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You-Junkinjapan comments

Posted in: Spiritual reminders See in context

I don't mind these people carrying the yellow signs as long as they are quiet. I prefer their signs to not seeing them and having them release gas on the subways. I can conveniently ignore them as I ignore the Buddhist priest as well and the anime or lolita weirdos too.

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Posted in: China says Christian Bale should feel embarrassed See in context

I think if you want to make up news in China, you will not be welcome here.

But if your the Chinese Government you can make up all the news you want.

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Posted in: U.S., Australia, NZ 'disappointed' over Japan whale hunt See in context

Or maybe Australia, the Netherlands, and New Zealand prefer to encourage eco-terrorism?

I think you are pretty close to correct there. I wouldn't use the word encourage but "turn a blind eye to" as they really sympathize with them.

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Posted in: U.S., Australia, NZ 'disappointed' over Japan whale hunt See in context

“The Governments of Australia, the Netherlands, New Zealand, and the United States jointly condemn any actions that imperil human life in the Southern Ocean,” they said in a joint statement released by the U.S. State Department.

Then maybe they should arrest the Sea Shepherds and confiscate their boat. It seems these people have done some things in the past that endanger human life. These people are fanatics. Fanatics do risky things without consideration for human lives.

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Posted in: Japan's coast guard arrests Chinese fishing boat captain See in context

Glad the Coast Guard is better at getting their man than the Police here are.

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Posted in: North Koreans in Japan tight-lipped over Kim's death See in context

If they are so loyal why don't they just go back to North Korea?

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Posted in: Kim Jong Il's body displayed; N Korea media hail son See in context

Well I hope he's floating in vinegar. What a stench otherwise. Hopefully he doesn't shrink anymore or they'll start to believe that he was born under a bridge and not on a famous mountain at the end of a rainbow.

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Posted in: ANA flight delayed after pilot exceeds blood-alcohol limit See in context

Usually the people who are all up in arms over a professional driver blow a bit of an alcohol reading are perfectly A-OK with those who smoke up and then drive. Perhaps even do it themselves. I find this mind boggling.

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Posted in: 2 Muslim men kicked off flight sue airlines in U.S. See in context

Yes CAIR seems to be out to pick a fight orchestrating trouble so that it can justify it's existence and once again show muslims in America that they are being the victims of discrimination. All the while they totally ignore their own religion's discrimination. These guys are transparent. But the PC crowd have their sleeping blinders on. Good post hworta. Glad I don't suffer from that

fatal allergy.

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Posted in: 2 Muslim men kicked off flight sue airlines in U.S. See in context

were traveling to Charlotte to attend a conference on anti-Muslim discrimination at the time.

The suit said the two were traveling to a conference on “‘Islamophobia,’ and how Muslims religious leaders could help address this issue.”

These quotes tell me that these guys were trying to provoke this kind of reaction. These guys are discriminatory themselves whereas they don't care about discrimination of others only muslims. They want their cake and eat it too. They want to fight "Islamophobia" but dress so as to get that reaction. These were guys looking for a fight. They found it. But it saddens me to think that they will probably win due to all the PC thinkers who are afraid of anything from honest opinions to peanut butter that they make it so that there are no honest opinions expressed or peanut butter allowed in school lunches. It's the PCers and the guys looking for a fight who are the weirdos.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. urge stable transition in N Korea See in context

What great diplomatic words they publicly say but really their meaning is: I wish this idiot Kim family and all their generals would simultaneously suffer severe heart attacks and just leave this earth and let the country transition into a normal country. But of course we all know that even if that did happen the transition would be rather confused and bloody but hey that's the price of getting rid of the cult of paranoia and a personality cult. Who knows what the next rainbow at the summit of their famous mountain will bring.

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Posted in: N Korean leader Kim Jong-Il dead at 69 See in context

I ****certainly don't mind that this idiot died. Didn't celebrate it but will get a laugh at how the idiot N. Korean people who get so emotional about their beloved Dear Leader. Especially when we see things like this in the story

North Korean legend has it that Kim was born on Mount Paekdu, one of Korea’s most cherished sites, in 1942, a birth heralded in the heavens by a pair of rainbows and a brilliant new star.

Are these people for real? heralded in the heavens by a pair of rainbows? Well I think I saw those rainbows on 17 Dec. too. Maybe he left the same way he got here. On his spaceship to the planet Juche. You know that self sufficient planet he forgot to take his minions back to. Lets hope the next overindulged Kim can do some good for the country because this idiot sure as heck didn't. But I won't hold my breath. I can hardly wait for the laugh to see what they dub this new pudge as: The Dear Brat Leader or something the like would be a much better choice of whatever ego stroke-off they are sure to come up with.

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