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Posted in: Historic win See in context

play Wales best 15 in Cardiff. Score Japan less than 20, Wales not more than 120. fact. and I'm not Welsh

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Posted in: Why do Japanese work such long hours? See in context

oh, meant, they don't. work that is.

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Posted in: Why do Japanese work such long hours? See in context


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Posted in: Golden Week holiday exodus begins See in context

I, for one, won't be traveling anywhere. but BBQs planned and refreshing beers coming up!

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Posted in: Mos Burger to take on McDonald’s in breakfast arena See in context

will no doubt try it and see. to be decided at a later date I guess.

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Posted in: Are Tokyo University students cleverer than other people? See in context

no. to answer the question

according to Cleo's link I went to the UK's 5th and 13th best uni. can sleep well...haha.

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Posted in: Required or not, English knowledge no guarantee of success See in context

If the Japanese could speak English I wouldn't have a job. Happy to keep the status quo.

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Posted in: Thieves drop Y10 mil while fleeing from pachinko heist See in context

most pachinko places are korean owed in Kitakyushu. I should know, I live here. Probably former customers did this and I bet the owners suspect who.

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Posted in: Japan gives Canada $1 mil for tsunami debris cleanup See in context

Give the money to the Sea Shepherd, via Canada. ha

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Posted in: The graduate See in context

looks like a nice kid. hope he isn't TOO bullied at elementary school for being what he is. different.

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Posted in: 2 stabbed to death, 5 wounded by Chinese man in Hiroshima Pref See in context

this wasn't mentioned on NHK's news 7.

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Posted in: Saitama man dies after hospitals reject him 36 times See in context

if you are sick, or going to be, leave JP.

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Posted in: First gay wedding held at Tokyo Disney Resort See in context

Tokyo Disney Resort is a place for children not for gay couples. Maybe money is the real issue here. Marry fine, just do it where children won't be seen.

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Posted in: ‘Women only’ train cars: Is it a crime for men to ride in them? See in context

male only carriage pls,

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Posted in: Crown prince marks 53rd birthday See in context

no grey hair yet? that's right, most dye it in Japan because looking old is so unusual! be wise

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Posted in: Japan sets Guinness record for synchronized mascot dancing See in context

As if this was something to be proud of.

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Posted in: Do you consider the way AKB48 are presented and marketed a form of porn? See in context

when I see a money-shot I'll say yes, til then no!

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Posted in: Man arrested for biting 'snake-possessed' son to death See in context

one of the weirdest stories I have ever read here. thank you.

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Posted in: Two women arrested for burying body under house See in context

I'm in Kitakyushu. Don't know these two. Distressing story!

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Posted in: Murdered man stabbed 20 times in face See in context

crime of passion, definately a close friend or family member. Older person probably, with honne/tatemae issues. Thank you CSI

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Posted in: Beijing marathon reverses decision to bar Japanese runners See in context

Good that Japanese runners can now enter this event, although how enjoyable it will feel is open to question. As a former runner, if I wasn't really welcome I wouldn't enter. Just me.

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Posted in: Man dies after being beaten in Roppongi club See in context

the guy was beaten when drinking with friends. brave friends. and yeah, I would have gotten involved.

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Posted in: 60-year-old man attempts to shoot acquaintance with harpoon gun See in context

LOL, some BBQ party this was.

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Posted in: Tokyo police crack down on cycling violations See in context

waste of time

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Posted in: Truck driver arrested after rear-ending vehicle, killing 9-year-old boy See in context

as far as seat belts are concerned, I won't move the car or start the engine til the kids are strapped in. works well in summer, with no AC. As far as the truck drivers excuse, I believe it. I've taken my eye off the road for a second and could have been in trouble. scary. sad accident.

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Posted in: Fukuoka cop arrested for taking bribes from crime gang See in context

I live in Kitakyushu. There's been a 'war' going on between the cops and the yakuza, plenty of arrests, and incidents. What started it was the shooting of a retired cop by the yakuza about 5-6 months ago. Unmarked cop cars everywhere, it is fair to say the cops are fighting back. And now they find one of their own has betrayed them, I'm not that surprised if the guy has gambling debts(speculation).

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Posted in: Hashimoto admits cosplay affair with night club hostess in 2006 See in context

I would vote for the guy if I could

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Posted in: Nadeshiko Japan stuck in economy class, while men's team go business class See in context

they should both fly in economy, with me!

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Posted in: Baby dead 'for a day' as mother chats on Internet forums See in context

I think her last comment sums it up. use contraceptives. RIP to the little fellow.

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Posted in: 1st Japan reactor goes online since nuclear crisis See in context

yes to nuclear power if it means NO black outs. I have kids and a business.

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