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Posted in: 1st 'comfort women' statue installed in Taiwan See in context

After the WW2, when the Americans took over South Korea from the Japanese, they kept the "establishments", just raised the ranks of soldiers (officers) allowed to enjoy. No word about that.

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Posted in: First 'Nikko Style' Lifestyle-brand Hotel to open in Nagoya in 2020 See in context

Is this what software generated articles look like?

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Posted in: Over half of junior high school teachers risk health through overwork See in context

Whatever happened to decreasing number of children (hence students)? Would not that naturally increase the number of teachers? Or is it an educational way of wasteful hours at work devoted to showing presentism?

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Posted in: 910,000 new recruits start work across Japan See in context

US added 220,000 last month alone? Were they 219,000 jobs for couriers, low skilled work, or for graduates?

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