible joke ages ago don't.

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While I find the timing weird, I find it it even weirder that people call this "cancel culture". Isn't that usually thought of as something connected with "woke" mobs harassing people online who expressed "unwoke" views, which then can result in loss of job opportunities or removal from social networking sites?

This looks more like the organizers of the Olympics are trying to disassociate themselves from people who might, through the exposure they are getting thanks to the games, go viral for all the wrong reasons. I'd argue nothing can make the games' reputation worse than actually holding them against the will of the majority of its host city's inhabitants in the middle of a pandemic, but that's just me.

It looks like he got fired because it was possible to fire him. A joke based on the premise of imitating genocide is surely in extremely poor taste. However, Japanese politicians occasionally say horrific things about their own and neighbouring countries' history, and not as a joke, and mostly get off consequence-free.

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Many people (young and not so young) simply don't seem to care about their own health and that of vulnerable people around them. Some are tired of being told to sacrifice their social life during an international event held in their city while they have to commute on packed trains to work. The wording "drown frustrations" makes it look like Tokyo is on the verge of a drinking problem.

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It's not incorrect to say that 55% of respondents in the Asahi Shimbun poll said they didn't agree with holding the Olympics this year. However, the full picture is that only 33% agreed. Even more tellingly, 68% said the Olympics couldn't be held safely, which suggests that most of the 12% who neither agreed nor disagreed explicitly don't want the games this summer either.

Even in an article supposedly critical of the event it's still possible to see the glass half full.

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What the world needs to see is reality. A dull reality in which Japan is a country with many flaws just like any other one. It's been long overdue and this might be an opportunity.

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I guess there has been quite a bit going on over the last six months so I might have missed this one. Still, it having been "transparent" doesn't make it okay in my book.

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So this morning I commented about how everything has been predictable about the games. I must say though that I didn't see this one coming.

Higher tolls?! It's not like your regular "private vehicle" driver hasn't been left behind and insulted enough by now, is it?

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Everything happening for the last few weeks has been so predictable it's actually depressing.

Bach and other IOC officials, as well as Prime minister Yoshihide Suga, Tokyo Gov Yuriko Koike, attended a welcome party at Akasaka Palace on Sunday night. The 40 guests also included Tokyo Games organizing committee president Seiko Hashimoto and her predecessor, Yoshiro Mori.

SOE, anyone? And why was Mori there, do people usually get invited to parties at workplaces they've been fired from for discrimination? I guess nothing can stop these guys from partying like there's no tomorrow.

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For a long time, the only allowed gesture was to blindly and unquestioningly "respect" your flag, even if it represents the colonisation of your ancestors and continuing racism. Being able to take a knee is the least one can do to express there are issues. I don't know who said that, but there's this quote about how criticising your country is the highest form of patriotism. If you have a problem with that, you might want to ask yourself why.

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Well, he would say that, wouldn't he? Just the opening sentence of this article shows that he doesn't care too much about reality.

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If I did my job this badly, I wouldn't have one.

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More infected in one day than spectators at the opening ceremony

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None of the infected individuals came in contact with the athletes, they said.

OK, I understand it's relevant to the Olympics and that's why it's being reported. However, the headline makes it look like it's the Brazilians who either caught or are spreading the various.

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Suga: Do you mind doing my job for me?

Bach: Sure, I can run China.

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That's 5 times as many as when the Olympics got postponed. Let that sink in.

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"I failed to fully get across the point, so I feel sorry,"

Such a cowardly way to deal with backlash. I think you got your point across very well. We understand you Nippon Kaigi politicains don't think much about the constitution and would like to use any excuses to have even more power over people and businesses. A real apology would have expressed actual reflection on the outrageousness of the proposal.

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I wonder why the IOC didn't just google "Tokyo summer weather" before deciding on Tokyo, but given FIFA didn't do the same with Doha, I might be missing the point.

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These hotel owners were definitely doing this in their pursuit of racial justice. Also, Asian Americans would fall into the "foreigner" category, which means that the sign would discriminate against those already discriminated elsewhere.

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History will remember the Olympics held during a pandemic-induced SOE. A sign of victory of corporations against regular people. This should be a lesson for no city to ever apply to hold the games again, ever.

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"We apologize for having caused misunderstanding."

The only misunderstanding imaginable is thinking that the hotel is NOT run by a bunch of narrow-minded morons.

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“The IOC also seems to think that public opinion in Japan is not important.”

True. Just like the government. But all is good if we keep talking about how we're "famously run on consensus". If only those outsiders didn't always have to ruin that!

“Pulling out of it now will only confirm the huge losses made, but carrying on you can still cling to the hope of winning big and taking it all back.”

No, the people of Japan are going to lose big time either way. The only ones who could maybe "win big" are corporations and politicians who will be forgiven after a few well-planned media appearances. Again, no problem with that if we, despite preventable loss of life in the pandemic, we keep our "national pride", right?

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First the pathetic torch relay, now this statement. It's amazing to see how greed can blind some people to the extent they don't realise or care that they look like complete tools. It would be hilarious if it didn't cost lives.

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“How to stop people from going out for drinks during the Olympics is a main issue," Health Minister Norihisa Tamura said.

It doesn't get much more arrogant than that.

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During a messed up, slow vaccine rollout and Olympics preparations in full swing, let's ask the public for more sacrifices. Utterly shameless.

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To what extent can the GOJ get away with not even pretending to care about its people? Limiting socialising and anything enjoyable while having people commute daily for the sake of "the economy" for more than a year and than partially locking them down so that they don't disturb a cashgrab for the super rich. Having the main actor in this scheme "quarantine" for three days while many lost access to their livelihoods because of unfair entry restrictions (I know it's not quite relevant, but it is yet one more way to rub it in the face of the plebs).

We're reaching "let them eat cake" levels of indifference. This is the kind of stuff that would have thousands in the streets daily in many other countries.

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The Chinese as well as Japanese elites are doing a great job at pitting their people against each other so that they can run off with all the money. There are many differences between the way they go about it, but it looks the Chinese so called communist party is doing slightly better (no praise intended).

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Bullying is unacceptable. However, seeing what has been happening over the last fes months, I wouldn't trust anyone involved in the Olympics with regulating discourse.

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