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I always look forward to seeing the pics of the Caretta Shiodome in Tokyo. I think they are spectacular looking. I have never visited it in person though cause I don't live in Japan. However I still dream & hope to one day.

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Congratulations to Akiko Suzuki; & Narumi Takahashi & Mervin Tran; Yuzuru Hanyu; Daisuke Takahashi.

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I like Avril. Go Avril.

I think the Japanese girl on the left (behind the girl wearing the black& white print dress) looks like Miki Ando.

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I agree with goddog's statement about making them clean up the glass etc.

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No. It was not ingenious.

It was stupid & not thought through. If the suspect wanted it to look like a car accident the victim should not have been found in the back seat but in the front seat.

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I'd like a more expansive explanation of the “groundbreaking” system also.

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How much will the film or (is it a memory card/stick?) going to cost & how much for the printing?

Yes it would be nice to see an example of a 3D picture.

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Please explain/define for me what is a 'spanner' in this case?

Also RIP to the woman & child.

Moderator: A spanner is a wrench.

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....fire fighters, police and hotel staff investigated. But it wasn’t until Friday that an employee found the suitcase, which a police investigator later opened to discover the body.

How inept the resue depts. are in Japan, that it took an employee of the hotel to find the suitcase even with a strong odor 'leading the way'?

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Will they sell Japanese souvenir postcards?

When I was in Tokyo Japan last year (my 1st & only visit there thus far) I had a difficult time finding postcards @ the post office, convenience stores, pharmacies etc. Luckily by accident I finally found postcards in an unlikely 'hole in the wall' store along some street near where I was staying.

But I sure expected it to be an easier & more pleasant errand than it turned out to be. I reasearched this re: Japan on the net prior to my going & was lead from what I read that postcards could be easily located @ the aforementioned stores, but I found this to be untrue.

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It does not look very secure. It looks cheap. I wouldn't think if is a better alternative.

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Added to the headline should be the words: for a limited time. because in the article it states: The offer is valid until Aug 31, at participating hotels Thursday to Monday.

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"Riyo Mori's pant suit was terrible, and she had a ponytail to boot. She didnt look good at all. She wasn't even wearing her crown."

I disagree. I think Riyo Mori's pant suit was wonderful & I liked the idea of her hair in a ponytail & her not wearing a crown. I think she was making the statement that her reign is indeed over & she is definitely passing the honor onto the next Miss Universe.

GO Riyo!!!

Congrats to Miss Venezuela!!

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I say: Never mind letting the J-cops or J-courts handle this guy & mete out his punishment, but let the JFS (Jpanease Skating Federation) deal with him & punish him. Considering how harshly the JSF punished Nobunari Oda for his mistake & lack of judgement, I'm sure the JSF would hand out an even harsher & appropriate punishment to this guy. Also after seeing how swiftly the JSF punished Nobunari Oda, I'm sure this sad situation & this guys punishment would be taken care of swiftly as it should be.

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Miki Ando: I wish you a speedy & excellent recovery from your injuries. Looking forward to seeing you back in top competitive form again.

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Congratulations Mao on your fantastic Gold Medal win.

To all the Japanese skaters you are all thrillingly exciting & talented & I truly enjoy your skating skills, musicality, programs & costumes.

Good Luck to you all.

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