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The constitutionally 'protected' concept of happiness is very blurry. A different result of this case would have been encouraging but very surprising. Many aspects of this society are rooted in hostility towards anything that's even partially foreign. Allowing dual citizenship would mean a step towards embracing diversity, something I can't see happen here any time soon.

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That's tragic. They were refused because they were classified as a 'mild' case. It's the unpredictability of this disease that makes it so scary.

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The fact that there are more and more severe cases but new cases in total are going down isn't reassuring. Just guessing, but it could be that healthcare facilities that deal with the virus are getting so overwhelmed they are forced to arbitrarily refuse to test people with less severe symptoms so that they can focus on severe cases. That would be understandable on their part but inexcusable for those in charge who've had a year to deal with this.

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This article comes straight after another one which says there are no jobs and many Japanese live in poverty.

It looks like a futuristic, 'cool' image is more important than humans' livelihoods and, indeed, lives. Late-stage capitalism at its best.

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If the Olympics do take place, it will prove a victory of corporate interests against humanity, if anything.

Either way, "pledging" means nothing. If anyone gets the virus under control it's medical experts and the public, not him.

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Exactly. Always wondering what these super-rich out-of-touch leaders mean when they say stuff like that. Surely, an ill, miserable population and people dying of preventable causes can't be too good for 'the economy'.

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How can anyone be 'caught off guard' after a year? This might have as well been a headline last February.


Definitely. There's also the fact that media are businesses and, especially on TV, presenting the mantra that 'our people are better than everyone else' does well if public opinion is already shaped by nationalist education.

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Please don’t jump to conclusions that the Japanese government is handling this the wrong way. I have seen too many people bashing J-Gov no matter what they do. Look to your own countries, please.

Japan has been dealing with it better than most Western countries. True.

If, however, that was the case because of habits such as wearing masks and possibly genetics (these are all speculations in my case), then looking at other Asian countries might be more useful. Compared to Taiwan, South Korea and Vietnam, the J government has been doing an awful job, making testing difficult rather than promoting and unabashedly putting big corporations before the health of its constituent.

I am glad I'm not in my old European country right now. But that doesn't mean I need to praise the J government.

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Posted in: Kono calls U.S. Capitol riot shocking; yearns for 'good old days' See in context

resume its global role as a "champion of democratic values"

When exactly was that?

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Overpaid bureaucrat 'reassures' the country that he and his rich mates will go against their will and do everything they can to hold a huge international event during a pandemic.

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Posted in: Suga to declare state of emergency for Tokyo, 3 neighboring prefectures on Thursday night until Feb 7 See in context

Japan's had a good run of Covid-19 not really spreading despite government dithering, limited testing, few measures, and even sponsored holidays (!), but the doo-doo is now hitting the fan. Wash your hands, wear a mask, and "kokuminsei" alone are not cutting it. It's time for a much more serious approach.

I agree, but I doubt there will be a serious approach. Until the vaccine is available, it's up to us to protect ourselves and those around us at an individual level. Those in charge are hell-bent on saving 'the economy', which means large corporation and their stocks and, at this point, includes laughable attempts at saving the Olympics.

I hope those who have to commute manage somehow to stay safe and those who can work from home do. Also, I read about a proposal of giving up to 60,000 per day to eateries and izakayas that shorten their opening hours. It's great that the government is helping at least some of those who suffer financially, but a preventing a situation in which it was necessary would have been more sensible. Japan was among the first countries to report the virus, but is always behind in taking any measures. And even when it doesn't, it doesn't seem to get it right, like copying UK's catastrophic Eat Out to Help Out.

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The bonus for Japan and its lackluster approach (and something I've not heard any concerns about) is that Allergy season is just around the corner where uncontrollable sneezing, coughing and respiratory troubles are the norm.

Sadly, this is the second time we're dealing with this combination. Only last year, the cases weren't even in the hundreds yet.

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Exactly! I can't believe the WHO and international media has not noted this.

Agreed. The problem is that international media often have to cover sharply rising cases in their respective countries. Also, if taken at face value (which noone should), the numbers aren't as alarming as in many other places.

I only wish Japan hadn't been presented as a 'success story' in media abroad for months while the government was obviously downplaying the situation. Now, there's little reason to believe that the SOE will indeed end at the end of January, and we might end up being among the last countries to recover.

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...hard to believe the leaders of Japan are that incompetent.

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Now it's time, yet again, to ask who the Go To fiasco was helping. I understand there are many unpredictable variables during a pandemic, but it's still jard

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We are not denying their existence. But we ARE denying that they are women when in fact they are not.

