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Posted in: Man pleads guilty to killing ex-girlfriend after stalking her See in context

Still waiting for public corporal punishment (more like torture) to make a come back...

Also I'm wondering if this can be prevented in the future with following closely the suspected/known stalker, and act when they know something is going to go down. Like create a special police branch that only focuses on stalking the stalkers.

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Posted in: 2 Fukushima police officers found dead in apparent suicides this week See in context

@Slumdog: Why does it sound like you are blaming people who are bullied instead of blaming the bullies? ... lack of compassion...

Unless you are suffering from terrible pain from which not even the strongest drugs can save you, you're having a terminal stage illness, or you are trying to save a loved one by having a lung/heart/ donated (cause there is no available), I can understand that, and feel sorry for you.

However committing suicide for reasons mentioned in the article, then call me a cold hearted bastard but I'm not going to pity the fool.

A person being bullied is left to fend for him-/herself because there is no law that can protect him/her. So called friends will not rush to his/her aid (out of fear of being bullied as well). One can pray that karma will eventually get back at his aggressor, but until then he has to endure.

There's a limit to how much one can endure. When that said person is pushed over the limit, there is no stepping back, from here you get either suiciders or deranged, rabid, mad killers, or torturers, long description for insane person. Like a rabid dog cornered, will jump and attack the first person that gets into it's proximity.

So back to the real problem. Society is keeping a closed eye on bullying. If that is solved or at least reduced then you will see that less people will be committing crimes(hitting children for no apparent reason, killing for no apparent reason, torturing just because why not) and suicides.

On a side note. One can hang himself in a car fairly easy, there's usually a handle above the doors.

Work pressure can actually push a weak person over his limit easy.

That's why I said take time off, if a superior is using his status to bully you, then just quit or stand your ground and slam your fist into his/her face (not always literally, find a way to get back at him/her or just simply ignore the remarks he's making).

There is always a way. Only a weak coward can't find it.

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Posted in: 2 Fukushima police officers found dead in apparent suicides this week See in context

Why do people put up with bullying the first place??

Second if you are tired of your work, take some time off to cool your head down or quit the damn job and find something else to do, it shouldn't be that hard.

Do you really think that this helps your family?? Friggin cowards all of you. The world is better off without you.

And last but not least if a subordinate commits suicide then don't do the same damn thing! Get your other subordinates together and talk, strengthen them, do something so that they won't go down the cowards road and leave loved ones behind.

Condolences to the grieving families.

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Posted in: Japan's population shrinks as elderly make up 25% See in context

China has one child policy.

Japan should try something similar in taught, but a complete opposite of China's. Like benefits for women who would marry and have children. Benefits for being in a family. Something that would entice people to consider starting a family instead of pushing for a career for their entire life. Benefits for having more than one child... and so on.

This situation can still be reversed, but only if the government is willing.

Also the way people try to spend as much time as possible at work, I just think its wrong in all aspects. One should do everything in one's power to finish work on time and go home to spend time with one's family. It's horrible when a child treats a parent like a guest due to spending so little time home. Whatever you do for your family means little if you are not present in the family.

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Posted in: Yamaguchi-gumi launches website with song, anti-drugs message See in context


Because the government doesn't like competition.

And also the difference is that when you owe money to the government, in the worst case you'll lose your home and everything with it and end up in jail if it's convenient. While owing money to a crime syndicate, will have you or a family member killed/raped/kidnapped and sold.

That's the only reason why I disliked both. However for some time now I downright hate and despise the government.

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Posted in: S Korea endorses 'comfort women' meeting with North See in context

This is probably the only thing they can use to poke Japan with... Seriously, in Abe's place I would've left this behind long ago. Why the hell should Japan's current generation care for what happened in the past?

Atrocities were committed? Okay, we will learn from it and try not to recreate it. Anything bad we caused? Accept our apology and shut the hell up. Continue poking with this excuse to raise commotion among the new generation? Cut diplomatic ties. There's no use talking / arguing with someone who will not budge like a stubborn brat.

What? Would you be more pleased seeing the whole nation drop to it's knees and beg for forgiveness for actions not committed by them? You seriously have a loose screw.

