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Posted in: Gov't employees to start work early, finish early in July, August See in context

I feel this is not working flexibility because it's just for Japan government to save a heavy energy or show their action to Japanese.

Someone doesn't want to get up early and they might want to use morning time as studying, learning, running, spending with their family.

We do need more flexible time and first of all, we should minimize our working overtime without any hesitation to others.

If you don't have any urgent work after regular working time around 5 or 6, you should go home early or go for drink with co-worker, it's usual and not strange but in Japan it's still awkward.....

Working overtime is not good for us everyone except for working lovers especially overtime, Spending with family or using time for oneself are better in future.

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Posted in: New developments See in context

Is this construction for Olympic or just innovation around there?

Besides, in JAPANTODAY, usually we can see such a photo, a person or people in front of wall, sign, advertisement.

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Posted in: Pair of Yubari melons fetch record Y3 mil at auction See in context

Unbelievable!!!! Too expensive....

We may find out almost similar taste Yubari melons with cheaper price at city-super, maybe.

I really hope.

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Posted in: Summit security See in context

Wow, it's exactly unusual scene at Ise-Shima...

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Posted in: Would you like to see U.S. military forces leave Okinawa? See in context

I think U.S. military forces should stay at Okinawa to defend against new enemy, like a China, north Korea and so on.

However we need to and must control their crimes for our security.

There are still some big incidents around there and many people want to leave U.S.military place from Japan.

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Posted in: Ama divers See in context

It's a nice photo!

They are working as usual although G7 summit is approaching because of it's their work.

Will they stop working tomorrow and Friday?

I think they do not need.

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Posted in: Early arrival See in context

I think it's better to come Japan early and prepare for summit because they can learn Japan style by seeing everything in Japan and afford to stay there.

We Japanese must enhance our security nearby them and around there as well.

I hope their safety during their staying.

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Posted in: Japan is getting its first full-scale Legoland amusement park See in context

It's good for LEGO lovers.

Will this be famous for everyone in future, like TDL or USJ?

I hope... Cuz it's for Japan!!

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Posted in: Man arrested over theft of 70 women's raincoats See in context

There are so many strangers in Japan....

Are they increasing now?

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Posted in: Obama says Hiroshima visit will emphasise current U.S. ties with Japan See in context

I watched his TV interview and felt his sincerity because he has chosen proper words every time to shown their apology.

I guess that he is a position to do action of course but it's very difficult issues about war.

However it's no way because of U.S.president.

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Posted in: The Peninsula Tokyo lifts the bar for service See in context

This article is very informative for me because I could come to understand what General manager in Peninsula Tokyo is thinking and their policy, style, current style and so on. Actually I am interested in Peninsula hotel but I have never stayed there even if I usually go to Hong kong and walk in front of that hotel at TST area. For me the room price is a little bit expensive If I book the hotel for business and private trip, whichever.

But I may go to a bar, cafe or just shopping and feel a nice atmosphere near future...... Looking forward!!

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Posted in: Anyone for sushi? See in context

スシロー is one of popular SUSHI restaurant chain in Japan.

But I usually go to くら寿司 because of slot machine for kids in restaurant. We can play a game per 5dishes.

It's good idea!!

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Posted in: Large mansion listed on Yahoo! Auction for cheap due to its macabre history See in context

Hmmm if we believe ghost or something, of course we should not purchase that house even if it is very cheap. But if you have not known previous incidents before buying house, how should we do after purchase? Nevertheless to say, we must check everything, the place, the average price, the city etc in advance. And re-sales are better.

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Posted in: New Suntory beer cans feature 15 different bullet trains and local landscapes See in context

It's a good sales promotion even if cans will be disposed after drinking but I prefer can's design always.

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Posted in: Thieves steal 104 iPhones from Wakayama store See in context

I second that they must go overseas and get enough maney advantage.

But Japan police should find them and give them heavy guilty.

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Posted in: Want a hug? See in context

Of course it's for foreigners who love Japan or Japanese, we almost Japanese probably don't care but I don't know he is very handsome or she is quite pretty.

Is it something like a hunny trap for guys? I must doubt first.....

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Posted in: Lotteria to offer massive Burger with Everything on It See in context

This kind of limited burger is impressive because of new topic for us consumers. But it is unclear whether we buy and eat or not. I expect their sales will go well in future although I prefer MOS BURGER.

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Posted in: Miss Hooters Japan Contest 2016 See in context

I wish she becomes a winner at Las Vegas as well!! She will or should show Japanese unique hospitarity for win. Anyhow smile, smile and smile!

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Posted in: Do you consider global warming just a theory or a proven fact? See in context

Sometimes in summer season I notice a global warming in earth or Japan because I feel temperature is warmer than before definitely.

But it's very cold in winter season and we cannot live without any air-conditioner or gas stove or heater something.

What is the fact? Gradual warming in average? We still may not know yet exactly.

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Posted in: Automaker Mitsubishi admits falsifying fuel-efficiency tests See in context

They want to exaggerate fuel-efficiency because of current market situation in Japan. We usually care car's fuel-efficient rate to save gasoline cost. 30km per a litter? 25km per a litter? Actually we cannot get a good rate anymore.

But using wrong data at car maker is unacceptable for consumers of course since we believe their score in catalog.

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Posted in: Cold rice balls, no flush toilets at quake-hit shelter See in context

They don't want laxury things but they need minimum to be alive now.

Of course we fully understand hot food or their favorite one are better for them.

We have to endure and we need to help each other.

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Posted in: Sticking together See in context

In spite of hard circumstances now in Kyushu area, this is really nice photo!! Pet is also one of our family so we cannot leave them behind of course!!!!!

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Posted in: Teamwork or torture? Japan's bone-breaking school gymnastics See in context

This correct answer is very difficulut for me.

Actually when I was elementary school student, I have done school gymnastics some times. Of course we understand the difficulty and the danger but that was lesson in physical education.

It may be necessary for learning teamwork but all teachers must be careful and take care of them without accidents.

But we may learn teamwork by other lessons as well....

Responsibility should be school and teachers.

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Posted in: Nowhere to go See in context

It was good luck because of seemingly no car there at road.

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Posted in: RoBoHon See in context

Hahaha, everyone is seemingly interested in the lady not RoBoHon. I exactly agree.

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Posted in: Divorce among elderly couples surging See in context

Divorce needs more powerful than marriage. I do not want to for future our grand-children... We should discuss and discuss each other. Even if marriage is just being exchanged a paper with each stamp, spending time will make our relationship more strengthen.

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Posted in: Schoolgirl says education pointless; gets schooled in debate on Twitter See in context

I think that she just wants to say something complain about education or school. But she must recognize that school life was very important and essential in the future, especially after guraduation. I hope she could have some interests in school near future.

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Posted in: Death by overwork on rise among Japan's vulnerable workers See in context

It's a vicious cycle... Government doesn't agree rasing salary for volnerable work in spite of staff shortage and hard job. This job is not hopeful in market and nobody want to try and continue working. Other staff must work longer and longer.

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Posted in: Message service Line entering carrier business in Japan See in context

LINE is most useful and popular for Japanese but in the world there are many social media, e.g. face book, twitter, wechat, whatsup and so on.

It seems that they have already started other services including mobile carrier so LINE can learn from them maybe.

For me, wechat is easy to use and it's very practical.

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Posted in: Namie Amuro’s ‘Hero’ selected as NHK’s Rio Olympics theme song See in context

We support and cheer Amuro-chan!!

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