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Posted in: Golden night See in context

Congratulation! They got a victory!

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Posted in: Man robs convenience store, then asks employee to call police See in context

Did he stay at there? Unbelievable...... Probably he just wanted to go away from daily life or something.

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Posted in: Pikachu parade held in Yokohama See in context

Thanks to new app "Pokemon GO" in the world, Pokemon had revival recently and it will be more and more popular in market.

Nowadays, we can use everywhere not only U.S.A but also Japan, HK, Philippines and so on.

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Posted in: Anybody want to live rent-free in a house in a Japanese beach town for two years? See in context

It's nice challenge for MUJIRUSHI and monitors as well. We may be able to live here without preparing any housewares and appliances in advance.. But of course monitors are required to answer so many questionnair and try to use their all products everyday. If you can be enjoy them as your life, it would be definitely valuable.

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Posted in: Welcome to Rio See in context

Everyone looks very happy and so motivated each game.

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Posted in: Victory See in context

I hope Japan Tokyo will move to right and correct way from now on.

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Posted in: Getting stopped by police in Japan – how often does it happen (and why?) See in context

Though so many overseas people live in Japan, especially Tokyo area, Japan has yet to get used to stay with Foreigners. Therefore they stand out from the view of us Japanese. After this it will be improved soon, I think.

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Posted in: Naked passenger arrested for causing damage inside taxi See in context

Unbelievable. Such a people always say "I don't remember because of too much alcohol ". Above comments cannot be accepted anymore. I hate that.

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Posted in: Japanese ladies list top 5 companies whose employees they’d most/least like to date See in context

I don't know this research is correct or not and agreeable or not for almost every ladies but I can say they (almost ladies) like famous company. They also prefer a big company even if it is not known for everybody cuz of stable work in future maybe. If they said cyberagent or small company, ladies will consider dating and check the website whether it is stable or not. Recent days, stable working is preferable. We men must keep working and doing housework also.

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Posted in: Men more enthusiastic about moving in with girlfriends than vice-versa, survey says See in context

I think recently young people ideas are gradually changing. For me I have fixed idea that we should live together after marriage without cohabitation. Until then each privacy should be covered and we should keep precious time with our parents. Of course before marriage knowing well each other is better to make a decision of marriage but I think this is Destiny. After cohabitation, it will be difficult to live separately I mean breaking up. Anyhow try their best to get best partner.

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Posted in: Taking precautions such as restricting access to one’s personal information to friends is effective. With the popularization of SNS sites, it’s becoming more common for people to develop a sense of fa See in context

We definitely understand a danger of SNS sites because of recent crimes but almost everyone is connecting some SNS including famous chat app LINE, whatsapp, wechat, facebook, instagram or something.

Each privacy must be protected and we should not show private photo or information to SNS sites in order to safe ourselves.

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Posted in: Gov't reveals new hot spring symbol for foreign tourists ahead of Tokyo Olympics See in context

New symbol is easy to understand for us also.

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Posted in: Pikachu and friends See in context

Pikachu (Pokemon GO) is coming to Japan also!!!

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Posted in: Policewoman grabs man trying to grope her while dozing on train See in context

Exactly I understand he should have long long history about his guilty.

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Posted in: Taking a break See in context

Nice photo!!

I think that taking a rest at park is better than a restaurant or a cafe.

Because we can feel refresh air there but... isn't it too hot?

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Posted in: 820 treated with heatstroke symptoms, one dead See in context

In spite of rainy season in June and July, sometimes suddenly temperature increase at every place in Japan. Therefore we cannot adjust body temperature soon especially elderly. We should prepare enough water or tea when we go outside even if inside or in house to avoid heatstroke.

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Posted in: New Häagen-Dazs ice cream: Salty Vanilla and Caramel and Japonais Black Syrup Kinako Red Bean See in context

This luxury ice-cream maker always release new products in market. Sometimes it's very new and flesh, I mean first time appearance in Japan. Therefore I like this ice-cream and I'm exciting to choose tasty one every time.

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Posted in: Game, Set & Match See in context

Exactly it's a nice advertisement for Uniqlo!

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Posted in: 3 men rob Chiba love hotel See in context

It will be easy to find out them.

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Posted in: Michelin-star restaurant in Kamakura closed after food poisoning See in context

Cuz was seafood too fresh?

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Posted in: Bit of a puzzle See in context

I guess that Renho-san is one of best candidates because of her cleanness, good image and having clear direction. I hope she becomes a leader in Tokyo someday.

On the other hand, where is Sakurai-dad?

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Posted in: Fewer Japanese seek marriage amid worries over income: poll See in context

So many recent or future Japan problems are included in this article.

Population shrinkage, birth rate shrinkage, late marriage timing, young guy doesn't want to get marriage, immigration acceptance, increase nursery and so on.

It seems that Government is taking a countermeasure or updated methods but actually we feel there are no significant change at this moment. We seriously need to consider these problems in Japan and help each other and change our mind as well.

Even if our company also must hire more woman and keep hiring them after giving birth, it means we need to give them working opportunities,

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Posted in: Gov't says Mitsubishi Motors cheated on mileage by up to 16% See in context

We cannot believe Mitsubishi car anymore except for special lovers to them. If they had missed our believes even once, it's very difficult to give back for makers.

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Posted in: What does 'good child-raising' mean? See in context

How to raise children very well depends on each parents, I think and also it depends on their character, background, circumstances and so on.

There are so many valuable books, tips in internet or TV but we must control our feeling and always should think about their feeling.

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Posted in: On the way out See in context

Exactly nice photo cuz someone is just bowing to him but why? We can guess, final greeting or appreciation?

Anyhow I'm interested in next person!! According to the latest TV news, a clean guy, I mean no scandal no money issues, is preferable. It should be Sakurai-kun's dad.

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Posted in: Some handy phrases so you can speak the Kansai dialect See in context

If foreigners speak Kansai-direct, it's very familiar with us but I think mastering how to use or when it should be used is very difficult.

You can learn everything by talking with Kansai-people.

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Posted in: Free Wi-Fi coming to McDonald’s Japan branches See in context

In Japan this become one of daily news but in the world it's usual to get Free-Wifi at city or restaurant or other places.

By installing Wifi system in McDonald's, it's still unclear how much they will get additional customers and profit in future.

But it's better for Japanese and especially foreigners that Free-Wifi can be used.

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Posted in: TV presenter Mao Kobayashi battling breast cancer See in context

I hope she can overcome her ill asap. She must need family help and her family needs our help as well.

Even if she is still young, it's difficult to understand why she has got such an ill for her and especially young children.

To young ladies, everyone should go for yearly check-up regularly.

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Posted in: This little trolley appears to be floating upside down See in context

Exactly i'ts just easy trick but we can see this illusion.

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Posted in: New hires shock Internet with their sameness See in context

Hahaha this article is very interesting,

Exactly I agree their sameness however unfortunately it's usual in Japan.

But I think sometimes their personality is very important if you want to join e.g. entertainment company.

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