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I think this is fairly ridiculous. There are so many ways to watch content on the internet these days, a consumer/downloaded has no way to work out what is legal and legitimate or not. Take something like crunchyroll, it is add supported so free, and was previously illegal streaming, but now is legitimate. It should be a civil offence and simply be the rights owner suing the up-loaders, or the people that know they are causing piracy by creating an upload service. Making this kind of thing a criminal offence is clearly just because America and rights owners have bullied Japan into supporting something such as the TPP, ACTA, SOPA etc. Piracy is not theft, nothing physical is lost from a user "illegally" downloading content. It is a copyright issue, due to potential loss of sale and therefore should be between the distributor of the unlicensed content and the content owner. Piracy has been twisted around from people creating counterfeit versions of a movie and selling them for and making money, to the user which has no monetary impact. A person with 0 money available, would have cause no lost of sale even if they downloaded 100% of unlicensed content. They would not be able to pay for the content even if they wanted to. The people who overall cause the loss of income are the "illegal" distributors such as youtube, or the user who uploads it to youtube.

There is no way to tell if something is free because it is "illegal" or free because it is advertisement supported. Also what is next... putting someone in jail if they change the channel or go make a cup of tea instead of watching the commercials?

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