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Posted in: Japan-U.S. nuclear deal announced at Hague summit See in context

Who here thinks that the world would be more safe and more interesting if all the modern weapons tech would be replaced with medieval weapons. None of this B.S. guns, tanks, planes, rockets but swords, spears, bows & arrows, catapults, trebuchet, ballistas... Every nation with their own historic weapons, and most of all the leaders to participate on the battlefield as well?

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Posted in: Train decorated with images from anime about delusions inspires some deranged comments See in context

I held out with a serious face till I reached this this paragraph:

Remember, anime fans, make-believe is all fine and good until you go sticking body parts out of a moving train. If you don’t want to end up in the real-world hospital, save your fictional panty hunting from when you’re sitting safely at home in front of your TV.

After that, I cracked and laughed like hell.

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Posted in: Making the cut: Tokyo-based Londoner is one of world’s top sword experts See in context

Making a sword of any kind is not an ability that is carried in the blood, but an ability that is carried in skill and secrets. A sword unlike any other sword smith's will get you more and more clients (which in the warring states period was a good deal). Also if I'm correct, if a katana or any blade bought by a samurai broke while in combat, if that samurai survived the fight, he returned and killed the sword smith.

The secrets that were built into the blades by the craftsmen were handed down from father to son, and were (probably) never revealed to anyone else. Hence the phrase: "the ability to create a fine sword is in the blood". It is true in some ways. You had to be born as a son to a craftsman. Otherwise you had to start off your own production with your own style, and then create your own secrets for making a sword that will later be the weapon, shield, and heart of a samurai.

There was great honor in being a sword smith, as there was great honor in being a samurai.

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Posted in: Obama meets Internet giants on surveillance See in context

If you want anonymity then delete all your online data. Cancel all your services. Connect via cable, not wi-fi. Install Onion or similar programs and dive into the deep web. Don't use any other internet browsers. Better yet, cancel your contract with the provider.

Phones? why use them? Meet up with your friends, send snail mail if you can't meet up.

All this cry for being spied on is ridiculous. What? Are you afraid that your dirty habits might be seen by someone? Sucks for you. Mostly those cry about being under surveillance who actually have something to hide. Nobody cares that you wrote a smiley message to your girlfriend. And keep the nudes to yourself!

There was a show on Discovery Channel I think, it was about disappearing from the face of the earth, to almost fully get away from the governments and anybody else's radar. Look it up. Oh wait maybe the gov. will suspect you of something and will com crashing down on you.

Hey maybe even this site is under surveillance! Maybe what I wrote is being read by them! Holy hot dogs of saint hamburgers joint! I know nothing! I know Nothing! I am John Snow! Get out of my PC! Damn! My cover's may be blown, time to disappear again!

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Posted in: USB mouse glows in 7 rotating colors See in context

A monitor that would project ambient light from the back would be more advantageous instead of this. You are not even going to watch your mouse anyways. And in the dark it would effectively reduce damage to your eyes as well. The light would change accordingly to what is shown on the screen.

But I think this is already on the market? Anyways a mouse like this is just a waste of money. Go hang out with your friends or buy otaku goods instead.

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Posted in: Ukraine severs key ties with Russia over Crimea See in context

Zaldaus is right.

Whatever the U.S. or the U.S. controlled E.U. can do will have little effect in the long run. Eastern Europe will be the one hardest hit if Russia decides to cut off it's exports. Western Europe will not help. U.S. will definitely not help. There is no reason, no gain.

No nation can effectively force other nations to stand again'ts Russia, in fact some would actually benefit more if they would become allies. East Europe has suffered and will continue to suffer because of the West.(smaller nations)

The economy of Russia will allow it to sustain it self for years. And should it decide to create it's own union (again, not necessarily a soviet like one), it can easily stand up again'ts Europe and U.S.

And that my friends will almost certainly lead to the worst case scenario. All because of some dumb nation leaders had to try and control other nations.

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Posted in: N Korean envoy walks out of U.N. rights council as Japan speaks See in context


I'm not really up to date with the latest weapon tech. But aren't they capable of intercepting rockets at launch time or flight time? Like keep a few jets circling around in case a missile is launched? Also there's a threat of Kim's mind snapping and launch the missiles "unprovoked".

How I see it is that N Korea is like a virus. Leave it alone and it will affect everything. Waiting will only delay the probability of war in NK's favor as it might further bolster it's armament. And who's to say biological weapons are not excluded?

