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Posted in: Japan factory output slumps; jobless rate rises to 2.9% See in context

2.9% jobless rate in a country with labour shortage ...

I guess the problem is not that there are no Jobs but like in most first world countries the people are to "good" to do some jobs

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Posted in: Koike leads in Tokyo governor race: poll See in context

Super Sad ... all she ever did was adding oil into the fire to make abe look bad but she didn't have any better ideas except for telling people to stay at home -.-

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Posted in: Kono says U.S. hasn't requested more money to host American troops See in context

Kinda doubt it ... they asked Germany for a rather high rise and now Trump wants to withdraw troups (which most people in Germany are happy about, except for the few towns that loose money that they would have gotten trough the soldiers) and it would be funny if he wouldn't have asked/demanded more from Japan as well ...

Sooner or later Trum will try to get more money from Japan as well if it didn't happen already and Japan is kinda in a pinch with a strong and very agressiv China so close to it.

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Posted in: Magical-armor-style accessory protects you from bugs See in context

If it helps I wouldn't mind it beeing a little bit bulky ^^V

kurisupisuToday 08:13 am JST

It’s not the bugs I’m worried about, it’s the virus!

Worldwide there are officially about 430.000 People that died and there are 7.700.000.000 Humans on this Planet .... (less then 0,001% died)

In Africa alone there are yearly ~2.000.000 CHILDREN that die of starvation ... (~0,003%)

Look at those numbers and think again

Maybe you should lock yourself up and never go outside again ?

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Posted in: How to make a pizza using a pack of ramen noodles See in context

I think it doesn't sound bad BUT why would you do that ? It is not like you would save any carbon hydrates or calories using noodles instead of a proper pizza dough ...

In my country there are lots of different recieps where they tried to make low carb pizza like using broccoli or lentils or any kind of beans ... still nothing beats a proper pizza

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Posted in: Turkey-Japan cooperation See in context

You should not cooperate with a Dictator ... sadly Europe already does it even though they allways "say" that they don't like his ways of doing things ... still the give him very high ammounts of money all the time.

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Posted in: Australian media group wants tech giants to pay $400 mil a year See in context

Viktor CernatinskijToday 02:42 pm JST

I totally agree with Australia!!! Good job!!! Google and Fakebook are exploiting the whole naive world!!!

You know they are kinda advertising the newspapers and so an for free there ... if they would just remove them the ravenue of these news pages would go down very much which is why most countries that had the same Idea came to the conclusion not to do it.

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Posted in: More businesses reopen as gov't eyes end to emergency measures in some regions See in context

Good !

Japan is already "the?" country with the highest debt of all first world countries by head.

It is not possible to close down for a long time as it will destroy the futures of many many people.

Of course caring for the ones that are in danger is important but caring for the far bigger group that isn't in any actual danger is important as well.

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Posted in: Hokkaido declares state of emergency over virus See in context

You guys do know that this Virus isn't half as dangerous (currently) as media suggests ?

the Flu kills ~650.000 People each year, Corona kille less then 3000 since December (so within about 2 month) while people are usually the weakest in the cold month (and most of them beeing Chinese while people from "most" other Countries that have proper HealthCare usually don't die) so you can assume that in the warmer times there will be even less deads.

Just calculatin 5000 in 2 Month would still only be about 30.000 within a year compared to 650.000

New Viruses are definietly dangerous because we don't know them but people tend to overreact

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Posted in: Batman stage show coming to Tokyo with Batman Ninja battling Joker Daimyo See in context

Saw the Anime and it was so incredibly bad ...

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Posted in: Studio Ghibli suddenly makes 38 albums of anime music available on Spotify, Apple Music, and more See in context

Nice move even though I doubt this will be available if you don't have a Japanese account.

There are lots of Songs on Spotify which I can not listn to because of country restrictions :/

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Posted in: Sliced mayonnaise and white chocolate now exist in Japan, bringing sandwiches to new era See in context

expatToday 01:00 pm JST

Something that is not a solid cannot be sliced. Mayonaise is not a solid.

