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Posted in: Osaka may end San Francisco sister city ties over 'comfort woman' statue See in context

TigersTOkyoDome: How about the Children's Peace Statue in Santa Fe? The Sadako Peace Garden in Santa Barbara? Sadako Peace Day on August 6th in the US? the drama "1000 Cranes" being performed world-wide?

Right... Evidently the US was not involved in causing Sadako's plight? The US had nothing to do with the bombs that wiped out two cities, which is what we remember by the cranes? To never repeat and keep some form of peace?

These specific statues, while I respect what they should represent (even if there is much debate about why we are singling out these particular women), are not necessarily in the right country. It would be like erecting a memorial to the Tianemen square massacre in SF - uninvolved parties.

However none of these arguments detract from the poor PR move from the Osaka mayor, but building a sneaky my memorial on private land and then in a week donating it is definitely an underhanded move.

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