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Posted in: Woman held for killing mother over 'nutritional breakfast' argument See in context

Killed her mum over an argument about a balanced DIEt..... as you do!

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Posted in: Ishihara, son embroiled in public row over new political party See in context

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree! This one is the spit out of his father's mouth!

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Posted in: Kenya's Kipyego wins Tokyo Marathon See in context

It's disgusting that Fujiwara hasn't got a sponsor! And also disappointing that Kawauchi hasn't got a coach cause he hasn't got any money. Again says a lot about this country! If you haven't got any money then you are S.O.L! These two men are heroes, but where is the financial help? The people up north need heroes and a couple of medals at the Olmpics would do wonders, but the people who have the money to sponsor these guys and train or help them keep dropping the ball.

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Posted in: Multiculturalism is a reality in the U.S.; it is accepted neither in theory nor in practice in Japan. See in context

America and Japan are like chalk and charcoal! I don't want Japan to be multicultural! I want to live in Japan! The Japanese don't want a multicultural Japan! If you want to live in a multicultural society with the right to vote, then jump on a plane and leave Japan! Multiculturalism doesn't work, because human being generally can't stand each other!

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Posted in: Ichiro heads into final year with Mariners See in context

I heard that the owner of the Mariners is Japanese. Is this correct?

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Posted in: Ichiro heads into final year with Mariners See in context

I was in a coffee shop and a few tables away Ichiro was with with some suited, serious looking people and I heard him talking about a move to Nagoya Dragons in 2013 as head coach and maybe in the starting line up depending on this year's form! I was double checking with my wife that my translation of his Japanese wasn't wrong and she said with shock on her face and tears in her eyes that YES! He will be a NAGOYA DRAGON in 2013! We were both estatic and it was surreal like a dream, then I heard my wife's voice screech, " Breakfast is ready! " and I woke to find it really was a DREAM! Ahhh....... Yukio dream on! Dream on! Let's hope Ichiro gives his fans in Japan one last season!

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Posted in: Gov't to discuss allowing women in imperial family to keep status after marriage See in context

Backwards! On a level with Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Pakistan and Iran! Lift your game Japan! The women of Japan deserve better!

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Posted in: Company claiming iPad trademark sues Apple in U.S. See in context

The Chinese really have no idea..... I've heard they are also using the "Jordan" trademark.... causing Nike some grief! I've started buying my clothing from countries like Vietnam, Latin America and anywhere except China. They'll get no more of my money till they start playing fair!

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Posted in: Japan pledges $530 mil in loans to Iraq See in context

More money down the "S" bends! Pff! They better give some oil in return!

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Posted in: Ishihara agrees with Nagoya mayor's Nanjing massacre denial See in context

I've read the clipping in the Japanese paper of the the two soldiers having a contest for the first one to cut off one hundred heads.... they lost count and decided to start again.... it might be a fake article, but let's be honest the Japanese soldiers were nasty pieces of work bayonetting, raping and plundering their way through south east asia. The moderator will probably delete this post cause he doesn't like anything negative written about his precious Japan or its inhabitants.... well I've been living here for 20 years and know plenty. If you want a funny read get your hands on the book by Ishihara and his bum chum the late Akio Morita the man who started Sony, boy does he dislike anybody who isn't Japanese. I would have love to seen his original draft before the editor took the red pen to it, to make it printable... It's a real giggle! Ishihara is a mad raving, twitching, blinking, frothing at the mouth racist! The majority of Japanese can't stand the chinese, but are too polite or sneaky ( I haven't decided which! ) to articulate their dislike clearly. That Ishihara is governor of Tokyo confirms some of my suspicions regarding the majority of Japanese, but if I write that this article will get the secateurs of the moderator! So I'll tread lightly. Thanks mod! the "Big Borther" I always wanted!

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Posted in: 'Titanic' to be re-released in 3D in Japan See in context

Always trying to squeeze the last bit of money out of the SHIBORI! Chris! t when will they stop flogging this dead horse! , Titanic with cut scenes include, Titanic with DiCraprio naked, Titanic with curry and rice, Titanic in cartoon form! Pff!