And still they did ... probably added gelatin or some other stuff making it more like a jelly that holds together enough not to fall apart when slicing it up.

I had the chocolate one a few years ago (probably 4-5 years ago ?) and it was okay ... one of my Co-Workers loved it though

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Posted in: Japanese husbands in survey say they do half the housework and childcare; wives say 'Nope' See in context

Definietly hard to Separate ...

I am 100% sure that my gf does a lot more cleaning and such BUT whenever there is something heavy to lift or something to repair or even clean the sinks or whatever it is all 100% my work -.-V

Even had to repair the stupid washing mashine some time ago and didn't got any help at all as like she said "is to hard for a woman"

I for one couldn't care less if she swipes the floor every day a few times or once a month so this work is choose by hersefl, if she wants to complain I tell her she can just leaf everything as it is and at some point I will definietly clean up the flat just not every day.

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Posted in: Drunk ANA flight attendant causes 4 domestic flights to be delayed in Fukuoka See in context

0,14 per mille ... that is hardly what you can call drunk ...

doubt anyone would have noticed, they could just have told her off afterwards instead of making a big deal out of it

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Posted in: Teacher scolds 5th-grade boy by brandishing scissors near his head See in context

WTF is wrong with you guys ?

This is why so many Kids nowadays become * ** **.

Even though the way might be a little bit bad, if the Parents are unable to teach their child proper behaviour and she has only Problems with the Kid no matter how much she tries to talk to him, sometimes it is the only way to show that there might be consequences -.-V

Stupid Parents praying to their child like it is some kind of godly beeing destroy our future.

If a Kid is an ** he / she is an **

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Posted in: Most firms affected by disasters want gov't to spend more on infrastructure See in context

all of you who say abe sucks because of this ... Japan was hit by a hugh disaster every other country in the world would have suffered the same of even more :/

And of course it doesn't help but look at most other countries in the world, even here in Germany the infrastructure isn't half as good as in Japan !

That is crying on a super high level.

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Posted in: What’s the best part of Tokyo to live in, and why? Survey gives the top six picks See in context

Kichijoji is a very nice place ...

I lived some time in Suginami which is also very nice.

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Posted in: Lam says Chinese military could step in if uprising gets bad See in context

Sadly the World would not dare to "fight" (doesn't mean war) for small HK against big China as China is an Important trade partner and would be a very dangerous enemy same like russia when they took over the Krim.

And as sad as it is, everyone knows that HK will "fall" sooner or later.

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Posted in: Zunda mochi ice cream See in context

I tried several Zunda drinks and foods in Sendai ... it is vers "special" ...

Wasn't always good but wasn't really bad either.

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Posted in: Foreign tourists in Kyoto reminded of etiquette via smartphones See in context


No you can not just take pictures of people just like that at least in Europe it is forbidden as you have your personal rights and new European law makes this even harder then it was already !

as I said only if you want to take a Panoramic picture or something like this it is more or less okay if there is someone in the pic but if you focus on a person withouth his/her permission you do a criminal act.

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Posted in: Foreign tourists in Kyoto reminded of etiquette via smartphones See in context

WTF is wrong with the people commenting here ?

So you guys think it is okay to take pictures of people withouth asking ? If I am not mistaken this is forbidden pretty much everywhere in the world as everyone has the rights on his/her picture and usually it is only allowed if the Pic doesn't especially show you but a group of people or a Panoramic view and you just "accidentaly" are in it.

Same as trespassing ... forbidden everywhere, in some countries they would just shoot you !

and destroying the property or disrupt the order because of lieing on the street or whatever isn't something you are supposed to do anywhere in the World not just Japan.

even tourists should be forced to use common sense ! and if they don't do they have to pay up or in the worst case go to prison for a few days plus get on a red list to not be allowed to enter the country again.

(not talking about accidentaly doing something which could be seen as wrong but stuff that is common sense and pretty much the same in most parts of the world .... )

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Posted in: 8 side jobs for foreigners to make extra money in Japan See in context

I did the game testing a little bit over a year ago and it wasn't bad ...

not the best wage but I could play games before they got released and hat nice coworkers and even the team leaders were super nice.

