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And the accommodation vouchers go to Hiltons, Hyatts, Sheratons, top tier operators that people can't normally afford. 33,000Yen for family of three per day would nicely suffice.

Smaller regional operators miss out.

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In late 2008, financial crisis, strong yen, I was paid more than then US Sectretary of State, Condolezza Rice.

Now, with weak yen, I am down to less than half of it. The good thing is I have no spending outside of Japan.

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Posted in: Japan gov't panel to propose another record minimum-wage hike See in context

With extra 30Yen an hour, we can add a new wing to our house.

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Posted in: Russia strikes Kyiv as troops consolidate gains in the east See in context

2 injured when Russia attacked Kiev. Western media might be right, Ukraine is winning the war against such military might:

"KYIV, Ukraine

Russia attacked the Ukrainian capital in the early hours of Sunday morning, striking at least two residential buildings, Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko said, as elsewhere Russian troops consolidated their gains in the east.

Associated Press journalists in Kyiv saw rescue services battling flames and rescuing civilians. Klitschko said two people were hospitalized with injuries."

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Posted in: Japan to ease COVID border controls 'in stages' from June: Kishida See in context

Has anyone of the posters been to Japan before? When I first came (and never left) in 2003. everybody was wearing masks, same as today.

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Posted in: Ukrainian evacuee fights fake news after uprooting life to Japan See in context

"Its reports on the downing in 2014 of the Malaysian Airways plane MH17 by a rocket over an area controlled by pro-Russia ".

Then, she can tell what happened to MH370 ?

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Posted in: 1.7 mil customers' data likely leaked from dating app operator See in context

What a nonsense article.

Japan has 126 million people and the site claims 50 million matches made through it.

Of those 126 million people, probably 125 million have never heard of that site nor know anyone who has.

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Posted in: Electric cars, fewer cows in New Zealand's climate change plan See in context

If a classic average car emits, say, 100 units of carbondioxide per km, in France, where 60% of power comes from nuclear powerplants, the car runs at reduced emission, by 40%.

That same car, in China, where power comes from coal fired plants, sends 120 units of carbondioxide.

That just shows how stupid and partial NZ initiative is. And look, Biden had to shoehorn USA back into Climate Change body.

Whatever will work, must come from the UN level, mandatory for all.

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It is cow burp that releases methane. One cow does the same as 1 classic vehicle. NZ did some research, to mix algaes (5%) into feed and reduce methane emission by 30%. That is where science has failed, diapers are known for millennias.

Imagine that: 1 billion cows on the planet, methane reduced by 30%, that equals slashing number of cars by 330 million (out of 1.4 billion).

Where is the electricity for cars coming from?

The whole idea is ridiculous; what such a small and insignificant country will do with their clear skies? Fence them off and enjoy for themselves? Well, small country it may be, but numbers may make a difference? What when Monaco, Monte Carlo, Luxebourg, Lichenstain, Vatican, Andora...join NZ?

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You can have multiple citizenship in Japan. For example, Brazillians, there is no way they can renonce their Brazilian citizenship.

Now, there is a form, when applying for Japanese citizenship, it reads:

"Here, I declare that my Japanese citizenship takes precedence over my other citizenships".

An gives 5 (five) lines to state what other citizenships one has. My daughter has 3 other citizenships.

That is probably to prevent tax and other laws from taking an effect, she would be a Japanese. In the worst case scenario, my daughter, an Australian citizen, if there is a war with Australia and she gets drafted, can't say "I can't go into war against my country".

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Posted in: Boeing Max returns to U.S. skies with first passenger flight See in context

@Zoroto "How will the passenger know? Do the airlines plan to proactively notify the passenger about this"

When booking, aircraft type will be shown as "Boeing 737 MAX 8" in flight details. Or, with only 4 characters, as 737M.

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Posted in: Record no. of worker compensation claims filed due to mental illness See in context


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Posted in: Record no. of worker compensation claims filed due to mental illness See in context

What, 2,060 cases of mental illness nationwide?

If people really want for help, one single large company, like NEC or Fujitsu, would have 10 times that.

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If all citizens and PR holders are to get those 100K Yen per person, then it goes into the bank account registered with the city council, house papers members listed. No need to apply. Goes automatically, as 20,000Y for child support every 3 months as it was with my former city council.

If that happens.

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After this, cruise companies may go bankrupt. Rich oldies infecting everyone else.

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Kento Suzuki, vice chairman of the union with some 30 members,

Out of 15,000 Uber Eats deliverers in Japan?

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It is sprinklers testing, once a year. Shirakawa had full bucket of rain yesterday, no need to wet the roofs.

The houses are 200+ years old, they last far longer than 30 years. What is 30 years is roof replacement.

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My wife, was diagnosed with leukemia, the worst of all: PhAll.

That was in just now 5 years ago, Valentine day 2014. With Japanese doctors, she has survived it without bone marrow transplant.

With the medications, that keep her alive, she has been open to all other diseases, always something wrong.

After several nasty kill-you illnesses, today she is with water in her lungs. An invalid, for life time.

What a dreadful situation.

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After the WW2, when the Americans took over South Korea from the Japanese, they kept the "establishments", just raised the ranks of soldiers (officers) allowed to enjoy. No word about that.

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Posted in: First 'Nikko Style' Lifestyle-brand Hotel to open in Nagoya in 2020 See in context

Is this what software generated articles look like?

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Posted in: Over half of junior high school teachers risk health through overwork See in context

Whatever happened to decreasing number of children (hence students)? Would not that naturally increase the number of teachers? Or is it an educational way of wasteful hours at work devoted to showing presentism?

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Posted in: 910,000 new recruits start work across Japan See in context

US added 220,000 last month alone? Were they 219,000 jobs for couriers, low skilled work, or for graduates?

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