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yourock comments

Posted in: Tokyo police take 13 underage girls into custody for 'JK walking' See in context

This story reminds me of what a friend used to call 'English' oral prostitution, being paid to speak to a stranger for an hour for 6000yen, or some amount. And yeah, he would go for a long walk and talk 80% of the time. eikaiwa-sanpo...?

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Posted in: Education ministry proposes radical English education reform See in context

To quote'The main change will be that all English-language classes will be conducted entirely in English.' Simply NOT possible. Teachers don't have the English, students will need grammar explained in Japanese at the very least. This is get watered-down and/or forgotten by 2020, so nothing to be concerned about.

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Posted in: After three hard years, Asada hopes to shine at Sochi See in context

setting yourself up for another big disappointment, FACT

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Posted in: Abe appoints first ever female aide to PM See in context

window dressing

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Posted in: Safe trip See in context

Sad to have to wave off family members on a foreign trip. If all families did this there would be chaos at the airport. Why bother? Just go. Other royal families don't do this.

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Posted in: Cat set on fire in Tokyo park See in context

Terrible news

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Posted in: Japan protests against South Korean drill on disputed islands See in context

Good for Korea! Koreans occupy the islands, Japan should pick the fights you can win.

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Posted in: Perception persists that older drivers are dangerous drivers See in context

older drivers are more dangerous, fact.

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Posted in: Man arrested for sending 180 menacing emails to ex-girlfriend See in context

if this guy goes to prison perhaps he can find a boyfriend!

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Posted in: Watchdog orders Mizuho Bank to stop loans to gangsters See in context

I remember it was quite difficult for me to borrow money to buy land and build a house even with PR and steady employment. I should have gone to Mizuho.

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Posted in: China says it is ready to talk if Japan admits isles are disputed See in context

yourockSep. 22, 2013 - 10:00PM JST the foreign media I use, The Times and BBC, both use the word 'disputed'.

Ossan I know everything America writes:

Because the news sources are using the word to mean a difference in opinion/position between two sovereign nations. This article refers to the use of "disputed" in a legal sense- the recognition of which would prejudice Japan's position.

Well please correct foreign media then. You know better than the Times and the BBC. Really? These islands are disputed, who are you kidding? Just yourself then.

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Posted in: China lashes out at Japan military radar plans See in context

Doesn't bashing China ever get boring? Guess not for some people.

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Posted in: 2,000 rally against hate speech in Tokyo's Shinjuku See in context

Demonstrators marched around Shinjuku Station holding placards reading “Let’s get along,”

lol, like thats going to change anyone's mind. haters hate end of story.

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Posted in: China says it is ready to talk if Japan admits isles are disputed See in context

the foreign media I use, The Times and BBC, both use the word 'disputed'.

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Posted in: Hokkaido onsen bars Maori woman over her face tattoos See in context


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Posted in: Death row inmate hanged; 6th execution since Abe became PM See in context

Hakamada san probably wishes he is next!

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Posted in: Part-timers strike back with all kinds of antics See in context

when I had low-paying part-time jobs in the UK as a student, I did some things like inventing orders for customers so that I could eat it later. my boss kind of realized and started to offer me food to be thrown away which was perfectly edible at the end of my long day. when you receive peanuts of a hourly wage don't be surprised when people look for ways to make the job 'pay' in other ways. just saying.

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Posted in: Going round in circles: Japan considers introducing roundabouts See in context

roundabouts are great, but Japanese people have all kinds of problems using them, some British people too. My Japanese friend hired a car in the UK last March and went round one roundabout 6 times! ha

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Posted in: Arigato See in context

well the spelling is correct

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Posted in: British parliament votes against military strike in Syria See in context

I hope Obama has the decency to return the nobel peace prize after he orders the USA to attack Assad's forces.

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Posted in: Ichiro gets 4,000th career hit See in context

so what? and?

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Posted in: Japan launches rocket with robot for space station See in context

being in the ISS must be a lonely experience for any Japanese, therefore the need for the robot. After this, market it for the millions of Japanese that live alone and are lonely (which is practically everyone).

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Posted in: Bronze girl See in context

she looks old, like me! ha

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Posted in: Lolita look See in context

each to their own, just don't talk to me.

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Posted in: Yokohama beats Man United 3-2 See in context

great result for YM. well done. Manure were undercooked, but still, great performance for the 90 for YM.

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Posted in: Aso says Japan needs to raise sales tax next year See in context

I'm not happy about the tax hike, but having read all the comments above, I would suggest to a lot of people that if you can't understand the need and hate it so much then please return to your countries. (where taxes are already higher!) just an opinion.

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Posted in: Condom maker reveals results of national survey on sex See in context

Reading this survey reminded me of a time when I was talking about relationships in class with a bunch of 20 year olds. We were contrasting attitudes to relationships and sex. In short the students were saying the ONLY reason for sex was to have children, and once that was accomplished there was NO more reason to have sex. When I mentioned sex was fun, I got a 'No', from both the male/female students. They all agreed. My counter arguments were met with indifference, and a 'Whatever'. I couldn't do ben4short's option c, but each to their own. No judgments here.

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Posted in: Summers in Japan becoming intolerable See in context

I hate the humidity the most. Amazingly, my students say they're cold when I use the ac in the classroom. It's set to 24-26 degrees. I will never understand. As for water shortages people write about, in Kyushu we have had plenty of rain. No fears here. Elsewhere though I don't know. A cold beer at the end of the day is definitely on my agenda now.

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Posted in: Age limit to be required for visitors to erotic Japanese art show at British museum See in context

this seems reasonable to me

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Posted in: Child killer loses appeal over life sentence See in context

@oikawa you don't know children.

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