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Yukijin comments

Posted in: New Zealand police rule out forcibly clearing anti-vaccination protesters See in context

The mandate nonsense will not stand the test of time. Eventually it will be dropped, it might as well be now.

Governments who discriminate against their own people always fall on the wrong side of history.

I can foresee them having to apologize and pay compensation in the future.

People who wind up in prison over this are political prisoners.

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Posted in: Burger King releases King Yeti in Japan See in context

The meal deal should come with a booster shot, because once you eat this you will have underlying health conditions

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Posted in: Kishida tells Putin diplomatic solution needed over Ukraine crisis See in context

It's like the small dog barking behind the fence, then you open the gate and it runs away

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Posted in: Heavy snow falls along Sea of Japan coast See in context

This year the snow is so deep most houses that shed snow with steep pitches are totally backed up so any new snow we get from here on has nowhere to go. The snow at my place is at least 1m higher than usual.

Another reason is many houses have snow stoppers on the roof to stop snow avalanching onto the street or their neighbours house etc so you have to remove it manually.

The locals take incredible risks, never a harness to be seen. You see people on 3 or 4 story buildings walking without a care in the world.

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Posted in: Google to overhaul ad tracking system on Android devices See in context

Get an adblocker and refuse updates.

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Posted in: Japan to buy additional 10 million COVID vaccine shots from Pfizer See in context

Good news for the double vaxxed over 60's. Everyone else doesn't need it.

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Posted in: Cyclone, Barry Manilow fail to dislodge New Zealand anti-vaccine protesters See in context

You can't blame people for using their last resort.

Lets face it, democracy turned out to be a two party system, when both sides agree on something you disagree with you can't exactly vote it away. You are forced to take more extreme avenues to get your voice heard.

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Posted in: U.S. to evacuate Ukraine embassy over Russian invasion fears See in context

Sven AsaiToday  03:08 pm JST

That’s not our cup of tea and most of us here don’t even sit near that global chessboard. Look, the two, now three, global powers have their terrain, their near influence or occupation zones and also a few little figures placed near the other one’s doors, and all that based on biggest conventional and nuclear military power compared to all other countries on the globe. They won’t change the balance so very much anyway, and even if they do, we all can’t do anything against it. Just care about your other daily problem loads, that’s surely more than enough to do and makes more sense. What the big three do is not your shoe size and very far from your reach.

When I read this post I felt like each sentence came from a fortune cookie

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Posted in: Japan urges nationals to leave Ukraine See in context

But Putin made a promise to Macron. . .

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Posted in: Canadian truckers' bridge blockade forces shutdowns at auto plants See in context

People in positions of authority have continually over stepped their mark.

People just don't like being told what to do.

To manage a good democracy, please just show facts and let the individual make their decisions. If that doesn't work for you, then maybe democracy just isn't for you.

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Posted in: Djokovic on entry list for vaccinated-only Indian Wells See in context

When you make stupid rules people find stupid ways to get around them.

Serbia seems to have a nationalistic sense of pride attached to Djokovich so I wouldn't doubt that he has aquired documentation stating that he is vaccinated.

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Posted in: Returning Japan Olympians to have smartphones undergo security check See in context

Send the phones to Senkaku :-)

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Posted in: Argument leads to fatal shooting in checkout line of Florida grocery store See in context


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Posted in: Russia, China push back against U.S. in pre-Olympics summit See in context

It's like looking at hitler and mussolini in 1937

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Posted in: North Korean Olympics message may signal halt to missile tests: analysts See in context

Get Bach on the phone, N Korea 2030 has a ring to it doesn't it?

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Posted in: Japan, S Korea exchange protests over World Heritage nomination See in context

Love letters

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Posted in: Meta, formerly Facebook, faces historic drop as stock tanks See in context

Judging by the fact that the Zuc still maintains that terrible hair style I can ascertain that he is surrounded by yes men.

Ain't nobody got the cojones to give him the tap on the shoulder and say this virtual reality crap is a lead balloon.

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Posted in: Faith in the metaverse: A VR quest for community, fellowship See in context

Total recall

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Posted in: ‘Take back life’: More nations ease coronavirus restrictions See in context

Yay! Sensibility is beginning to prevail.

Take your own personal precautions, perform your own personal lockdowns if you feel inclined but respect those who choose to go about life as it was before.

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Posted in: Johnson safe for now, but future in jeopardy over 'partygate' See in context

You gotta fight for your right


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Posted in: Putin offers more talks with West to defuse Ukraine tensions See in context

Putin pushed all his chips in hoping the other players would fold.

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Posted in: U.S. rights monitor warns over athletes' safety at Beijing Olympics See in context

Social anxiety on full display from paranoid Chinese officials.

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Posted in: Denmark becomes first EU country to lift all COVID restrictions See in context

It seems many from the pro vax camp are somewhat disappointed omicron is mild because it casts a shadow of doubt over who takes the glory as the pandemic winds up.

Was it the vaccines or the natural mutation into a mild virus?

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Posted in: Series of strawberry thefts reported in Tochigi Prefecture as harvest season peaks See in context

It's time for a sting. I would like to see police in strawberry camouflage go deep undercover, it's the only way.

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Posted in: U.S. paying athletes to 'disrupt' Winter Olympics: China state media See in context

Rediculous claim

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Posted in: Vaccine passport protests in Europe draw thousands of people See in context

Rightly so.

Vaccine passports, QR code check ins and such things are a new normal that has been forced upon us and will never go away if we don't reject it now.

Democracy moves closer to communism with rules like this.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 9,699 new cases; nationwide tally 49,854 See in context

It's beginning to look like these vaccines aren't very good captain.

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Posted in: China mulls in-person event to mark normalization of ties with Japan See in context

It sounds like when somebody is way too eager to shake your hand just so they can try and crush it.

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Posted in: Foreign visitors to Japan in 2021 fell to record low 245,900 See in context

Many foreigner ski lodge owners continued to come and go in 2021.

I personally know people who got in because they own a share in a restaurant in a ski town.

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Posted in: Olympic athletes urged by activists not to criticize China See in context

Dancing with the devil.

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