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Posted in: Paralympic skier shines on dark anniversary See in context

You are a strong man, Takeshi. I'm proud of you.

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Posted in: Viral rapper PSY apologizes for anti-U.S. protests years ago See in context

You do not know him? I did not know him until this year too.

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Posted in: Miyoko Sumida See in context

This case is very special and powerful.

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Posted in: Japan to offer 10,000 free trips to foreigners to boost tourism industry See in context

That is one of the good ideas. We have to bring foreigners to Japan. Few years ago, that kind of idea was not come out as a country's idea. Japanese government usually did not approve many foreigners to come Japan. One of the reasons is that we can enjoy our lives without much of trading or exchanging information. They looked themselves and there was no problem for them. However, its idea was not good for long running.

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Posted in: U.S. eases travel alert around Fukushima nuclear plant See in context

Environs-around the nuclear plant

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Posted in: NZ, Australia condemn Japan's plan to go ahead with whaling See in context

What a controversy topic! This is one of the popular articles. Everybody is interested in the condemn from NZ and Australia. I've never ever eaten whole since I was born in Japan as Japanese. When I went traveling in Niigata prefecture, I saw some meats of whale. It was not so expensive but the news in Japan today prevented me from eating them because I would be condemned by the people in NZ or Australia some day.

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Posted in: Takashimaya selling Y18.9 mil gold 'Osechiryori' boxes See in context

How can I buy such a precious item?If I have a lot of money 18.9 million yen, I will buy a nice car or holyday house.

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Posted in: Japan beats U.S. in shootout to win Women's World Cup soccer See in context

Nice Japan!

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Posted in: Nissan plant opens on weekends to deal with power crunch See in context

Saving energy is one of the best way to think and thank about our actual energy. This is because everyone will be conscious of what they can do to save it. The more people think, the better they act for next summer. If such a large company tries to rethink what they can do in this situation, they will face on future problems which will damage the company. Let's look at our setuden action and I hope it will also save our energy on this planet!

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Posted in: TEPCO sends robot into No. 3 reactor at Fukushima plant See in context

I hope the robot will help the workers of TEPCO.

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Posted in: Water cleanup system shut down at Fukushima nuclear plant See in context

TEPCO will fix the problem..We have to wait for them.

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Posted in: Shopping in the rain See in context

Detract the color of the shoppers or the number of the people ?

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Posted in: Japan beats South Korea to set up Asian Cup final clash with Australia See in context

Well done, Japan beat South Korea, even though South Korea outran Japanese team in second half. Penalty shootout is the game that Japanese team lost in the 2020 World Cup. However, Kawashima stooped two penalties in penalty shoot. I'm proud of you guys.

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Posted in: Japan, Jordan advance to Asian Cup quarterfinals See in context

Well done, Japan humbled the competitor and reached the quarterfinals.

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Posted in: Japan defeats Syria 2-1 in Asian Cup See in context

Japan qualified to next stage, quarterfinal,while they were struggling the game. Honda and Hasebe scored off to beat Syria. The game seemed to be challenging by Japanese team because of the referee, but they made their best and won the game.

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Posted in: Japan draws with Jordan 1-1 in Asian Cup See in context

Shooting past Shafi to equalize is an awesome result for Japan.

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Posted in: Japan draws with Jordan 1-1 in Asian Cup See in context

You did well, Yoshida. He made a goal during injury-time, even though Japanese first goal was disallowed by the sign of offside.

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Posted in: GSDF drills See in context

Japan's Ground Self Force. Nice!

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Posted in: Character-building See in context

Such number of entrants will be telling that Japan still hold its own culture. Being a calligrapher even during the new year holidays would be welcomed.

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Posted in: Open for business See in context

I hope Kimono-clad female workers will make Japanse Stock Market better in the Year of the Rabbit 2011. Good luck for them as well.

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Posted in: Ayumi Hamasaki 1st artist to achieve 13 consecutive years of No. 1 albums See in context

She is a successful singer to sell her albums. To sell them and become 1st artist for achieving 13 consecutive years of No.1 albums must be not easy. Oricon Albums Rankings...

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Posted in: Snow storm bears down on mid-Atlantic, northeast U.S. See in context

The U.S. had a powerful storm and people got stuck inside cars. The city officials in New York made comments for their excuse to delay the appropriate action to plow snow. Some residential areas in the city such as South Brooklyn and Staten Island had narrow roads, so narrowness made plowing difficult. The condition of roads and pathways must be slick. The officials said that they finished plowing by Thursday morning. Still, residents in the city need to solve hundreds of problems against the issue of snowstorm.

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Posted in: Unemployed 30-yr-old man arrested for kidnapping 5-yr-old girl in Chiba See in context

He is unusual. Kidnapping is one of the dirty criminals. A person who usually become a target for kidnapping is a girl. She looks feeble , so that's why the 30 years old man did a bad behavior. However, as long as the government stop rising a large number of unemployment rate, the other people will do that. We have to think the idea not only from his motives but also need to think from other angles.

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Posted in: Saitama woman held for murder after setting fire to husband See in context

What was she doing! She must be a terrible murder. Can you douse your husband with kerosene and set him on fire. Douse-drench. Horrible way to die.

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Posted in: Koki Kameda 1st Japanese boxer to win 3 world titles See in context

You did a nice job. Pounding the opponent onto the canvas is one of the beautiful win for a boxer.

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