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Posted in: Top court upholds death sentence for man who killed 2 when he was minor See in context

!3 years? Pff! What a disgrace! At last we've found some judges with NUTS! Hangin' judges! If you don't have the testicular fortitude to stretch a murderer's neck then step down from the bench and let a real judge serve sentences! I'm sick of all these left-wing, pink robe wearing jokes, who are more concerned with the criminal than the victim! And that fat blob Asahara Shoko is still breathing isn't he? More tax-payers money down the S-bends! Anyway, I hope Motomura can move on with his life with his new family. 13 years..... hasn't this poor man lived enough of a nightmare? Everytime I hear the word judge, I'll spit on the floor in disgust! It is one of the most pathetic professions there is! VENGEANCE is JUSTICE!

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Posted in: Did Jesus Christ live and die in northern Japan? See in context

I'll definitely be going up to check out this spot! I would like to see some images of Jesus though...... something like the shroud thingy with J's blood all over it.... or perhaps some mochi with jesus's likeness.... ya gotta get jiggy with it! Scam it up a little, perhaps get some professional Japanese Sagi involved,,,,, I bet they could sell it.... yeah, plenty of potential! Go in peace to love and serve the lord! Muah!

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Posted in: Court throws out key evidence against Ozawa See in context

Good ol Japan! As bent as a dog's hind leg! And not to mention the Olympus fiasco! Where the hell did 1.1 billion go? Japan is starting to go down to the level of Somalia..... Hope Akio Morita the old boss of sony is looking down from up above! And Ishihara Shintaro, too! Like nurse Ratchet used to say, " Medication time! Medication time! "

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Posted in: 10 governors demand TEPCO explain corporate power bill hike See in context

Another rectal pummelling for the hardworking, overtaxed, underappreciated, radioactive punter! I'd like to see these lazy, incapable, rapacious, compulsive liars who run TEPCO given a blindfold and a last cigarette! Pff!

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Posted in: Hasegawa confirms break-up with Kanda because he wouldn't propose to her See in context

After being married to Seiko Matsuda, he's had a sour taste of marriage to a Japanese lady and said who needs the punishment! Why would a famous, wealthy man want to get bogged down with extra luggage when he can play the field! I'd like to see more men follow his lead! Single, free, sexually satisfied and with money to burn, or sexually deprived, scorned and unappreciated? Like my granny used to say, " A bachelor never makes the same mistake once! " Onya Masaki!

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Posted in: Woman conned out of nearly Y4.5 mil in bank transfer scam See in context

What's the word I'm after......Mmmmmm Dunce!! Damn she shoulda known better! And who doesn't know the sound of their own grnadson's voice disgraceful! But a nice little earn for these dirty dogs who I rate on the same level as child molesters! Catch em and whipem!!

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Posted in: Mold found on Daimaru Matsuzakaya Valentine chocolates See in context

A bit of mould never hurt anybody! Roughage I say! If they give me a discount.... I'll make a purchase! Chocolate with mould....... makes me think of green tea chocolate! Mmmmmm!

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Posted in: Jetstar Japan to start domestic flights in July See in context

I've flown with Jetstar or more appropriatelyJOKEstar from Narita to the Gold Coast a number of times, the damn plane rarely leaves on time, which makes me miss last trains forcing me to shell out for a hotel or a lengthy taxi ride! The worst was 2 years back when the plane was scheduled to leave at 8:50, but ended up leaving at 2:00 in the morning! No call to warn us, so I had to kill 6 hours at the airport, but it was a cheap ticket and was direct to the Gold Coast, so I bought the ticket, but no more!!! JOKEstar are Amateurs who make my blood boil and blood pressure RISE! I'll be flying into Brisbane using Korean, Thai etc and getting a shuttle bus from Brissy! Hopefully with the Japanese on board as partners, they can show the imbeciles at Jetstar how to run an airline, because I'm pretty sure the Japanese customers won't put up with the Australian way of ROUGH ENOUGH is GOOD ENOUGH! Cause I've HAD ENOUGH! Bye bye JOKEstar You've LOST my patronage! I'm gonna start departing and arriving on schedule! Pff!

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Posted in: Moody's lowers rating on Sony, Panasonic See in context

China? Pfff! Don't make me laugh. You, too! On the back of a stamp! I put one of Moody's ratings printouts on the bottom of my canary's cage and not even he wouldn't poop on it! I trust my canary more that I trust this company of imposters... respected? Yes by you! Are you from Texas? Sony and Panasonic will bounce back, Apple will decline it's a cycle, up and down, up and down! Business is a 15 round boxing match! The Japanese are educated and hard working! They just started to believe all the nonsense in the paper about being unbeatable and unique and started to become complacent. A good couple of kicks in the ass, and the gloves will be back on! As for China..... their house of cards could very well meet a tumble!