Threats have been made. Don't take a fool lightly or you're in for a surprise.

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Posted in: Putin defies West in fiery address over Crimea See in context

I'm just wondering about the initial choice to refuse the help from the E.U. in favor of Moscow. As I saw, some nations (smaller ones) situation turned worse than it was previously after entering the E.U. While I don't know about the pre-revolt situation of Ukraine, I do know that the economics weren't top level, and there would be a chance of further degradation.

Blind men are the same as lambs led into the wolf den. Chances are there is no wolf, but if there is, oh boy your situation is bad. Without thinking people take the side which is more popular (this case U.S.) and tend to ignore whatever is on the other side. Don't you see that you are the ones closing the Iron Curtain once again?

Didn't U.S. invade a bunch of nations under the pretext of bringing democracy (if you have oil)? Didn't the U.S. dictate what to do, who to be elected as president (who of course is pro U.S.)? And after things have settled, why didn't it pull out it's units from those said nations? I'd say U.S. is no different from Russia. At least Putin didn't start the whole annexation deal by himself, the Crimean people voted for it. Isn't democracy all about the people being able to freely decide what they want? How come votes are legal when serves the government and not when it serves the people.

And for those who say that the vote was forced by the Russian military. I didn't see anybody crying as they were holding Crimean and Russian flags high. I didn't see terrified citizens on the streets when the Russian army was present.

N. Korea is under terror rule, atrocities were committed through 60 years by the ruling families that could be on par with the Nazi atrocities. Nobody's doing a damn thing about it. Only talks. People decide they want to annex their land to another country and everybody flips their mind.

And furthermore the sanctions again'ts Russia is only tolerated till Putin decides it's enough. As I see it, a band of knights are poking a dragon with sticks. Yamamoto Isoroku's sleeping giant quote when they attacked Pearl Harbor "I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.", will history repeat it self?

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Posted in: 5 uninhabited Japanese islands you can buy right now See in context


Maybe put a few signs up around the coastlines? Fencing the whole island would be ugly... so only build it around your house if you feel it's unprotected.

At least that's what I would do...

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Posted in: N Korean envoy walks out of U.N. rights council as Japan speaks See in context

I'm still wondering why in the hell N Korea is not eliminated from the face of the Earth?

A lot of special troops, assassins and a hell of a large army could be easily assembled and what resistance could it face? The great leader him self? Come on.

How long are the great nations will tolerate a baby whining to get some attention?

Just abducting a few people indifferent of nationality should be enough for an ultimatum. And they are just trying to talk about this...

Oh wait... probably not enough people were affected right? They are not damn terrorists from AQ, nor the land has enough oil to think about an invasion? Seriously, sometimes I wonder if the world leaders are a bunch of monkeys with bananas... (yes. this was an insult for the monkeys)

And for those who think it's wrong because of a lot of innocent people (mainly N. Koreans) would get involved and loose their life, then why are those innocent people still putting up for that baby leader, and are content of whatever he orders them to do?

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Posted in: Man arrested after traveling 1,600 kms on stolen bikes See in context

Just like an anime or manga story... Having a bad life? Why not go on a quest to find yourself or a better life?

I'd be supporting him even if it were my bike was stolen too, maybe be a little grumpy cause of it but still. I doubt that any of those bikes were expensive enough to be that of a big deal. Also i doubt he actually had a hard time taking the bikes, I'd say the owners were not careful enough... no offence.

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Posted in: 7 high school students face charges over suicide of classmate See in context

Education lacks punishment, physical punishment like a good old smack in the face strong enough to make them spin.

If this is unacceptable as a counter measure to bullying then punishment by law. These kind of people should not be regarded as mere children who get away with almost anything by saying "sorry". A person died! A person who could have had a good future, probably contribute to society or to humanity as a whole.

A good 20-30 year imprisonment could pose as an example for the rest who dare to bully their classmates or other people.

And in cases when there are no suicides, expelling the offenders should be the choice, with a criminal record as a bonus.

This goes all around the world. Kid suddenly appears with daddy's gun and massacres a bunch of schoolmates and nobody has an idea of why he suddenly snapped. Kids commit suicide and parents are left grieving over the death of their children. All the while the truly guilty people run around like nothing happened.

An extreme but probably most effective would be making public punishments and humiliation to discourage wannabe offenders (especially thieves and killers).

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