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i ment eel.

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what about ell yakitori? is it good i heard it was . i wanna try it.

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i would like to experience japan someday. but as the saying goes if it sounds to good to be true it probably is. i do know that here in the us litter is one of many problems. we have roadkill and poop to watch out for when your walking around. the townships don't cleanup dead animals ever and people do not clean up after their pets. i am embarrassed at how disgusting people here actually are. if what they say is true japan has pride in what people see and how they are seen as a country . there was a story in the us were a little girl found a half eaten squirrel an tried to do the right thing and bury it and is now battling bubonic plague. very sad story.

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that is very sad how the younger generations treat and disrespect their elders. the police should do more to protect it's citizens from such thugs. in america gangs are everywhere it's scary. where pretty much in the same boat. i hope humanity one day changes for the better. until then walk in groups to protect each other. rip

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why not ? if there mature enough not to let temptation get the best of them.

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i'm sorry but i would never pay someone to cuddle with me no matter how hot they were. that type of bonding should be done with the one you love.

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of course chan is going to agree with his own country that is self evident.

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do they not have counselers in japan? no amount of depresson is worth your life.

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if romney gets into office the poor will suffer greatly.

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