Also tried the english teacher route but it was hard, especially as I had no training in beeing a Teacher at all, still was a nice time with the kids ^^

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Posted in: Principal, another man arrested for allegedly paying for sex with teenage boy See in context

@Mr Kingpling

Why would the comments be different ?

The "kid" is 17 and even though the law says something different, "kids" in this age are usually well aware of sexuality and stuff and he knew what he was doing. If a girl does the same she might be titled as a bitch but still most people wouldn't criticise the guys all to much I think

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Posted in: World at risk of pandemics that could kill millions, panel warns See in context

Well this would suck very bad and I wouldn't wand to die because of some stupid illned BUT for the world it would probably be the best as there are way to many Humans anyways.

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Posted in: Japan team wins Ig Nobel award for measuring children's saliva See in context

So umm ... what good does it do to know this ?

Maybe next they should look into the ammount of snot produced and so on ?

Would be interesting if they find any kind of relevance for this information at all.

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Posted in: Tokyo 2020 Olympic organizers test fake snow to beat the heat See in context

LOL ... how the hell is the snow supposed to stay snow ?

It will just rain down on all the people and everyone will be angry because they did not order any Rain XD

if they are really going to do that they will have to hand out lots of rain coats to all the visitors

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Posted in: Disputing Koizumi, new industry minister calls no-nuclear power policy 'unrealistic' See in context

I don't realy like nuclear power plants as they are so dangerous BUT I think he isn't completely wrong ... Japan uses an incredible high ammound of Energy but they don't have many means to create the Energy they need and buying would be very expensive plus you can easily be attacked by neighbours cutting of the Power ...

But both of them are right they NEED to find a better way but right now there is no better way so they hadrly have much choises.

If they would tell all the big cities and shops to turn off their lights in the evening everyone would be angry but that might be the only option except for buying more and more if they don't want nuclear power plants

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Posted in: Father's story about parenting on a train highlights Japan’s hidden prejudice against male parenting See in context

This is not only in Japan ...

Actually when I was in Japan I was "asked" if I could teach a first grade for a month as a substitude and I was rather "scared" as most of the Kids in class were Girls ...

Here in Germany most people would suspect a Male working with little girls to be a pedophile molester who only does the job to get close to the little girls so I asked the other teachers and some Japanese friends if there is anything I need to be carefull about but they were all rather relaxed and said there is no problem at all.

Some of the girls got realy touchy and I tried my best not doing anything which could look bad anyways but there were no problems at all.

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Posted in: Seoul businesspeople taking critical look at anti-Japan rallies See in context

"I hate Abe. Abe should think about our feelings," Choe Jong Seong, a 21-year-old male university student said. "Everything stems from the fact that Japan colonized Korea. As prime minister, Abe should first apologize to us before attacking us."

Wow awesome you hate Abe who wasn't born at that time because someone got misstretened by someone else 80 years ago ? that's really awesome logic.

Maybe she should hate herselfe because most of not all Japanese have at least some % korean blood as LOTS of Koreans migrated to Japan over 1000 years ago ... if they insist of history and all then why not going back 1000+ years so it is her own ancestors fault all this happened -.-V

Choe said his grandfather had been born in the northern part of the Korean Peninsula and after World War II, he was forced to live separately from his father.

So umm ... yeah ... so how did Japan actually separate Korea ? wasn't it Russia and America who did id

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Posted in: South Korea marks 'comfort women' memorial day See in context

Man really how can anyone life in the past like that ?

They acted like idiots in the war yes true but they paid compensation already and no matter if they say that their formet government sucked or not they had a government which they voted for and which was in control at the time of the agreement so it is valid !

As others said, there is hardly anyone alive who was born at that time and those who are were probably very very yound and didn't even think about comfort woman at all.

Why would I beg the grandchild of someone my grandpa hit in the face for forgiveness ?

I am kind of pissed about the same stuff here in Germany, people get more and more on the right wing because they are angry for still beeing called evil nazi and are recommended to say sorry and pay pay pay pay pay everywhere in the world because they are so evil ... hell this is long time in the past -.-V

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