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wow, those who blame AKB48 are bitter anti-akb and barrow-minded persons. it's like some nerd playing a video game where that nerd blame his character for dying when he's the one controlling it.

@It"S ME where's your evidence. Japan is the second largest music industry that's why all those K-POP artist are trying so hard to get into Japanese music industry other than america. which they fail miserably.

@AlexCook what makes you think AKB fans only composed of male demographic? AKB have fans in different age group. childrens, girls, guys, even moms and dads and elderly. AKB inspire their fans through their song search their song first and watched their shows and documentary before commenting harsh comments. search River, Beginner, kaze wa Fuiteiru, What can i do for someone and other stage song AKB have.

@Tom DeMicke their popular so, deal with it and don't search them or avoid articles about them so we don't have to deal with your rant which you got from Anti-AKB website or blog. like I said search their songs first search River, Beginner, kaze wa Fuiteiru, What can i do for someone and other stage song AKB have. and didn't you know AKB48 are donating part of what they profit for Tohaku victims and once every month they go to the disaster area and perform free for those disaster stricken victim. they're not only for fame and glamour. they're the real deal idols.

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@Michael Do AKB48 had performed on Macau, SIngapore, France and America before. and did you know AKB48 have already group expansion in China and Indonesia. I agree with hikari-e AKB48 and other J-POP group doesn't have to cross borders to promote themselves. cause look they have many international fans even though they're not heavily promoting themselves and just like I mention AKB48 have already group expansion in China and indonesia. and didn't you know that in every AKB48 release single today they sell 1M+ cd in just one day. and they don't need to change anything on their music or image. local and international fans love them for what they are now. they don't need to copy western music just like K-POP artist.their uniqueness and originality is what makes them popular and what makes the fans love them. I bet if K-POP artist can sell just like AKB48 1M+ cd in just one day I doubt they will make an effort to venture internationally.

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