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Such a failure. Albeit it is not as draconian as the western societies, this kind of resort only creates a society where people turn against each other and further polarizes the nation and its citizens. They obviously haven't done their fact check themselves. Your vaccination status doesn't matter! It's proven and it's all over the internet that even vaccinated people can still transmit the virus. It's been said loud and clear by dubious health officials as well. Wake up and stop going with the flow or the "new trend" simpletons...

That being all said, though, I believe those businesses must have been hit harder compared to others, hence the controversial discounts. But what they're completely missed is that Japan is one of the only countries that have never imposed lockdowns as they're illegal. Given this fact, vaccination will never be mandatory and even the website of the ministry of health clearly stipulates: "vaccination is each individual's freedom. Do you own fact check and decide if you want to be inoculated or not". It also stresses that: "for those who are unvaccinated that are facing harassment or peer pressure, report to the authorized organization". The same right and freedom go with wearing a mask. I wonder if those business owners even know about anything at all? REPULSION.

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