Whether you are cis gender or trans gender, your gender identity is who you are.

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Why are we pressured to accept people when they decide they feel like the opposite sex, but not when people feel like a different race/ethnicity?

Because there is a power imbalance between white and non-white people or, in countries like Japan, between Japanese and non-Japanese. Adopting the "identity" of someone disenfranchised signals accepting the appeal of someone else's race while having the privileges of your own race, which is deeply insulting to those belonging to the disenfranchised race. If you're a white person identifying as black, you're still white because you experience the same privileges as a white person.

Gender dysphoria, on the other hand, is having a different gender identity than you were born with. It's not something you can just "decide" to do or to be. If you're a trans woman or man (or non-binary), you're not only denied any privileges your "original" gender has, but you also have to deal with the stigma and other hardships of being a transgender person.

Honestly, I find it hard to understand why people have such a problem with this. Noone who has ever met any transgender people in person and took the time to listen to their stories can deny their existence.

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Suga has suggested that a lack of cooperation from the public and businesses has driven the latest big wave of cases. 

And how could Taiwan manage to keep out infections and Japan not?

The people of Japan do not control the borders of Japan, the government does!

Actually, Taiwan has more lenient travel restrictions than Japan at the moment. Restricting travel is only a part of an efficient strategy.

But I agree. The government blaming the people's lack of cooperation is deplorable. These are the same guys who perpetuated the stereotype that things aren't as bad here as in other parts of the world because of higher standards of hygiene and 'mindo'. And now, to avoid any responsibility, they have no hesitation in throwing the people under the bus.

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I have been writing and warning a friend of mine who works in the government they are prepared for numbers over a thousand and soon from what I have been told. 

That doesn't surprise me the least. My humble prediction is that it'll happen by the end of this week. The government might not be as incompetent as it looks, it's just indifferent. I wouldn't be surprised to see today's stock market news presented as proof that everything is under control. After all, 'the economy' is the only thing that matters, along international prestige.

The 'we didn't want people to panic' line is a typical excuse when defending questionable past decisions. Trump used it, among others. Countries like Taiwan or New Zealand didn't need to downplay the threat to deal with the virus.

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How come so many in this comment section get so worked up whenever there's even a hint of discrimination against foreigners in Japan but vehemently oppose a person of colour making a statement against systemic racism in the US?

If she's not supposed to speak about these issues, who is? What qualifies a person to use whatever platform they have to express their views on social issues? It sport is supposed to be apolicital, why do we sing national anthems and are proud when 'our' players win?

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Posted in: If you are a foreign resident (either permanent, long term or short term) of Japan, do you currently feel safer living here amid the coronavirus, or would you prefer to be in some other country? See in context

New Zealand, Taiwan or South Korea. Anywhere, where the safety of people is a priority.

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This hasn’t aged well.

“In a characteristically Japanese way, we have all but brought this epidemic under control in the last month and a half,” said Mr Abe. “Surely, it shows the power of the Japan model.”

Definitely, not much talk of mindo either recently.

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I've seen a documentary on NHK about this issue. It seemed fairly balanced.

Nevertheless, I'm sure this film isn't going to go down well with the Japanese public. Even something as relatively mild as Shoplifters was controversial to many, including the PM.

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As others pointed out, this isn't going to lead to anything.

What it might do, however, is deepen the public's trust in the Japanese 'justice' system while unjustly exonerating him.

At the risk of being accused of whataboutism, how voluntary was Ghosn's questioning?

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Posted in: Wearing someone else's face: Hyper-realistic masks to go on sale in Japan See in context


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Posted in: Tokyo raises healthcare alert to highest level after virus cases soar to 822 See in context

It turns out denial is not the best strategy during a pandemic. Alert levels mean little, but there's no legislation to enforce a lockdown. However, it seems that adequate accessibility of testing would have been more effective than that. But testing would mean higher numbers, so there we see where the governments priorities lie.

We might not have seen the worst yet. I hope healthcare workers get the support they need and don't get stigmatized (as some have during the pandemic already).

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This happens all around the world, but the politicians' utter disregard for their constituents in this country is really something different.

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Posted in: Koike says vaccines give hope for Olympics but worried about complaceny over virus See in context

We need to look after ourselves and those around us.

The government's message has been consistent:

"You're on your own, but we want Olympics money, so we can't have you plebs screw it up for us."

The few half-baked measures served only as a performance to make people feel think something is being done. Depressingly many are falling for it.

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