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Posted in: Man arrested for stealing ex-colleague’s underwear after making spare key to enter her residence See in context

It's incredible. The whole world with a spare key would steal money and valuables ... but wait! here we are in Japan ... I can't imagine all the work to make those keys.

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Posted in: Prosecutors seek 7-year prison term for 90-year-old ex-bureaucrat in fatal driving case See in context

mmhhh I have the solution... i guess 31years - 3years = 28years / 4 = 7years jail term

Yes this is the only logical answer possible, otherwise there is no logical answer to such shame.

were fatally hit by Iizuka, then 89, in Tokyo's Ikebukuro District on April 19, 2019.  

.. I want the name of the person who confirmed his driver's license at 89 years old

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Posted in: Waiting for a bite See in context

timeonToday  03:30 pm JST

Does anybody know where is this place?

With this rain, at the moment could be in front of my house.

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Posted in: 4 Olympic workers from U.S., Britain arrested over alleged cocaine use See in context

Four persons found using cocaine in Roppongi.. so where is the news?

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Posted in: Japan's population falls to 126.22 mil in 2020; drops out of top 10 in world See in context

fault of the politicians.. children as a financial burden.. ecological impact.. lesser is better.. world population is growing however.. cost of houses.. escape from countryside.. yes yes... it's all true. Anyway, at the end, it is a choice that belongs only to women and we can't blame them. If you need to ask someone for something they don't want, you've already lost.

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Posted in: Skateboarding toward Tokyo See in context

Yes, with severe limitations on the number of spectators. They must have a negative buffer and at least the first dose of vaccine. At the moment in Italy there are 40% of people with a first dose and 20% with the second dose. The situation is slowly going better however we have had 126,000 deaths.



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