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Posted in: Suga declares state of emergency lasting through Olympics See in context

You know if they took the covid-19 pandemic seriously from the beginning (march 2020) and did a real lockdown of 3 months we all wouldn't be in this situation today. Countries like Australia and New Zealand did a real lockdown for 3 months. Paid everyone to stay home, had police and military outside. And now they covid free. Even Australia freaks out when they get like 30 cases and goes to real lockdown again for few days. I find this government leadership old, dinosaur like, and just plain selfish. The reason suga and this cronies do not want to ban alcohol or any outings all together is because they themselves are alcoholics and go to hostess clubs. This is actual facts because i have friends who are hostesses and they serve suga and his cronies lol. There's literally a secret hostess bar just for government officials and it stays open after 8pm. So while the rest of us suffers and can not go on vacations. Suga and his friends party the night away with hostess girls.

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