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Are these fireworks displays certified safe?

Only this Kamakura, I can say it's very safe, Because, they launch fireworks towards on the sea. And therefoe, they can launch fireworks more large-flowered. On the other hand, Area have no river or beach can not launch more large-flowered, there is a risk of fire.

Many many people can feel their own whole body shake when they explode. Good luck!

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**This morning, it is a fine day after the typhoon, and is shining verdure. And I really like this moment.

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Oh! Natto!! Do you like Natto? and How cooking do you eat one? Natto is one of the famous japanes dishes. Howeve I'm Japanese, I don't like one. Kanji? these days many person speaking Japanes perhaps Don't write many Kanji. At least, I can't write many kanji. One of the reason, ther is computer,; Word, Excel, and so on, that is not need knowledge--Glyphs or shape of kanji--. That is just may be selected.

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At this location.... would you prefer to eat lunch? or it doesn't matter.

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Oh! This is bad, really bad!! I'll say females and girls, Please go on charming. !! But, well.....well I dont know, what do I say for my wife?

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I vote facebook. 1) Maybe, Facebook will be to transform the television media and so on ....? 2) From now on, many media( ... and so on) have to import facebook. It does not google.

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