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Foreigner In TokyoToday  06:42 pm 

it's people under 40 driving all of this.

LOL, the lengths some people go to to manufacture a reality that suits their agenda.

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Posted in: China's Xi rejects 'Cold War mentality,' pushes cooperation See in context

Ignore the words.

Judge the actions.

Hong Kong says hi.

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Australian politics us steered by boomers who only care for their property value.

Tough calls win votes so the politicians can never resist tough posturing because they know it wins the boomer vote.

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Posted in: Tokyo's COVID alert at 2nd-highest level as capital reports 3,124 new cases See in context

I got a cold in Tokyo last weekend. Ive been sick all week with symptoms just like omicron, I was sure I had it but tested negative.

So the common cold is still kicking around.

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You choose what you watch on youtube.

Watch what you like and let others do the same please.

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Posted in: 58% of Americans believe U.S. democracy in danger of collapse: poll See in context

Americans cannot comment without mention the left or the right.

Hate for the other blinds them from seeing themselves as they truely are.

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Posted in: British PM Johnson apologizes for attending party during lockdown See in context

Im not sure if they have been fining people in the UK like they did in Australia, but an amnesty on outstanding fines and refund on paid fines is in order I think.

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Posted in: Hong Kong to create more national security crimes See in context

When organised resistance is crippled by one sided laws like this the only options left are compliance or disorganised resistance aka terrorism.

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Posted in: Hong Kong to create more national security crimes See in context

The yanks can choose either way. Poor people in hong kong cannot.

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Posted in: Quebec seeks to tax the unvaxxed as Omicron hits See in context

Compassion for others who are battling with their vices promotes unity within society.

Division is what provides a foothold for hate to grow, we don't need it guys.

To the posters above who stoke division, well you show your own vice right there with your promotion of division.

I forgive you. You are not bad people.

I will allow my taxes to help drug abusers, smokers, sugar abusers, sick children, people who fell off a motorbike trying a jump that was too big etc etc. I also include people unvaccinated against covid in my list.

My compassion reaches to anyone who may need it, and I hope in turn it would be extended to me in my time of crisis.

Showing love for those who are lost will make you happy from the inside out.

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Posted in: U.S. hospitals letting infected staff members stay on the job See in context

The amount of different rules for different people is staggering.

We have healthy people in quarantine and infected people at work.

There really is no order

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Foreigners in China were always in a bubble anyway, this is a bubble within a bubble and I would say that is very convenient for the ccp.

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Posted in: Japan extends entry ban on non-resident foreigners until end of February: Kishida See in context

I feel really sorry for those of you locked in small rooms with kids, if i were in there I would get an exercise routine going. Use your muscles and you will feel relaxed and sleep easier.

Ge the kids to teach you the games they know and play with them, be a kid yourself :-)

How many push ups can you do? How many things can you "eye spy"

Smartphone is probably the most frustrating way to spend your time in such a situation. Stay busy and stay strong.

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Posted in: More than 100,000 march in France against COVID vaccine requirements See in context

Vaccinated people who wish harm on unvaccinated people are a very low class of human.

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Posted in: Australian PM meets with National Cabinet as virus cases surge See in context

Boosters lol.

2 didn't work, maybe 3 will? Or 4. . .

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Posted in: Djokovic given medical exemption to play at Australian Open See in context

On the high horse is where most double vaxxed people are, only to find out the horse is a shetland pony.

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Posted in: China locks down city of 1.2 million after three virus cases See in context

China variant will be the final mutation, they will be sitting ducks long after the rest of the world has let it run and got on with their lives.

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Posted in: Ikea to hike prices by 9% due to supply chain woes See in context

Yes this is definitely not how Japanese deal with this problem.

The Japanese way would be to maintain the same price and make all the products 9% smaller.

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Posted in: Japan to join ASEAN's emergency hotline linking defense authorities See in context

Hotline = paranoia chill pill.

History tells us that dictators get paranoid and make silly decisions so it pays to have line of communication.

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Posted in: Remove your tattoos, Beijing tells Chinese soccer players See in context

Xi will ultimately destroy the ccp. People just don't like being told what to do and he doesn't know where to draw the line.

Communism rots from the inside, and Xi has the dial turned up to 11.

The west just needs to sit back, wait and watch it all fall apart over the next 20 years.

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Posted in: Djokovic withdraws from ATP Cup in Sydney See in context

△ No need to get on your high horse about it.

Do as you wish and give others the right to do the same.

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Posted in: Djokovic mystery deepens as stars arrive ahead of Australian Open See in context

It's no mystery to me. The dude had covid for real and therefore didn't bother with the vaccine. He may be treated as pariah but his logic is very understandable.

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Posted in: Advertisements draw flak in China over Asian stereotypes See in context

Don't they just love to gripe about everything.

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Omicron is the soft variant. Let it run wild.

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Having boosters shots every 3 months is already being normalized in Australian media.

People with 2 shots but no booster will soon be treated as pariah.

Meanwhile poor countries cannot secure enough vaccine to meet the needs of their populations and that right there will ensure further mutations occur.

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Posted in: Chinese tennis star Peng Shuai denies making sexual assault claim See in context

The ccp made her an offer she couldn't refuse, as they say in mafia movies

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Posted in: Suspected groper fractures pelvis after jumping from train platform in escape bid See in context

Swift justice, like an OG Simpsons episode.

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Posted in: Gov't to offer unused Abenomasks to local governments See in context

Moeru gomi

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Posted in: Kishida sidesteps criticism of cash handout policy change See in context

Some people that are all to happy to discriminate over vaccine status seem to have a case of sour grapes now they are being discriminated against for not having children.

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