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Posted in: Texas-bound See in context

Darvish handle the heat? Pff He's Japanese.... they don't whinge like us Americans. Oh, my beer is too cold, Oh it's too hot I can'y play, Oh the sky is too blue, my salary is too high! We Americans complain about a cold beer on a hot day. Hopefully we can learn how to toughen up! Darvish is gonna blow 'em all of the map! kick some ass kid!

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Posted in: AKB48 monthly newspaper on sale See in context

Has anyone ever noticed that the majority of Japanese tunes and most of the big hits are the same recipe of chords?? C G Am Em F C F G or Am F G C?? That's why most foregners who aren't comatose thinks, " Wow this rubbish all sounds the same!" Well these chords which are guaranteed to give you a hit are employed by the music boss puppeteers..... Grab your guitar and have a strum....... interesting and true!

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Posted in: Moody's lowers rating on Sony, Panasonic See in context

Someone should lower Moody's rating! They are a bunch of pompous wankers fresh out of college, very similar to the majority of dunces employed by "think tanks" across America! Again these think tanks are full of pretentious wannabe's, who if you gave an enema to, could bury in a matchbox! Pff! Moody`s! a group of pimply-faced, Nintendo-carrying NERDS! They are so wrong ALL of the time they should become BROKERS or my financial advisor! Hehehehe! Hahahaha!

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Posted in: Olympic judo gold medalist fired for sexual harassment See in context

So much cheaper and less of a hassle to go to a fashion health! All his hard effort and years of dedication down the crapper, cause he can't keep his mind or hands above some girl's waist! Pff! And I think this guy has kids to boot! We men are always thinking with the wrong head! Maybe he'll come out with an apology and all or most will be forgiven, but being a man.... we are always taught to DENY, DENY, DENY!

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Posted in: Despite recent crackdowns, pet industry still rife with problems See in context

It's a Buddhist thing! The West and interfering foreigners have got to undertand the way we asians roll. The whales, the dolphins, our bedroom hangups, It's all a Buddhist thing my follows victims of your right hand. There will be minor surface changes to placate the compulsive complainers, but just lip service! At the end of the day it's all about money! Our motto: No money, NO HONEY! And we all got one hell of a sweet tooth! The scam involving the hostesses and their drunk, horny, gullible victims, well what the hell has that got to do with the animal?? That dog is treated like a king, cause he's bringing in the dough to both pet shop hustler and his deceitful wenches! Like I write.... no real changes! Just lip service for the compulsive complainers. Now pucker up and give Yukio a nice big kiss!

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Posted in: Fukushima residents tour German renewable village See in context

Green is good, but I really don't know if green can keep the lights on????? It's a start anyway! Good luck!

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Posted in: Japan concerned as China's first aircraft carrier starts second trial See in context

Hope the Chinese don't come looking for their pound of flesh here in Japan. It's a good looking carrier, but we all know about the Chinese Shinkansens and their bridges and infrastructure not being up to scratch. I sincerely believe that this ship has more bite than bark, but GULP! Who wants to find out!

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Posted in: Samsung Lions beat Softbank Hawks to win Asia Series See in context

I'm with Hide Suzuki on this one! Hide keep up the good work and I look forward to the boys winning the WBC yet again! Hehehehe! Winning the WBC is easier than bobbing for apples in a barrel! Congrats to the Koreans, as thay can play a good game of baseball!

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Posted in: Korean drama backlash See in context

May I also add that I have watched some wonderful Korean movies, but Korean Dramas where the mouth doesn't move in sync with dialogue........ Life your game boys!

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Posted in: Korean drama backlash See in context

This warms my cold heart! I love my fellow right wing and opinionated brothers in arms! Makes me feel proud to be Japanese! These lame korean dramas put Japanese TV fratenity out of work! The trickle down of jobs from a Japanese drama is millions! And we are paying the Koreans to watch their rubbish! Pff! What next rubbish American reality TV with the Kardashian Skanksters! No! I know Americans aren't allowed to demonstarte, I've seen them pepper sprayed on TV, and neither are North Koreans, but this is Japan baby and it is OUR Right! And this is how we roll! Rippon Nippon!

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