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Posted in: Japan's 'Lolita' style: cutesy and disturbing See in context

Well I like the style, (not for me though), but I find it interesting, and it's something unique. I agree that it looks more like cosplay, I mean, I don't see actually any girl in small cities dressing like that, only in Tokyo (and maybe in other bigger cities as well).

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Posted in: Aum's reincarnation still recruiting new adherents See in context

I read on newspapers about the Tokyo subway attacks when I was younger, but I can hardly remember. And it wasn't until I found a book called 'Underground' by Haruki Murakami that I became aware of the Aum Shinrikyo's existence and background. It's a interesting book with interviews made by Murakami to some of the victims and also members of the cult. The idea of this cult still around under another name - but same modus operandi -is worrying but I think some people recruited have nothing to do with it (with whatever the cult's ultimate objectives are), but being deceived believing that they will be able to find their spiritual answers/meaning of life, so the Security Agency should be careful not to make of this a 'witch hunting'. But don't let history repeats itself, like another poster said.

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Posted in: Japanese viewers tuning out, turning off their TVs See in context

Finally some good news! LOL.. Also, some of the comments here made me laugh, good ones! hehehe

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Posted in: Strong quake rocks northeast Japan See in context

I live in Tochigi, felt it but I was sleeping lol.. but it woke me up, that's for sure..

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Posted in: Seven Bank Ltd See in context

They still don't have that service to send money to my country :( ..

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Posted in: Krispy Kreme to open 73 more stores in Kanto, Kansai and Chubu See in context

Oh, I've never heard of Krispy Kreme before.. Good thing for me lol! Maybe someday I'll try one..But anyway, doughnuts are not my favorite sweets.. :P

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A 40-year-old man? How childish!! Go figure..

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Posted in: Keeping up with Japanese metrosexual manes See in context

Japanese women's "flawless skin"?? Just for the advertising, photoshop included.. C'mon, I've seen so many women with terrible skin here. A lot of japanese women use to ask me what do I do to have the flawless skin I actually have. And I'm not exagerating. The japanese women doesn't use make up, they use 'masks'.. I mean, I do use make up too because I like it,but they are so exagerated! As for the guys, I'm actually happy I'm 'out of the J-competition' lol, because if they are the 'prize', I would rather lose! Nothing like a real man, not that girlie-guys we see on the streets..C'mon.. I don't even look at those guys, they're simply just not on my vision area.. No wonder the average japanese woman has to try a lot to found something worth it..lol just kidding.. I can't say all of them are like that but I still prefer a good foreign (and masculine of course) man lol

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Posted in: Justin Bieber looking forward to coming to Japan See in context

OMG... I was going to make a joke about his hair and the risk of it to turn into a greenish color from 'radiation', but it doesn't seem appropiate.. LOL.. So I guess we'll have the new "princess" of pop soon at here huh? hahaha!!

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Posted in: What are you doing in your daily life to conserve electricity? See in context

Well, I turn off all the lights that I don't use, and when I make rice, I just do it for exactly two portions, so after that I turn off the rice cooker, which I learned uses a lot of energy (I know I should use the cooker to make rice, but where I live the gas is so expensive!). I'm not using air conditioner yet (that's going to be very difficult on summer though!), and on the last cold days I wasn't even using the heater anymore, that was hard but I slept with 3 blankets lol.. Anyway, at least it's been good to me with the electricity bills now hahaha!! I know the saving at the individual level may be nothing, but I kinda like the idea of helping with at least some little details. To me, it's more the fact that we need to be aware of all the resources we are 'wasting', and try to do something to change that. It all starts with simple things as this, and we all can get benefits, so, to me it's a win-win.

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Posted in: 4 killed, 141 injured after 7.4 quake hits Miyagi Pref, vicinity See in context

I was sleeping too at the time of the earthquake, here in Tochigi we felt it strongly too. I ran out of the house to a parking lot near my apartment! I couldn't get back to sleep since then, just watching news on tv and through the internet.. Just when I was starting to believe there would be no more aftershocks with this magnitude. But I'm glad there were no more tsunamis, I can only imagine how scared were the people living on the coastal areas..

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Oh yeah.. Soon after that will start to appear the famous three-eyed fishes from The Simpsons..

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Posted in: 2 men arrested for growing hemp in Tokyo park See in context


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Posted in: Rescued dog back with owner after drifting at sea for 3 weeks See in context

I'm so happy about Ban!! I wish she was my dog.. ;) I don't care how she managed to survive, or the circunstances about her rescue, the important is that she was able to find her owner at the end, as she surely is a part of that family too.. What an adorable history, as many others we hear in the middle of all this disaster, it gives us hope and a reason to smile :)

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I went at Meiji Shrine too on December last year, and also saw the ceremony rituals. There was like four weddings in that afternoon.. It was really nice to have the chance to witness this japanese tradition, all the tourists and non-tourists were taking pictures even from the family's photo session after the wedding (Yes, I took A LOT!! lol) I was delighted! Wonderful place to visit!

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