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Posted in: COVID emergency orders are among 'greatest intrusions on civil liberties,' Justice Gorsuch says See in context

"the gravest public health threat in a century". really ? what a farce !

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Posted in: Ozone pollution linked to increased heart disease: study See in context

30 year ago, ozone was supposed to disappear and creating a big hole in the atmosphere. Changing narratives to keep population in fear, is the new science.

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Posted in: When the new mask guidelines kick in, what should you expect? See in context

 52.75% said they will continue to wear masks when calling on corporate clients.

wearing masks when making video calls ? Really ? That tells you everything you need to know about why people wearing masks in this country. They just wear it to show others "manner", that is etiquette only, nobody believes (and righfully so) they are useful.

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Posted in: Carbon credits: A contested tool to fight deforestation See in context

personal carbon credit incoming...the ultimate slavery tool combined with central bank digital currency.

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Posted in: Students mask up at graduation ceremonies despite PM saying they don’t have to See in context

That sounds scary, masks being removed by force

just as forcing people by force to wear masks maybe ? except Japan, most countries enforced masks by fining or even jailing people not wearing theirs.

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Posted in: Inn apologizes for changing communal bathwater only twice a year See in context

Hahaha! Eeewww......and pewople look at weird when I say 'I'm not into hot springs and resorts like that'.

Enjoy your bath folks!

I bet you don't go swimming pool either, that's worth than onsen actually.

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Posted in: Japan reports 18,654 new coronavirus cases See in context

No more masks from March 8.

but why wait ? The "virus" will disappear on that day or the masks cease to be effective after that ? Where has people's common sense gone ?

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Posted in: After a Davos DJ gig, Idris Elba has new role: advocate for small farmers See in context

wow the Davos hypocrites are back, dictating the rules for the peasnats bit not for them. boycott these crooks right now !

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Posted in: San Francisco police can't use deadly robots for now See in context

For now. The dystopian world coming our way at full steam from every directions. Wake up people. Wake up.

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Posted in: Buying Japanese concert tickets may get even harder with new gov't plan See in context

wlcom to your new dystopian reality ! Now waiting for Central Bank Digital Currency, and the population contrl will be total. Same scenario accross all countries.

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Posted in: Foreign tourists react to mask-wearing in Japan, and Japanese people react to foreign non-maskers See in context

So when in Japan, will you do as the Japanese do? The choice is ultimately up to you, but if you really do want to express your love for Japan and its people, it’s best shown with respectful actions rather than loudly spoken words.

What a victim mentality really....because your neighbor decided to throw his garbage by the window due to his mental illness, you have to do the same, to show him love ? Masks are useless, get your 4th or 5th vaccine if that makes you feel better, and leave the normal people alone, especially kids. Japan is a free country ? Then when in a free country....

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Posted in: Kishida pinning hopes on big-spending tourists to revive economy See in context

Let's be real, Europeans cannot afford their energy bills and Chinese cannot exit their country. So don't count them in. a few Americans will come and that's it.

Until 2023 hits and the world will be in for the show of our life. Buckle up!

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Posted in: Kishida says Japan will ease COVID border controls from Oct 11 See in context

Reopening when Europeans can't pay their energy bills anymore, Chinese can't exit their country and famine about to occur worldwide in the next 3 months, and they hope for a recovery?

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Posted in: Japan weighs plan for ban on hotel guests without masks: report See in context

you mean peer pressuring is making it compulsory, only scared people do wear theirs, other people live normally.

oyatoiToday  07:09 am JST

”Currently, the wearing of masks is not compulsory in Japan.”

Except we all know that it effectively is.

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Posted in: Higher restaurant prices add to pressure on consumers in Japan See in context

@sakurasuki : welcome to the Great Reset of the WEF !

@kurisupisu : that's a worldwide consequence, and you can rejoice to be in Japan and not Europe...

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Posted in: It’s time to talk about no-mask anxiety See in context

never worn mask anywhere since March 2020. never been been sick in the past 3 years either, configure ! this is a 100% peer pressure. I love it when some people after seeing me, remove theirs. get your 4th orb5th dose if you like it, but leave normal people, and kids (!!), live normally.

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Posted in: Japan reports 64,044 new coronavirus cases See in context

stop. let the kids breathe, drop those useless masks. get your 4th dose if that make you happy, but let people leave their lives.

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Posted in: Japan reports 52,918 new coronavirus cases See in context

Stop the masks for kids for God sake! This is madness.

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Posted in: Japan to cut COVID isolation period to speed up economic recovery See in context

and with all the price rise of energy (=air travel will become unaffordable), food shortages and energy rationing, who will realistically plan on a holiday trip in the next 3 months ? People have aboslutely no clue what is unravelling as we speak. Better to pretend everything will return to normal I guess !

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Posted in: Japan to cut COVID isolation period to speed up economic recovery See in context

get rid of those masks already ! It is a shame to let kids wear them at school even when playing outside !

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